Splash Splash

This is a first for me. Blogging from the bathtub. My apologies for not taking pics of the event.

I'm already regretting this decision and see it as foolish, and so does my justifiably aquaphobic phone.

I think I quit smoking but still feel the urge. For this reason, I wrote "trying to quit" in my profile. "I reserve the right to kill myself via smoke inhalation" is maybe how it should read.

One of the benefits is that my singing voice has improved. This may yield higher mileage on a dating site where the talent competition between writers, photographers, and cut-and-paste dullards is getting fierce!

Here's my submission to the CS Idol judges who will undoubtedly believe that Tony Bennet is in the room.

Step away from the gong, please!


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i'm glad you weren't aborted. angel
Thank you, Palm, it's sweet of you to say so but I'm actually a computer program designed to annoy fascists and idiots.
BD, that makes you a computer programme designed to annoy computer programmes designed to annoy non-fascists and non-idiots.
Now, are you definitely in the bath singing that? writing
No, that was while sitting here and drinking coffee.
I require the background splash splash sounds snooty
Molly, are you saying you need verification that it's really me....or that I actually bathe?

Both are me. One with effects. You guess which.
Now that is a better song choice. I give you a yes. Nice.

bouquet hug
Jig, your audition time. I know you can sing. grin
I had no doubt it was you wine

I just wanted to put you to the trouble of running another bath laugh
Thanks, Usha! I hope you are one of the CS judges.

Hey Jig, good to see you! I might join you for one more before calling it quits! Also, you and those spectacular photos are partly responsible for this nonsense.

Molly! If there was any doubt...

Brilliant laugh

I want to have a beer with Badly Drawn - he sounds like a hoot.
I agree.

One of the few beer
Gladly, Jig! Just send a sherpa to come get me!
The Nepalese aren't very good swimmers so it might take him a while.
I've got time.

Maybe I'll hitch a ride with Greta.
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thumbs up
So pleasant to read pleasant funny entertaining exchanges and banter love heart beating cheers wine
Hi Selenite!

Did you bring any bath toys?

Yeah! Of course!
There's a helium balloon for the purpose of laughing hysterically!
A bottle of wine and 2 glasses and comments are invited on the fruitiness ....

Of the wine laugh after having breathed in the helium rolling on the floor laughing

The other toys would already be in the bath wow

You had me at "helium"!

laugh <<< helium laughter laugh
Very funny, BD...had a good giggle...laugh
Elvis impression in the bath. This guy's got game. tip hat
Thanks, Dee! Giggling is better than grumbling, I think.

Doc! You're alive!
Badly drawn, that was hilarious! I think you have a hit on your hands.

Was the bath water cold when you recorded that?

Doc! You hunk of love....how have you been? smitten
That was cool thumbs up

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