Democrats now considering not sending articles of impeachment to Senate

Just when you thought the FARCE couldn't get any worse rolling on the floor laughing

We really are living in ClownWorld. The implosion is unbelievable. The most rigged, unconstitutional, and blatantly unfair 'impeachment inquiry' in history, and now that they led their congress members off a cliff and somehow got them to vote for it, talk from Democrats is that may not send the articles of impeachment over to the Senate

Of course the Constitution makes it clear that the House is DUTY BOUND to send the articles over

Whoever's writing this script really has a sense of humor

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

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The Dems are crazy....crazy like a fox. It's like this: 42% of Americans are red and 42% are blue. That will not change. But the remaining 14% are either independents like me or are undecided. That 14% is what this seemingly futile exercise is all about. PERCEPTION is everything. "IF" the Dems can move the needle of the 14% their way come Nov.2020, then they will have succeeded.
As usual, you are confused.

McConnell already admitted that he is not unbiased.
McConnell already admitted, that he is taking cues from the White House attorneys.
McConnell has stated that he does not want witnesses.
The Senate is SUPPOSED to be an unbiased jury.
Who ever heard of a trial where witnesses weren't permitted ?

Thus, Pelosi is using the articles as a bargaining chip.
The closer it is to the election, the worse for Trump.
Thus, she will delay until the Senate trial at least has rules fair to the president AND fair to the American public. The more time it takes, the worst for Trump. No problem for Pelosi. She already got the result she expected. head banger
I also agree with N. thumbs up
Trump said that He was a red blood bleeding Patriot just like you. He will never give up on you. We are team America Red blood bleeding Patriots. What College does Democrats Harbor?
I'm not sure that the House is required to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate. But I am sure that if they don't do it in a timely way, President Trump can move to dismiss the impeachment on the grounds that it is a violation of his right to a speedy trial. It works the same way as a judicial trial.
Nonsense Jim, and you know it comfort

All The Senate is required to do is hold a trial based on all the evidence(or lack thereof in this case...) gathered in the House impeachment hearings. Democrats want to argue that certain people should have to testify - even in the absence of any actual underlying crime being charged to date - when they themselves chose not to challenge the Trump admin's invocation of executive privilege by going to the courts and challenging it. This is called the constitutional system of checks and balances and the Democrats chose not to abide by it. So screw them. This is just the continuation of the Democrats' never ending harassment of President Trump since the day he took office. They really represent nothing but resentment, hatred, and frankly an inability to move on from 2016. They're still re-living Groundhog Day.
As usual, you have your beliefs......and again will be proven wrong later. head banger
At last! Jimbo's impeachment obelisk
Has spent its load-- hoo rah.

In the murky aftershock, he awaits further CNN, psMSnbc, tittilations
& gibberings.

Twas bully & the slandering Nadler..
All messed up were the gavel beats.
Beware the trump-Trump bird, the tweets that rhyme, the illusion of crime.
( it's gonna cost muy more than the fdr dime.)

...all hail the hero of lost youth
President Race F Bannon !
The way Trump has historicly delayed 100's of trials, "speedy" is a relative term. laugh
It will happen before November. head banger
the Senate is under Republicans control majority

laugh angel cool confused

nothing will happens there to go against Trump

Mindfulness is the key to freedom. Little is entirely new; becoming aware of patterns enables one to discern between the repetitive and the true opportunity of the present moment.

Impeachment is one such instance of this general truth. The great responsibility that is required to exercise this great power is the key. Every presidential impeachment has failed; only in the case of Nixon, which didn’t quite make it to impeachment, was there success in forcing a president out of office.

In England, too, from whence we took the legal concept of impeachment, the great majority of impeachments failed. In this column, it has been pointed out that the reason was almost always the same — the impeachment was political and/or personal antagonism dressed up as a matter of law. Only in the time of revolution, in the 1640s, did that succeed, in a time in which all institutions were put on the chopping block and a dictatorship took over. In times of peace, the country wants law to settle burning political antagonisms, not sheer power.

The present articles of impeachment are not over matters known to law. Settled precedent in American law is that conflicts between the executive and legislative branches are settled in court. No more does the law empower Congress to hold the president in contempt than it empowers the president to arrest senators or representatives for their refusal to reveal their consultations to DOJ subpoenas. In fact, SCOTUS had taken up the very question the House is claiming to be impeachable. Clearly, by the Supremes granting certiorari, it is officially a question at law. Clearly, there are legitimate differences over the law. It might well be impeachable to ignore a SCOTUS ruling in the case, but how could it be impeachable to hold a position on something that is not yet settled? That is an absurd standard, and history will judge it so.

The impeachment over abuse of power is even more specious. No law is referenced. Abuse of power is thus just a political judgment call at best; more likely, it is an invented crime, a thinly disguised bill of attainder, in which a frustrated legislature simply declares their enemy a criminal when there was no violation of any law on the books. The disguise is necessary since the Constitution does not allow the legislature to enact a bill of attainder.

To restate for clarity: in this article of impeachment, the House is not holding the president to account for violation of any known law. It is in this very real sense a lawless act. It would be appropriate for the Senate to reject this impeachment attempt as an unconstitutional bill of attainder.
Judge Napolitano: Pelosi has constitutional obligation to send impeachment articles to Senate.

