Slappy New Year!

Gotta love the Russians! The only drawback is that the loser will almost certainly walk away 'butt-hurt'.


Oh right, there seems to be a new blogging style here where you post the first comment to your own blog. be continued

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Did I do it right?
I think you've got the hang of a particular blogger style grin
I presumed you were already going to do that roll eyes

You could also threaten to leave regularly, so we would beg you to stay.
Leave? But where else could I ask flippant questions...and call them blogs?
I said threaten to leave, not actually leave roll eyes roll eyes
Gotcha. This is valuable info! Molly, you should be the site counselor!
I got to say all the blogging about blogging trumps the political redundancies.

It's interesting to see who likes to poke the hornet's nest, who is looking for attention and who is going to get cranky or defensive, and who pushes whose bottom I mean buffoon errr buttons.
Fay, give the furry one(s) a New Year hug for me!teddybear
You post and no one comments. Then, because you know you're better than that and there's no way you're gonna let it slip off the first page without any affirmation, you post a comment to bump it back to the top...right?

I believe the cure for that is 'Sock Puppet'
Bad thanks I hugged and loved her for you.
Fay, Thanks! Lately I've been watching some YouTube videos from various animal rescue organizations that I think exist via donations mostly...anyway

Some are gut-wrenching and very hard to watch but ultimately have a happy ending. Admittedly, some have had me crying

So I could hardly wait to see my fave Chihuahua and give her hugs...and of course I thought of you and yours.

Chat...I think there are too many 'sock-o-paths' on these pages already.
You could also continuously blog about how bad all wimmen are. very mad

Follow this up with wondering why you can't find a decent woman. confused

Don't forget, women choose laugh and there is nothing any man can do other than accept what comes your way. drinking

Wadda think? grin
Awww that warmed my heart Bad.

To no one in particular:

It's like I was looking into the future or something...

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