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Progress in medical science...

...Not rising initially to the status of an actual disesae, much of human suffering is designated as syndromes. Constelations of related signs and symptoms. For example, ueber left biased medical nosology "researchers", have for some time pushed hard cavalierly to call addictions "diseases", when given the incomplete knowledge of these, along with the huge personal behavioral choices involved, and much more, many think syndromes make far more sense. Similar issues surround the huge topic, affecting tiny minorities, of homosexual choices of behaviors. But we are making progress in naming such things. The latest research has expanded the name of a relatively new disorder, mostly Psychiatric in nature, adding details to increase specific validity. This should aid greatly in further studies. We now see TD/HDS in more and more peer reviewed medical publications. Trump Derangement/Hilary Deficit Syndrome lives on, in high grades of severity, and few effective therapeutic options curently exist for these troubled affected individuals. Perhaps I'll follow with findings from the latest research. But the problem is widespread and growing. We see some of the saddest perhaps hopeless cases here right on CS. Prayers for all.

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Well Mr professor here on cs YOU TOO can while away part of day

if it is raining
if it is too hot
if it is too windy
if it is we are bored a little and need a laugh laugh laugh

If it is love your after cs blogs is not the place rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Thanks, Ex. Well, all great suggestions, and you are right, CS isn't always productive. But I've been going to Judo training since being here. Had finally to learn a way to fend off all the female suitoressses attacking me at all hours.

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