W - True. But when ?
J. You'll have to ask the judge.
I'm guessing she will eventually hand them over sometime before November.
The sooner McConnell permits witnesses, the sooner she will do it.
Also, since McConnell admitted he is biased and consulting with White House attorneys, he should recuse himself from the trial. head banger
"Democrats now considering not sending articles of impeachment to Senate"

It makes sense if one considers where the trial may lead & what may be uncovered -

Trump’s Senate Impeachment Defense Will Be to Put Joe Biden on Trial
NOV 22, 201912:57 PM
More @ -

One can hardly imagine the media feeding frenzy were that Don Trump Jr. devil
It's speculated in some circles Hunter may soon be Arkancided violin

Questions may be raised in a Senate trial that the current 'Crat Prez frontrunner would prefer not be raised.

The immediate past 'Crat Prez might also prefer certain issues concerning his Veep not be raised.
That could be why, when asked about Impeachment, Michelle Obama described it using the less than enthusiastic, non-committal term, "It's surreal".

'Crats may have considerable & legitimate reasons to harbor reservations about turning the matter over to a 'Publican run trial presided over by 'Publican appointed Chief Justice Roberts devil

'Publicans, OTOH, may smell political blood in the water & are drooling at the prospect of giving 'Crats push back.
Some conservative commentators were clamoring for such push back literally within minutes of the Impeachment vote very mad

People in glass houses & all that, you know.

uh oh

@ 1:25 -

very mad very mad very mad very mad ... It sounds EXACTLY like CS Blogs!!!!
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

@ 0:30 in the vid in my comment above roll eyes

Some (such as Bloomberg) have expressed doubt that Sleepy sleep Joe could beat a DRUM like a drum - let alone The Don laugh

J. If Pelosi tries to wait til November that will be an abuse of power by Congress and the Supreme Court gets dragged into it. If she doesn't act by mid January, sparks will fly.
Also, Willy -
She & the 'Crats would come off as the cheap, utterly despicable & gutless political opportunists they are.

The fat's now in the fire.
They MUST pass it along to the Senate & entrust their sham Impeachment to the mercy of the 'Publicans therein.
An then pray please that 'Publicans go High after the 'Crats have gone Low (to paraphrase our former 1st Lady).

And the chances THAT will happen ...
devil BWA-HA-HA-HA!!

uh oh

Attention Democrats: Hillary will still NOT be reporting for work tomorrow at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.laugh
Yes, after all the hand-wringing and haranguing, guess who's still president. wink
Plus Jim, every American is assured a fast and speedy trial.
W - Here in the USA, some people wait years for a trial and not many are speedy.
Some trials with juries take many months.
Regardless, a trial should allow witnesses. That's normal operating procedure. head banger
The jury should not be colluding with the attorneys for the accused. scold
you mean like the Democrat Senators did with the Clinton White House in Bubba Clinton's Impeachment-Trial?laugh
POTUS has been indicted for impeachment, not impeached. Whether he will be impeached will not be confirmed until the end of the Senate hearings come early February 2020.

can anybody confirm this , not the early February part .
Speaker Pelosi may be holding onto the Articles Of Impeachment in an attempt to dictate how the Impeachment Trial be conducted in the Senate.

Yesterday - literally YESTERDAY - House 'Crats claimed Impeachment MUST be undertaken IMMEDIATELY because allowing Trump to remain in office posed a threat to the '20 Election and the existence of the Republic itself.

Today - Madame Speaker plays a delaying game playball & plans to drag it through 'til after Holiday Recess gotta go

It's been suggested this a glaring overreach by the Speaker of the HOUSE, and the Senate should vote (by simple majority) that the process has not been completed as laid out in the Constitution, is thus null & void and so end this ridiculous farce.

The bald faced hypocrisy in the House beggars belief.

she's going for broke hoping to get passed november election with a demo senate in control , hey what does she have to lose .
"Regardless, a trial should allow witnesses. That's normal operating procedure. head banger "

Sooo ....
House 'Crats didn't bother to get to those witnesses when it was under THEIR jurisdiction and now hold up the procedure unless THEY get to run the show in the SENATE?!?!


Frickin' NUTZ!! crazy

if they gain control of the senate they will allow witnesses alright , theirs .
That'll be featured in "Impeachment Term II - The Sequel", ep.

the real funny thing , if gop regain the house they can expunge what the dnc did yesterday .
It's not that they "didn't bother".
It was that they were blocked by Trump.
A recent federal court decision reverses that.
Sorry jimmy. you're wrong again. The house was supposed to have it's shit together before drawing those articles.

The senate holds the trial based on their articles. If it's such a sham and incomplete it's not the senates' fault. The house are the prosecutors. they're supposed to be ready. The senate puts the accused on trial based off of them.

The accused puts up their defense etc. Including being able to face their accusers.

I guess the demonrat's minions don't understand the Constitution very well either. I'll admit it can be a hard read. Here's another basic. ONLY the house can impeach. ONLY the senate can Try the case. It's based off of the house articles.

Here's another one. The demonrats are so corrupt and trying to get it done so fast, they know they're screwed. demonrats holding the articles back doesn't hurt the senate or any one else a bit. Just them. They know they don't have a case. They're so screwed up that reports are circulating they might already be talking about calling a mistrial.
How much time do they have and is there a time limit for sending the articles to the Senate?
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