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US Stock Market Reaches New All Time High 10 Days In A Row !!! Most Consecutive Records Since 1997

Thank you President Trump !!! That's what I call MAGA !!! thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up
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Apple has hit another all-time high, and one trader says more records are ahead. Thanks Trump thank you.laugh
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D and MO. You two are all wet. As everybody knows, the booming jobs market and economy have nothing to do with our Dazzling, Brilliant President Trump. Really a combination of the great combined work of our affirmative action president, and George Washington.
Dow drops 170 points to end the week as coronavirus fears grow deep.
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Star Trek logo ripped off by Trump?laugh
Somebody beam him up, he's just getting laughed at down here.rolling on the floor laughing

Following yesterday's strong earnings report, Apple's stock price has officially broken through the $400 mark in regular trading today, rising over 5% to sit at roughly $406. laugh
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427.44? 2.40 (0.56%)After Hours · July 31, 7:59 PM EDT
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If Obama would have be asked the same question.... His answer, "I'm very rich, I'll build a wall around Apple's office and starve them until they give me the key, then I'll use the key to play Subway Surfer and never die using the key. rolling on the floor laughing
Jim Cramer: I'm sick and tired of hearing that we're in a stock market bubble."Believe it or not, there's more to the economy than the Federal Reserve," the "Made Money" host said.

THe stock market is the Wall Street 1% economy ! The American economy is called the Main Street 99% economy ! head banger
15% unemployment - CBO projection for 4 quarter is an economic disaster.
Unless we get a vaccine that works and people take it we are in big trouble.
Seems like ever week we hear about some new miracle cure or vaccine just around the corner.
When we don't hear about Trump goes on the air and tells us some s888t like inject clorox-his new idea.uh oh
Raph in Fibbing-mode again!
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