I Was Framed!

Don't get excited. It's not much of a blog, and I'm not in jail.

I had been spending lots of time at a coffee shop in Hollywood and was inspired to draw...something. This is what happened.
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One of the coffee shop employees framed something I drew months ago (Not very well but it's the thought that counts). I suspect it was the pint-sized, kick-boxing manager (if she's got black eyes, don't ask).

It's now on the counter for people to look at and scratch their heads while waiting to place their order.

If it doesn't make any sense to you either, join the club.

PS: Sorry if I interrupted the steady flow of cut and pasted misinformation and political propaganda.
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Fay, please excuse the reflections in the glass.

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I can tell you what the intent was, but can't tell you what it means. People make up their own minds about meaning.

Monkey on your back...
That's part of it, Chat. Monkey also has a coffee mug and there's a BadlyDrawn dragon holding the door to
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Thank you for making it so I can see it. I can't come up with a meaning other than what Chat said about the monkey on your back.
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BadlyDrawn here is 3 pics pasted and painted to match a ruff cut you could say. I seen you can clip the photos out as tight as thread. Im on roll. Just learning this. rolling on the floor laughing
Maybe it is better that it's not too obvious what it's about.

That will make it more of a talking point in the café cheers
Love it love all your drawings I would hang one on my walls for sure banana banana

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