Bernie joint favorite with bookmakers for the Dem nomination!

shock now while some people may be surprised, i am not. Bernie has a strong grass-roots base from last time round and this time round has the benefit of the support of the 'Squad' - who, like it or not, have a very big following among young people(AOC in particular). He has 5m+ individual donors, which is not to be scoffed at. Biden of course, is a terrible candidate, for as much as the establishment DNC tries to prop him up, and the rest of the pack don't have that 'star' power to compete. I think eventually the Socialist wing of the Democrat Party will come to dominate, and i think Bernie Sanders getting the nomination this time round will be the start of it.
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GO BERNIE GO! thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up

Guaranteed loser to Trump!
Then again, they'e all guaranteed losers.
The Democrats know they have a s***pile of losers running. They may end up with a brokered convention and try to get Michelle Obama or Oprah Winfrey or some such other loser... God help us! I don't think either of them will do it and Hillary Clinton is done. They have the biggest roster of losers in the history of the race. And they have made every possible mistake learning NOTHING from their failure at every juncture.

Won't make any difference anyway. Trump has the economy and foreign and domestic policy dialed in for the first time in decades. He is undefeatable. cheers
there are two billioairs waiting in the wings , one has made his way into the next dnc debate . The other has 20 billion held in ready cash to indulge his hobbies . Either one has the readies to run Trump dry , ask yourselves why would the dnc pick any of the other two bit losers .
1) Biden - Could bring Rust Belt Blue Collar "Deplorable" Base back to the fold.
Downsides - Not an effective fundraiser. He's a gaffe machine foot in mouth

2) The Bern - Comes with a base from '16 - He's an effective fundraiser.
Downsides - Far Left Commie for many folks - Honeymooning in Moscow didn't help.
Octogenarian age is a factor. Would he even survive a full on Prez run :sad-flower:
Choice of Veep would be crucial - Gabbard would be most obvious option.

3) Bloomberg - May come on as The Fixer among a flawed field - Lotsa $$$$.
Downsides - An Older Richer White Guy vs The Olde Rich White Guy playball
Personification of Soft Drink Size Regulating Nanny State.

'Crats need minority voters & Pocahontas polls poorly among them.
Comes across as a Hildy-esque shrill, scoldy olde woman - She's out violin

Buttage? Seriously? laugh - Peter Butt & lovely Husband Chasten flirty ... rolling on the floor laughing
Even Uber Lefties I know IRL don't give him a snowball's chance in Hell.
Main appeal - In the wake of his crushing defeat, SJWs could wallow in victimhood and call Murkuns hateful crying

Sanders - Gabbard might be their strongest ticket.

Quite possibly so.

rust belt won't be too happy with Biden , he's saying the coal mines will be closed , it follows a few steel mines wont be running , goes all down hill from there . Follow the money Mic , its a billionairs market . Trump has a real fight on his hands .
Having trainloads of cash is an advantage, ep. No doubt 'bout that.

It can be overcome - Hildy had 3× The Don's War Chest in '16 & snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

SJW Snowflakes have wallowed in victimhood & called Murkuns hateful for 3 years -

crying ... comfort

FWIW - Play-Doh® & Crayola® stocks are doing well, folks are acquiring comfort animals dancing dog & making Safe Space reservations for early November.


the problem with the Hillary campaign was Hillary . She fought tooth and nail for states she had . No amount of money would have helped her . This Bloomberg fella has already show he will spend money just where its needed and plenty of it . To the left he has one main asset , he is not Trump, nothing else will matter . I smell trouble for Trump
Bloomberg needs only appear less than Full Retard ...

... to come across as The Fixer.
Having bucks to sell the message is an asset.

It is one thing to win the Democrat primary against other Dems who will not ask the really tough questions.

It is something else to win the national election against President Trump's very tough team.

