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Democrat Fake Impeach Of President Trump Send Republican Fund Raising To New Record High

Republican Party is cash in on Democrat fake impeach of President Trump. It mobilise President Trump support and donations to Republican Party and Trump reelect...breaking all fund raise records. Democrat fake impeach is best fund raise tool for Republican since President Trump elected.
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It's been a good week for President Trump. Schiff has lost all credibility and it's unlikely he'll be able to head any hearings. Pelosi has been muted for not bringing her impeachment inquiry to the floor. No one can find Schumer and Nadler....both silent and stuck in liberal la la land.
President Trump is going to win again, nothing sticks as he plays the demos like a fiddle.
And Durham Is getting closer and closer to Osama. 2020 is a lock.


1$t time in history
Incumbent ( orange man ) only need
Run media loop of democrats speking their gibbering

Start with Cathy Griffin, view, Pochantas, Pelosi, CNN, et al.

Divert exce$$ funds to black colleges, Indian reparations-- piss off dems, take page out of their book.professor
TRUMP, TRUMP, him or hate him....he is not presidential with is fowl mouth. frustrated
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Must be one of his slave.frustrated

"Impeachment", as an issue, is a money machine for 'Publicans.
Whenever impeachment rhetoric heats up, 'Publican war chests swell.

And 'Crats keep raising the issue. It doesn't make sense confused

Patient to Doc - "It hurts when I do this."
Doc - "DON'T DO THAT!!"

Some things are just plain obvious. Right dunno

'Crats are raising money for The Don & the RNC like they've NEVER raised money for a 'Crat candidate or the DNC.


rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Look at what they got!
... blues
The funding is crucial. The RNC is tracking all the elections for post positions in the lower courts, especially appeals court. That is where we make change happen. Smart man our President.
"President Trump is making
lifetime appointments a big part of his legacy. Given the relative youth of some of his judicial picks, experts say, those judges could remain on the bench for 30 or even 40 years."
Legal observers say Trump and his Republican allies in the Senate have placed an unmistakable stamp on the federal judiciary, not only in ideology but in identity...
white and mostly male.

Senate confirmations are expected to exceed another 172.

That is how you change history!

If (when?) RBG's SCOTUS seat is filled by Amy Coney-Barrett it will be the most dramatic shift in the High Court in the history of the Republic.

Given her age (48 in January) she could be on the bench past mid century.
Decisions of "The Trump Court" would set precedents influencing U.S. jurisprudence into the 22nd Century.

Whether one regards that as a good or bad thing depends upon one's worldview.

'20 elections (Prez & Senate) may hinge on her potential appointment/confirmation.
If so, whichever group is most energized by that issue will prevail.
As of now, it is my sense of the situation that will be the pro Coney-Barrett group.

We'll know more in 13 months.

All Presidents know where they can wield the most power, make the most impact...the courts. Early on President Trump started filling the vacancies with conservative constitutionalists. SCOTUS picks are few, but the lower appeals courts are where you can get the most change. Trump campaigned on it. That will be his most lasting legacy. So far Trumps appointments have been mostly white men. But a woman (Barrett) has a better face for the public.

Given her age & health issues, no one will ever(!) explain to me why RBG didn't retire in, say, '15 & let Barry O appoint her successor.
It's a wonderment of the 1st Order.


"But a woman (Barrett) has a better face for the public."

Values Voters are aching & praying please for her to replace RBG.

More pressing is Thomas , he needs to go otherwise a situation could happen like RBG . Thomas is not well .
Given her age & health issues, no one will ever(!) explain to me why RBG didn't retire in, say, '15 & let Barry O appoint her successor.
It's a wonderment of the 1st Order

Clinton was gona win and win big
"Clinton was gonna win and win big"

It's the only thing that makes ANY sense - but not much.
"A bird in the hand...", as the saying goes.

Sotomayor also has health issues.

Thomas would do well to heed the lesson of RBG.

Osama didn't care about the foresight. Even now he's absent save for rare appearances at political rallys (100's not thousands). Once a paid hack, always a hack, except, now he's wired into global warming money like Gore. TO borrow a phrase from the deep south....he's like a ni**ger with new shoes, wear them right out of the store.

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