Still single

Looking for some familiar faces here on the blogs.
Wondering how is everybody ..wave
Oh and never mind the title ...

Hello everyonewave teddybear
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Hey, girl. No monkey business on CS here. Aren't you really my heart throb from SL? Just where is that cyberscrutinizer when we need her?
Long time no see Kasihdaydream
Hi Kasih, wave hope life is treating you well.
'never mind the title'

you mean you're not still single? applause
I am still here, still sitting at the entrance of the Abyss while Uriel is off cavorting with Lilith.
On the home front the ignition switch on my Ford froze and snapped again. Fortunately one of the women working at the 711 with me has taken pity and picks me up at 4:30am to bring me to work and brings me home afterwards too. Yes, that is a long way from cooking me dinner, but it is much better than walking.
The Red Wolves are back in the area, I heard them howling the other night while standing outside waiting for my ride. I am torn between setting out some bait on my land and terminating them here, or should I get a neighbor's permission to run the op on his land so as to not ure them to my lands? I lean towards the second choice, but the neighbors don't want them on their lands either.
As 3D metal printing drops in price the quality of the print is also rising. W can now 3D print with metals that reach 37 Rockwell hardness. That is still short of the 50s some projects require, but a lot higher than the numbers seen only 2 years ago.
I am enjoying HBOs remake of the Watchmen. I am also enjoying the Good Doctor. And awaiting the new Star Trek series, Piccard.
Yes, I too am still single.
Hi Kasish, I wondered where you had gone. Good to see you back.yay wave
Kas, do you plan on staying single for life?
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