Playing in the glandbox

I've been drawing people parts. Eyes and lips mostly-- making them interchangeable. A patchwork that might be called "mixed feelings"...or something.

I started putting them together and taking pics--occasionally sending to anyone wondering what the hell I'm doing all day besides getting high and playing video games. These are in various stages of "progress".

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Annoying right? I think that's what my sis thought because she responds with "looking good. Now the nose."

Nose? There are no rules here! I wondered if it bugged her that there was no nose. The lack of order uncomfortable enough to make a subtle demand for completion? I respond with "I'm in no rush. The nose(s) can wait."

Then, and as an older brother should, I made everything right with the world.

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Nose: "I ran the whole way!"

*edited for brevity.

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Nobody told Picasso he had to draw a nose

He was just as likely to stick an arm in there laugh
We're still talking about artwork, right?
I am.

Are you? cool
I should change that statement to 'I was'

Holy chit you are really capturing reality....wassup with that?

If a body part replaces the nose, I sure wouldn't pick an arm for it. I know the perfect part that should be there
Hmm, I might replace the nose with a foot. They both smell.
roll eyes
That's quite a talent, BD.thumbs up
Badly, I like drawing eyes . But I am not good at it as you.

Will draw one and post later.

just brilliant BD love all your drawings, in fact it is sparking a poem in my pen about body parts joining like an unsolved jigsaw But making an illusion of something bad or good depending who is looking. cheering cheering
Jig, I only took to drawing as a form of meditation and as a supplement to the many years of therapy. My dreams and aspirations all came crashing down when I was forced to come to terms with the crushing realization....

.. that I was an incompetent goat herder.

Usha, I've improved, I think. The beauty is that after several years it's almost a guarantee! I look forward to seeing your drawing.
Embedded image from another site

(Yep, starting another one)

Red, remember us when you're published!
Jig, I just read my comment to you and I'm afraid it might be taken the wrong way due to my poor wording.

I didn't mean to imply that all goat herders were incompetent! I meant to imply that it was my lofty aspiration to be a goat herder but I had to set my sights on an activity better suited to my unremarkable aptitude.
Drawing a foot instead of a nose is not quite the appendage I was thinking of at least for the perfect man.
Fay...a wallet?

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