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Prosecutor Shokin Files A Complaint Against Joe Biden For Interference In Ukraine’s Legal Proceeding

shock DAYUM!!
(tip hat ep)

How is this NOT gonna go Viral?

wine pointing Subpoeña Colada


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Good evening Mic shimmy

I will click on link
It's a song conversing

G'mornin' Merc tip hat

It's a catchy melody!
dancing ... dance

It came out awhile previously ...
It's like the parody writer was reading the lyrics in a Crystal Ball wow

BTW - It's also an actual imbibement wine that's been served at bars (pubs) & hotels in locales where Rallies For The Don are being held.
I've not found a recipe.
I'm guessing it includes PEACH schnapps & creme de MENTHE dunno

laugh shimmy

I will listen to the jingle boogie shimmy
Well 'm going to do one about Trump the Chump shimmy
Mic shimmy

You and many others don't understand what Biden did he went through the correct channels in regard to that prosecutor where as Trump didn't do that.

It's one thing to support your party but it's another thing to support corruption.
The charge(s) in the Criminal Complaint allege otherwise, Merc.

It's alleged - Not proven.
Biden will have his opportunity to respond to the allegations and he might use the defense you suggest.

Biden will be fine because Congress the Senate and so on gave him permission to do so for all the right reasons unlike Trump who resorted to corruption all for the sake of rigging an election his way.

Come on Mic let Bolton testify..Nothing to hide well put up or shut up.
wave hpy!

banana pointing Corn Pop anticipating makin' love at midnight with Sleepy Joe smitten

hole pointing Sleepy Joe

I don't want you to shut up Mic because were the M&M's shimmy

I was referring to the Republicans!~
Mic are you an Independent? shimmy

You raise a most interesting legal point, Merc.

Presuming what you suggest - Might the U.S. Government then be charged in Ukrainian Court (or under International Law - see hpy's comment above roll eyes ) as an Accomplice Before The Fact?


Grabbing at straws now Mic shimmy

This is all about Trump the big fat Chump..Piss him off and allow a Republican who is for the people and not himself to lead the way..Then look into Biden wasting tax payers money.
I meant the Republicans will be wasting tax payers money.shimmy
Biden is corrupt as hell. He has been selling out his public office for decades, enriching his family in the process to the tune of many millions of dollars. Hunter-Burisma is the tip of the iceberg. Expose the Washington Rats - politicians and bureaucrats - who have enabled this and sold out their country for personal/financial/political gain. Rats all.

Drain the Swamp. And I don't care if they're Republican or Democrat. Just clean the whole God damn place up. And then send the cleaners to Ireland - where our own swamp is particularly murky wine
Yeah and Trumps kids are sitting on their filthy rich hands giggle
Envious, Merc? wine

Hate Trump(and his family) all you want, but the Trump's fortune was already made before they got into politics. Indeed, the easiest thing for Don to do at his age would been to retire and enjoy endless sunsets at Mar A Lago. He chose the more difficult road, taking on the Washington establishment and pushing real reform.
"I don't want you to shut up Mic because were the M&M's shimmy "
Understood, Merc hug

M&M's - There's a candy named for us! WAY Cool grin

Like how the Baby Ruth candy bar was named for Ruth Cleveland, daughter of U.S. Prez Grover Cleveland!
(Grover was a 'Crat. So you'll feel in good company very happy )

Me Independent -
I'd identify as such.
I was raised in an ol' fashioned Yellow Dog Democrat family (they'd vote for a yellow dog before a 'Publican).
According to The World's Smallest Political Quiz I tend toward Lib'rul Leaning Libertarian -

Someone once asked me if that's like an ANARCHIST?! uh oh laugh

In '16 I was equally underwhelmed by BOTH Major Party Prez candidates snooty & went Libertarian.
I was hoping they (or ANY 3rd party) would hit 5% of the popular vote to qualify for Minor Party funding and shake Hell outta the major parties.

A LOTTA folks were similarly underwhelmed and the Libertarians damned near pulled it off - something like 4.5%.
Green Party candidate Jill Stein got a bit less, but significantly better than usual for a 3rd Party.

That's a helluva long reply blah blah considering "Yes" would've answered your question.

Personal Issues

Economic Issues

Libertarians support maximum liberty in both personal and economic matters. They advocate a much smaller government; one that is limited to protecting individuals from coercion and violence. Libertarians tend to embrace individual responsibility, oppose government bureaucracy and taxes, promote private charity, tolerate diverse lifestyles, support the free market, and defend civil liberties.

