The Rising Phoenix

Brzezinski’s Orwellian Vision of the Future is a place where the electoral process is controlled by a small group of oligarchs who have become “absolutely” corrupted by “power,” where Big Brother proclaims openly: “He, who controls the past, also controls the future.” The truth is decided by the Party. The governing system in place is an oligarch. To preserve the purity of the oligarchical system thought itself is controlled. This is accomplished through 24-hour surveillance. Early 20th century totalitarianism is taken to new heights by the shadowy, ruling oligarch. The story begins somewhere within the United Kingdom on the continent of Oceania. The world has been divided into three continents, Eastasia, Eurasia, & Oceania. World power is divided equally between these three Super States. This is a world where Big Brother is in “total control;” a world where totalitarianism is totally “real.” This is the future vision of Brzezinski & his fellow oligarchs: a world were the electoral process will be suspended forever. America will be swallowed up by the three Super States, & it will simply cease to exist. Brzezinski & his clique will rule the three corners of the globe, where her-story will be totally rewritten according to Brzezinski. Perhaps this is what Senior Bush meant when he said: “Slowly we can see a new world order coming into view.”
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