Fascism, Nazism, Obamism

If the American people think the Bush/Cheney regime was bad, then they are on the verge of witnessing something infinitely worse. A new political phenomona has emerged called Obamism. Legions of the ‘Perfect Master’s’ disciples may rise up against anti-war congressman & peace loving people who dare oppose Obama’s war on Pakistan, china, or Russia, bashing their brains out in the streets all across America because those institutions which might have served as focal points of resistance simply do not exist any more. Obamism is most dangerous because it appears to the best & most active parts of the nation as a liberating force. But nothing is further from the truth. Tarpley give us a bird’s eye view of fascism from a real historian’s point of view, unveiling the monster behind the mask. See Obama: the postmodern coup: Brüning, Von Papen, Von Schleicher, p. 23 – 21.
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The poor, downtrodden misfits of the American society bought into the lies and half truths that spewed forth from the automatic teleprompter voice named Obama and voted a monster into the white house. He was the product of the leftist radical professors of Harvard, bought and paid for by the Geo. Soroses of the world. His style is right out of Hitler's Mein Kamph, another Narcissist monster. America is in such serious trouble we may never be able to recover since we are being played every day by America Haters that actually sit at the table with the Empty suit puppet president. America doesn't need enemies in other countries since America's worst enemies sit in Washington. Our only hope is the ballot box. I hope it will not be too late.frustrated
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