Ah, remembering the glory days of MD

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KAL, MD is gone but yes, and as you might imagine, sock puppets were running amok!

I only used one simultaneously. His name was Blogzilla! But I had several different profiles over the years.
I don't remember you, but I do remember a man from CA that could draw...can't remember his name though. He had a couple.
Then, you DO remember him. laugh

Never heard of MD until the rash of extreme right wingers showed up here on CS...reeking havock on the blogs...lol...laugh
ion_quest ??

I didn't really know you, but I found your stories interesting. A mutual friend moved to CA and I lost track of her, I was kinda hoping you two got together.
Funny how you and chat both posted blogs to name MD .
So no my comment isn't out of context but your responce and chats is

rolling on the floor laughing
Ok 'blue' we'll play it your way. Bye
Hoy, if you're thinking about someone from Ohio, I did contact her a little over 5 years ago after she moved here.
Oops * hpy
Badly, wave

Then You are a different fish from MD. It's good to have you here.

At least you are Apolitical and your blogs are worth reading. And I like your drawings.
Hiya Usha wave

Thank you. I don't really make the MD past known 'cuz, you know.....P.T.S.D.

I joined that site something like 15 years ago and just for the chat room. I didn't find the blogs or even know what a blog was (and didn't really care) 'til maybe 2 years later.
I didn't know you were a refugee as well, BD.

You don't act like one. You stand on your own merit thumbs up
Hiya Molly, and thanks! You are an astute observer!
if you're thinking about someone from Ohio, I did contact her a little over 5 years ago after she moved here.

awwww, I'm glad to hear that thumbs up

It was my doing, mostly. I did get in trouble pretty often though.

The only regret is that I didn't save the blogs I'd written so when the site went down, all of my blogs went too.

Fay, I wish things were different but I was not in a position to offer much. I admire her wit, talent, intelligence and tenacity. I was afraid that I'd only drag her down. She's one in a million and you can tell her I said so!!
sad flower

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