Can you imagine what Bannon will bring to the light of day from their pasts? More than half the Democrats may overlook Bernie's direct ties to the Communist Party, but the majority of Americans will not.
I shall call him Bernie!

Embedded image from another site
Bernie's age and recent heart problem are his major drawbacks at this time.
He would make the best president of all the candidates otherwise.
At this point it would depend greatly on who his running mate will be.
Alternatively, I would vote for Warren.
However, ANY of the candidates (republican or democrat) would make a much better president
than Trump.
I think he'd do better than Corbyn because of who he is and because a few more ordinary Americans are woke to the degree of student politics.

But I think the students understimate just how much like Ayn Rand the younger generations are. Sharing is old school and anything like that would have to tied in with conservative politics and tight borders for it to win. But what would do better on the left is Gordon Gekko plus being able to identify as a teapot.
Bernie and Friend!

Embedded image from another site
"Alternatively, I would vote for Warren."

Pocahontas does very(!) poorly with minorities.
When matched against The Don, he gets 17% of the Black vote - significantly more than against The Bern, and especially Sleepy sleep Joe.
Against The Don, she'd be like a cigar store Injun in a a wood chipper.

DNC Corporate 'Crats don't care much for a Socialist who can't raise cash, puts off large donors (corporations), and can't seal the deal with the 'Crat minority base.

She's a dead candidacy walking - going the way of Camel & Beano violin

A "guarantee" huh ? So, you will pay everyone who comments on this blog $100, if you are wrong ?
As of NOW ...

... Near tie between The Bern & Sleepy sleep Joe - Mike "The Fixer" Bloomberg making a credible 3rd place showing.

Pocahontas is fading wave ... gotta go

Another issue for Pocahontas -
She's unpleasantly reminiscent of another shrill, scoldy olde woman very mad

Guaranteed Win For The Don ...

1st comment on the vid, "This exact moment 100% guaranteed Trump's reelection."

If that 'Crat Debate visual ("Everyone who wants to lose raise your hand" - wave wave wave ... ) doesn't Guarantee The Don's win, this idiocy oughta do it ...

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

The White House and its allies have embarked on a coast-to-coast campaign to convince Americans that Democrats are wasting time impeaching Trump.rolling on the floor laughing Trump takes his ‘scam’ message to the heartlandsleep

That's a no brainer.
Not a sane person on the planet expects a 2/3 Super Majority in the 'Publican held Senate will remove The Don. playball

As much chance as a Paper Dog dancing dog chasing an Asbestos Cat cats meow through Hell devil

Adolf Hitler explains 'Crat political strategery ...

Is it me - or does he sound a helluva lot like a prolific Down With Don blogger dunno

If it were any other period in history I might agree that Bernie is an odds on favorite. Warren has zero chance, we've had enough of desperate women who won't go away. She ain't no last Mohican.

But in consideration of how unbelievably oblivious the democrats have become to public perception in the last 3 years, I think the party will pick Biden. Bernie has no party, just the backing of millenial unicorns who will need an alarm clock come election day. Biden is the symbol of the last moderate left standing, he's every bit as corrupt, nostalgic and manageable as obama....and he's not real bright. No, push comes to shove, Perez and company screw Bernie again. Warren's out, Bloomberg's a jew with alot of money (Danger Will!!). Pete Daditdadit is short for petered out, literally, and the rest, well they're just the rest.

Then again, they'e all guaranteed losers.

You got that right! head banger
Something just came to mind... and it didn't seem altogether ridiculous! A Hillary Clinton/Michelle Obama ticket for the Democrat nomination, via a brokered convention. Could it be possible? shock Now i think the current lot of candidates ain't gonna beat Trump as it stands. A Clinton/Obama ticket though?? The DNC ain't stupid they must be extremely concerned and i think a lot of people believe there'll be some surprise announcement. Could it be? jaw drop
Michelle Obama is not eligible, she has not been long enough in the States wave wave wave
One thing will keep Michelle O off the ticket - HER!
It's my opinion (& that of Uber Lefties I know IRL) that she wouldn't do it if you held a gun on her.
She's not phrased it that way, but has made statements as unequivocal.

