So We Cause Global Warming, Huh?

Ok, I didn't want this posted in just the Texas forums.

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Well,he tells it like it is!
But as they say,A Lie is half around the World,before the Truth has a Chance to put on its Pants.
And Al Gore and His Gang have Panced the Truth long ago!frustrated
I cannot comment on some of the claims made in the video. Eg, I have no idea whether we have more or less polar bears.

I agree with the comments on a recurring ice age though - that has been proven I believe.

But, as for burning fossil fuels - hello! they will run out! Or at least until we develop the technology to reach the fuels not yet found/available to us.

And, although the video says the contamination is insignificant, I believe it's significant enough to make our air less pleasant. There are millions of cars on the roads and it is really unpleasant walking in town these days.

So, if the climate change brigade help to reduce car use and other pollutants being released into the atmosphere, then I'm going to support them.
What a series of misinformation and half-truths, the problem is we don't know enough to predict the climate, and because of this we'll probably lose eventually.

For me global warming is like an equation, where the first half is the trees, the algae in the sea, the chemistry of the upper atmosphere and all the other myriad factors that effect the climate, and the second half of said equation would be the result, in this case that result is climate conditions and quality of air etc. The point is if you recognise the two ends of the equation are related, which most scientists do, then by adjusting one side through deforestation, overpopulation etc, then the other side must balance accordingly and this said rebalance would be man-made climate change.

Adding to the troubles the G20 is attempting to use the climate to bolster globalisation, by effectively funding 2nd & 3rd world sweatshops, with the apparent hope that they will revolutionise there production processes and become alot greener??.. After I have spent months working on an Iranian oil rig I see the reality of what happens when the west gives funding and technology to inferior cultures in an attempt to make them high-tech, it doesn't work and is highly dangerous at best.

This G20 'solution' doesn't even answer the carbon problem properly let alone the problems of dwindling resources and over population.. What we really need is to be supplying locally and attempting to cut demand through whatever means necessary.
The Trend is to move to the Southern Coast's where it's HOT! So let `er warm, so the sand and water are HOT, HOT, HOT!!! devil

That's it in a nutshell. You got it! beer
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