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Prison letter 1

This is a copy of a letter which I recently sent to a prisoner.

Hello. I like your answer. At least you replied. Thank you. I hope that between the two of us there will be many more messages and that we will become great friends. I am just very concerned about people who are in jail. Please allow me to make my own interpretation about the phenomenon which is the wall murals of ancient Egypt showing everyone and every thing in profile. You are in jail. The most significant thing about that is that while you are there you will not be killed in a car accident or fall off of a cliff. If I go to see my doctor tomorrow I will be contributing to medical science which has the potential to benefit others. Is this true or false? There is no progress without patients. As I get older I may be seeing a doctor more often. I may undergo procedures and treatments and be prescribed medications. All of that has the potential to benefit other people because I will be contributing to medical science. If I die at a younger age I will have contributed less to medical science. By controlling people they are more likely to contribute more to medical science. You are being controlled. Maybe you should be in jail. Maybe you do need to be corrected. Many things are possible. It is also possible that there is no good reason to be keeping you confined in a prison. Maybe you are not a bad person. Maybe other people are the bad ones. I have not really looked at your arrest record or any of that. I don’t know why you are in jail. I don’t need to know. However let's imagine that you are in jail for selling drugs for example. Many people are. In that case would that mean that you are a bad person? If someone is enjoying drugs they might be so busy enjoying their life that they forget to go for an annual check-up at the doctors office. Therefore they would be contributing less to medical science. The argument to counter this is that people are not enjoying themselves. That is true however it is also true that there is nothing good to enjoy because of the laws and law enforcement which makes it very difficult to buy something to enjoy which is desirable. Therefore the idea that people are miserable because they are consuming drugs is a an argument which is ridiculous. Just because the only thing available to people is terrible does not mean that there is nothing to enjoy. Most likely your life and definitely the life of many, many other people is miserable because of the people in charge who want you to be a slave. I am asking you for my sake and for the sake of millions of other people to be very careful when you consider your own motivation in regard to the things that you support. Even a person in jail can have slaves. Oh yes the wall murals of ancient Egypt. I think that it would be better to discuss that later. My ambition is to get everyone out of jail, to change the laws and to start over.

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You should be in jail too, or at least you should be sectioned
What are you going to do with the ones that go against the law, after that "start over"? uh oh
I am glad this is your first letter... Hope you run out of paper... uh oh
Bnaughty•2 hrs ago•Málaga, Andalusia Spain
You should be in jail too, or at least you should be sectioned

Are you saying you want BSC458 to be your cellie?scold
Those addicted to drugs shouldn't be in jail they should be provided with facilities to get off the shit then eventually ease their way back to employment and so on.

The drug dealers are the ones who should be in bloody jail
When someone writes a very long paragraph it gets too difficult to read. Your blog should have more paragraphs to make it an easier read. It just runs together into blah blah blah which is weird since you seem articulate.
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