Loop Hole in a Contract

You re presented with a legal document, to sign:

You spot a slight error, scrambling the whole contract

Do you tell or not...?

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if it was for free sex i would.
I'm always wary of contracts because they are lawfully binding for whatever is inclusive in them and until I sign on the dotted line I'm not obliged to be held accountable, no one in the UK has signed any documents for TV license or council tax and therefore we are not obliged to pay for them and water charges and PCN notices are the same only when we are sent letters demanding payment we assume we must pay them, absolutely not, we are not obliged to pay for any of these, without a signed contract they are ALL unlawful.
You live in a very forgiving country...
Indeed he does, FAE, he lives in cloud cuckoo land. happy place crazy
Well that's the end for Harbal eesquire as far as I'm concerened, he's blocked for the insults and abuse he has delivered to me.
Yes you do tell. The error could make the contract void if something happens later on that the error could have prevented.

And, if it's proven that you knew about the error and didn't tell you might find yourself in court.
Hey, FAE. They call themselves professionals, but many barely can write a coherent sentence. (Real)Estate agents. More than once, I tried to rely on these cretins for a real estate transaction. Here in the USA we have what is called a Purchase and Sale agreement, initially binding both interested parties, with various contingencies. Repeatedly, there were a number of important errors in the text of the document. So now I prefer to deal directly with the owner/buyer myself, using an attorney to handle the paperwork. Usually safer and much less costly and certainly less annoying.
Also, if you don't tell someone of the mistake in the contract and you sign it you could be sued for breach of contract. That could be very costly to you.
I never signed a contract agreeing to be blocked, 13. scold
The UK TV license is not a contract it is a tax, therefore totally legal.
The council tax is Ummm, a tax, therefore totally legal.

There is a huge difference between a contract and a tax, one is entered voluntarily, the other is compulsory depending on particular circumstances.

Water is something you purchase same as toilet paper or a pint of beer, with a verbal contract, so you need to pay for it, you actually need to sign up to the local water board, Severn Trent probably for yourself, and in so doing you signed a contract, whereupon they agree to supply water and you agree to pay.
Conspiracy theorists are often confused people and think they know the laws when all they really know is the shit they produce.
But please, continue to believe you don't have to pay for TV, Council tax and water, I understand they have water, TV and access to the internet in your local prison at no cost to yourself.
If you didn't point out the mistake then you would be liable for any interpretation used against you in a court of law.
Only an idiot would sign such a contract.

In all circumstances when presented with a contract that you must sign, read it carefully and if you have the slightest doubt, do not sign. Get the other party to clarify the point in question and only when you are fully satisfied can you sensibly sign.

Oh, this does not apply to contracts from Asian countries, especially China. As they have a habit of rewriting the contract after you have signed, thus making it a different contract and one you may not have signed originally.

It is a question of:


Some will see it s a game, who is brighter...
Others will not sleep that night...
Another will figure out what they can make out of the situation (most people)
HE and 13...

Behave yourselves...
Are you asking me personally if I have a conscience? Yes, I do.

You are right that some will see it as a game of who can outsmart whom.

Each one trying have the upper hand at being sneaky. When it comes to legal matters it will catch up with anyone who thinks they are smarter than the pen.

The worlds educator is Google. If someone researches How To Get Away With Cheating In A Contract they will find any number of answers but they will also learn the consequence of falsifying a contract.

This kind of thing happens with big dollar contracts such as real estate.
So now I prefer to deal directly with the owner/buyer myself, using an attorney to handle the paperwork.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you should never sign anything related to a real estate purchase or sale without an attorney reviewing the document first.

As long as you stick to that there is no reason not to deal with a real estate agent. Often, you can get more money (even after commissions) if you use an agent to sell since they have a bigger pool of buyers than you can attract, and more marketing experience. And as a buyer you may have no choice but to deal with an agent if the seller is using one.
I hardly ever do contracts, the latest being buying this house. There my personal Lawyer and friend, went through it with a fine toothcomb, and I just had to pay all the costs:

Bank fees x 2

and the house was in my name 2 months later...

We have been making Major and Minor changes ever since...
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