The Father of Fascism

"In the future, wars will be fought not with cannon and bayonet, but with words and ideas." ~ Napoleon

Notes: Obama: the postmodern coup: Fascism as a Grass-roots Mass Movement Run by Bankers, p 19 – 18: Fascism is the mobilization of society by bankers for the express purpose of war & fanaticism; fascism begins as a mass movement that occurs from the bottom-up not from the top-down; understanding is imperative; an accomplished police-state dictatorship is not the end result of fascism; ossified (to become rigid or inflexible in habits, attitudes, opinions, etc.: a young man who began to ossify right after college.); the end product of fascism is what many scholars base their opinions; “But it must not be forgotten that such a relatively stable police state dictatorship could never have been created without the ability of a fascist mass movement first to systematically destroy all forms of organized political resistance inside the society in a way that police & the secret police simply could not. After it has seized power, fascism tended to eliminate its own radical & mass movement dimensions, sometimes with direct murderous violence, & then to solidify & consolidate itself into a top-down police state dictatorship.” Independent organizations of all types; such as newspapers, trade unions, political parties, especially left wing; any institution which opposes such a movement is crushed; established fascism does this though harassment; political operatives become the arm of the banks; who critically & carefully orchestrate the movement; it is not a spontaneous movement; fascism grows out of social despair & rebellion; disgruntled war veterans; military defeat; economic crises; from an insane middle-class; the bulk of fascist forces came from the middle classes; the 1922 march on Rome; the political theater of Mussolini; the ragtag group of storm troopers; such as fanatics, gangsters, goons, & hooligans; police & political enemies were assaulted by idealist young students & brutal thugs using truncheons, clubs, & firearms; later government officials began issuing arrest warrants; it started in the gutter, in the streets; with left radical cover; anti-parliamentary, anti-authoritarian, anti-establishment, at the grass-root level; a political protest, which later takes the form of a mass movement.

The fascist farmers; poorly armed; out numbered; ignorant; would march in & ceases command of Rome? Mussolini’s new fascist government would be allowed to take over?

Widespread social discontent, aggravated by middle-class fear of a socialist revolution and by disappointment over Italy’s meagre gains from the peace settlement after World War I, created an atmosphere favourable for Mussolini’s rise to power.

In the autumn of 1922 Italy is inflicted with mass strikes by socialists. The leader of the Italian Fascists, Benito Mussolini, exploits the politically volatile situation to force his political takeover.

There seems little doubt that the army, had they the desired, could have routed the Fascists in a showdown.
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Yes Fascism begins from the bottom-up, fascist membership isn't middle class tho, look at the brownshirts and the British union of fascists, and in what way did Hitlers Germany or WWII Japan aid the bankers and/or financial capitalism? Infact most fascist leaders despise freemarket capitalism even more than they do Bolshevism, because essentially there are great similarites between Fascism and Bolshevism.

The whole point of fascism is that it offsets one class against another by demanding a certain degree of obedience from each class, the working class can no longer be drunken louts and must work hard and be disciplined, the petit-bourgeois can no longer infest bureaucratic non-productive jobs that drain industry of their ability to compete, they can longer be wasteful and consume decadent wants, and they can no longer look down on those who graft with their hands, and the bourgeois can no longer draw obscene levels of profit(to help avert collapses and to create better conditions for the lower classes) and business leaders can no longer destroy the lives of working class people by switching production to cheap foreign labour.

Fascism hinges on each class of people being made to feel the movement represents them(it represents all classes to a certain degree), because this inspires loyalty, one reason why fascism requires such a charismatic leader.
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