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maintain all that good and positive

in life not everything can be achieved,but keep fighting for a beautiful goal

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Ahhh..well I don’t think the blogs is really the place for type of announcement..anyway most of the buys on the blogs are 20 years over your age limit! Hahaha...good luck grin cheering
oops - guys...not buys! frustrated
While your looking the blogs is a good place to maybe have fun

Welcome cswelcome cheering cheering
Your inbox will be full from all kinds.

Weed out the fools, then select carefully. banana
"oops - guys...not buys! frustrated "

How Freudian is your slip.


Ayra, you won´t find anything better than me on here, I set the standards ( pretty fukin low wink )
Hello Ayra_Fazia3,
I might be wrong but I need to find out something you might know about a certain person we both knew. Send me a PM please.
pardon me?
I replied to your mail Ayra, tnx.
You are so beautiful bouquet
I mean you look like a picturelaugh picture perfect. I like your new
Maybe explain the profile requirement for a match who is ridiculing.
(I think Lukeon is sincere in his admirer of your costume)
He also would give good ridicule..
heart wings
@ Ashlander,
Of course Im sincere, why would anyone doubt melaugh dont you think her photo is quite beautiful?
As a female admiring her photos I will decline comment so as not to impede your progress wink
aslander and Luke my friend thank you very much for all your comments to my picture,all beautiful women basically,but isn't the most important beauty from within,good manners,and every day behavior in life,photos are just a medium that anyone can pose,right ?wink
ashlander sister I'm sorry I wrong write your name,nice to meet you
wave I never notice those things.

Why do you ask a man to ridicule you?
Is this to help you, and trust him too.
Is it time for Ramadan again?purple heart
Embedded image from another site

Sorry that was last month.My apologies.
My lovely sister,do you know,from the sentences spoken someone can be see who their true self is,and how their heart,because our meeting through cyberspace,anyone will find it difficult to know someone's personality here,right ? someone who always has good prejudice,they will always respond to everything positive things and will never hurt anyone,for other commentators I don't know them,for those who given good advice thank you very much for being my motivation for better, May God repay you with all kindness too,aameen ,for Lukeon he is my good friend & Ramadan has passed sister, what I wear is one of the wedding dresses in my country,I tried it sis..kiss
never mind sis,where you took the picture may I know sis?
Very lovely.daisy
Sidoarjo grin
Haiii how you know that city,who are you actually sis,and where you living currently,oh I'm sorry this is your secret right?
so just tell me how you know sidoarjo city? if you don't mind kiss
You are so fun.
I was interested so I looked it up.
Next I will find a video.
We used to see photos here a lot
from other sisters.hug

I will leave work.
Blessings bouquet
time to work I meant to say wave
Lol,I'm very curious because that city is near with my city sis,okay then I must do my work too
stay blessed
have a great day,enjoy your work time and take care sis..

Hi Ayra,
Thank you for replying. You will meet all types of people on these blogs Ayra, and its up to you to divorce the good from the bad. I really hope you shall enjoy being part of the blogs.bouquet
you are welcome Luke,yes I meet them already,hopefully I can do what you advise me and always support me Luke
It happens when you least expect it.
dunno I only heard them say.
Keep fighting... may be it yields. wave
Good luck.
Hi Ayra,

in this world, as bad as it may seem at times, there is always more good in it than bad. In time, the good, the positives eventually prevail. Love always finds a way regardless of the heartaches, and life goes on, regardless of the trials and tribulations.
@iotaoo,indeed everything is full of struggle to achieve it,not to mention the matter of a good life partner,it may not be easy to find it,but the passion and struggle must be maintained
thanks for your support handshake
rob,I'm agree with you
thank you very much kiss
Seek Lifely things which lead you to good,to love and truth:and everything beautiful you get what you need.
you need not fight for a beautiful goal,beautiful goal comes to you:when you make yourself ready to open
your door for Jesus christ!
Jesus is the door to truth and to heaven.
who so have not the son of God,have no God!
The son will lead you to God.
No one can enter paradise or heaven, who have not the son of God!
Jangan percaya siapa pun di sini. Anda akan aman.wink
hi General B,aku hanya percaya pada satu orang saja disini,dia adalah LUKEON
dan apa alasan anda berkata demikian,tolong jelaskan padaku,terimakasih
Apa yang Anda yakini bersifat pribadi. Menurut keyakinan, agama, dan cara hidup Anda. Saya pernah ke Indonesia. Saya katakan jangan percaya siapa pun sampai pikiran dan hati Anda tahu yang sebenarnya. Jangan menjadi korban. Dunia telah berubah. Apa yang Anda inginkan di hati Anda dapat ditemukan jika Anda berhati-hati.
thanks for your attention GeneralB
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