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Quote of the day from Anthony Scaramucci - "We have a fullblown crazy person in the Whitehouse."

Scaramucci admits that he made a mistake, supporting the "madman", as did millions of others, in supporting Donald Trump.
He further states that Trump "acts as a full blown crazy person on the global stage."
He thinks the right thing is to not only impeach Trump, but remove him from office.
As you may already realize, I agree. However, I saw it coming long before everyone else.

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Anthony Scaramucci, the low life who could not control potty mouth and got fired by President Trump?

Anthony Scaramucci the low life who could not say enough great thing about President Trump UNTIL he got fire for having a potty mouth and then sudden start saying President Trump is anti-Christ after fired?

THAT Anthony Scaramucci?

Yeah but you hated the whore when he was prostituting himself for Trump.
Now he's prostituting himself to the media to be relevant. I don't trust him. But I can tell you do.
Want to buy a 4 lane bridge to Hawaii? No? How about a 2 lane bridge? Yes? SOLD!
Just how corrupt is Donald Trump ? Watch, listen & learn to a smidgen of it;

M - I never stated, that I trust Scaramucci. I said, I agree with his statements in the video I included.

D(R) - What happened to the phoney China talk ?
Yes, the same Scaramucci, AFTER he learned what the 'real' Donald Trump is like in person.
you honour Scaramucci with a blog and you claim you don't agree with him , what kind of sick guy are you , you have hundreds of bloggs doing much the same and always against Trump
I have news for you. It's not always an "honor" to be the subject of my blogs.
I posted this blog to better educate people like you, who don't know what Trump is
truly like. You have been mislead by his TV personality. That personality can be funny, it can be charming. But, it isn't the real him. Scaramucci now knows him in person behind the scenes, when the cameras are off. He is no longer getting paid to make excuses for him.
I well know what Trump with all his faults , I have a good idea what you are to with all your faults .
That's the problem. You THINK you know, when you know little.
theres one of your's right there
Hey dong, it looks like you slipped out of your fake Chinese character. scold
Why don't you come clean and tell us who you really are? You could even try to get over on everybody by putting up a picture of a China man, I'm sure you can find one online.

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