Barry is the political animal of the family.
By some accounts, she wasn't too enthusiastic about him running.

Realistically -
WHY would she want to??
According to one poll, she's the most admired woman in the U.S.
Another puts her as the most admired in the World.
Even if she HAD an interest on politics, getting embroiled in it would likely lower her standing
Long story short - She has other plans.

Her major drawback might be her mouth.
She's opinionated and speaks her mind - often with the attitude of let the chips fall where they may. No filter so beneficial for a politician.

I wish her well in the interests she chooses to pursue cheers

These odds makers currently give Bypass Bernie a small but significant lead over Sleepy Joe - Nanny Statist Bloomberg is a distant (but rising) 3rd ...

Fauxcahontas is well down in single digits - a mere 2 percentage points ahead of Hildebeest & 2 1/2 ahead of Buttage.
She's done violin

Well mic if she was running as VP that's not so much an active role as an ambassadorial one and a spokesperson for the president. Motivation? Well, isn't fear a regular one? Barack has been EXTREMELY quiet since Trump got into office, especially around the spying of the Trump campaign(and subsequent hysteria and Special Counsel investigation) that occurred during his tenure. Perhaps there could be some fear of consequence should Trump win a 2nd term dunno likewise Clinton may fear what could happen during a 2nd Trump term(especially if Republicans won back the House and controlled all 3 branches of government) - she may finally be held accountable for her obstruction of justice surrounding her secret server and the evidence she had destroyed. Clinton Foundation could be SERIOUSLY look into also. dunno Just a thought. Fear is a tremendous motivator with these folks.
I saw a video of Biden today saying that because he is so old, he thinks he needs a good VP pick because he probably won't survive his term.

This guy needs to be in a nursing home and being treated for dementia.
Good points, Chance cheers
Especially regarding the silence of the Obamas regarding Impeachment.
This might be the historic courtesy of a former Prez to not criticize a sitting Prez.

Michelle may've betrayed some concern over Impeachment potentially tarnishing Barry's legacy.
When asked her views on the Impeachment, she described it rather cryptically as 'surreal".

Biden issues brought to light by Impeachment may be a factor in sinking Sleepy's Prez aspirations ...

... as well as tarnishing the legacy of his boss - Barry.

Biden acknowledging his mortality & needing a qualified Veep may be one of his more lucid & reality-based statements ...

From the comments - "He sounds not far from Assisted Living."

With Biden, it's difficult to say. He's made a career of saying weird shit.

Biden to wheelchair bound state senator - "Stand up, Chuck & let 'em see ya!"

Classic Biden rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing The guy's a legendary gaffe generator foot in mouth
In an odd way, it WORKS for him - He comes off as a likeable regular ... JOE.

Joe's nightmare campaign song - Subpoeña Colada

uh oh


With 72% of precincts reporting in Nevada, Bernie leads with 47.5% of the vote... Ukraine Joe a distant second with 20.8%
Somebody just woke Joe up.....says now, 'he's going to win this thing back'. Now I've always thought if Joe were alive the DNC would give it to him.....somehow. But Joe is beyond sleepy....he's in a coma. And a guy that might die is winning over a guy they can't wake up. Both sides are concerned about Nardo because of his grassroots backing....the wee little folk. Republicans are sending the message....don't become complacent, play to the end of the whistle. Democrats know they don't want to be aligned with his politics...better to have President Trump then Colonel Klink, or actually Sargent Schultz (I know nuffink). IMO, Klink could get the nod if he makes a deal with the DNC and chooses a moderate to run with him. Chances are the best he could do would be one term, and at least you got one player in position if he heads to Leninland. Problem is Nardo thinks he's a movement...odds are he's just a fart.

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