I scored the above laugh shimmy
We're not far apart, Merc!
90 - Personal
50 - Economic

(That 90 Personal is the anarchy in me ... grin )

applause shimmy
Just found this.... laugh
Extrovert or introvert
Answer each question or statement by choosing which one of the
three alternative responses given is most applicable to you.
1 Do you prefer to work alone, or as part of a team?
a) No strong preference.
b) Alone.
c) As part of a team.
2 How much do you enjoy social gatherings?
a) I can take them or leave them.
b) Very little.
c) Very much.
3 What is your ideal way of celebrating your birthday?
a) Going out for a meal with a few family or friends.
b) I prefer my birthday to be just like any other normal day.
c) A surprise party with lots of family and friends.
4 Are you more comfortable when talking to people on a
one-to-one basis or in a group discussion?
a) No strong preference.
b) On a one-to-one basis.
c) In a group discussion.
5 How quickly do you become bored and restless when performing
routine tasks?
a) Fairly quickly.
b) Not very quickly, as I am able to apply my mind to, and
concentrate on, the task in hand.
c) Extremely quickly.
6 When travelling alone on a long train journey would you be
likely to strike up a long conversation with a complete stranger
sitting next to you?
a) Maybe not a long conversation but I might exchange a few
pleasantries with them.
b) Not really.
c) Yes I would really enjoy having a lengthy conversation with
7 How often do you like to let your hair down, let yourself go and
have a real good time?
a) Just occasionally.
b) Hardly ever at all, as that is not really my idea of enjoyment.
c) As often as possible.
Emotional Intelligence
8 If you were asked to give a speech at a function, would you feel
happy about doing this?
a) It wouldn’t worry me, although I may be a little nervous
b) No, as I would be very nervous.
c) Yes, I would relish the prospect.
9 How easily do you make friends?
a) Fairly easily.
b) Not easily.
c) Very easily.
10 If you need to approach someone in high authority for a favour,
would you prefer to ask them:
a) By telephone.
b) By letter or email.
c) Face to face.
11 How quickly are you on the dance floor at a social function?
a) I tend to go with the flow and join in more or less at the same
time as everyone else.
b) I don’t venture on the dance floor if I can avoid it.
c) Usually one of the first.
12 Would you describe yourself as a leader or a follower?
a) A bit of both, depending on the situation or circumstances.
b) Generally a follower.
c) Generally a leader.
The Complete Book of Intelligence Tests
13 What would be your reaction if someone asked you to sell some
raffle tickets for charity?
a) I would probably accept, but say that I might not be able to
sell them all.
b) I would probably have to decline, as I would be unlikely to
sell them.
c) I would accept, and would not expect to have any problem
selling the tickets.
14 Do you think people see you as a fun person?
a) Perhaps, in certain ways.
b) I doubt it.
c) Hopefully.
15 What would be your reaction if the position of chair suddenly
became vacant on a committee on which you were sitting?
a) I may consider the position of chairperson, but only if
approached by one of the other committee members to stand
for election.
b) I would not wish to become the next chairperson.
c) I would probably push to become the next chairperson.
16 How often do you let your opinions be known?
a) Whenever I feel it is necessary.
b) Only when pressed to do so.
c) Frequently.
17 Do you enjoy being the centre of attention?
a) Perhaps so, occasionally.
b) No.
c) Yes.
Emotional Intelligence
18 Which of the following words would you say is the most
applicable to you?
a) Tenacious.
b) Cautious.
c) Popular.
19 Do you enjoy making small talk at buffet lunches?
a) It’s OK.
b) No, I hate small talk and can never think of anything to say.
c) Yes, I am quite comfortable when making small talk.
Continued in next comment laugh
I went 80/60 but I have not had my coffee yetlaugh
20 Do you prefer to discuss things face-to-face or over the
a) No preference.
b) Over the telephone.
c) Face-to-face.
21 Would you go out of your way to meet ‘the right people’?
a) Maybe.
b) No.
c) Yes.
22 Which of the following words would you say is the most
applicable to you?
a) Balanced.
b) Shy.
c) Effervescent.
23 Do you enjoy performing your party piece at Christmas parties
and other occasions?
a) Not particularly, but I will join in the fun rather than be seen
as a party pooper.
b) No, in any case I don’t have a party piece that I could
c) Yes.
24 Would you appear naked on a charity calendar?
a) I would like to think so, but I’m not sure I could pluck up
the courage.
b) No way.
c) Yes.
25 Do you ever run out of things to say when talking to someone
you have just met?
a) Not usually.
b) Yes, I do sometimes tend to dry up after a while.
c) No, I cannot say that I do, as there is always lots to ask

Award yourself 2 points for every (c) answer, 1 point for every (a)
and 0 points for every (b).

40–50 points
Your score indicates that you are an extrovert who enjoys being the
centre of attention and cannot by any stretch of the imagination be
called a shrinking violet.
This generally means that you will not be lacking in outer confidence
and you will always appear to be trying to get the most out of life,
although it is possible that some people who give the impression of
Emotional Intelligence
being extroverts are acting in this way in order to cover up their
inner self-doubts and anxieties.
Although many people will admire your zest and energy, you
should nevertheless take care not to be too much of an extrovert to
the point that people find you excessively pushy, even to the extent
of being overbearing. Often someone with a bubbly personality will
achieve greater success and win more friends if that personality is
tempered with a degree of modesty and sensitivity towards others.
25–39 points
Your score indicates that you are no more of an extrovert or an
introvert than the average person.
Although you sometimes may wish that you could be as outgoing
as those who appear more extrovert than yourself, it may be that by
having the ability to show reserve, especially when it is appropriate,
you are probably regarded by other people as someone who they feel
relaxed about having in their company.
If, at times, you feel that you are a little shy and ‘backward at
coming forward’, it may be that you secretly admire the way people
who are more extrovert than you behave. It is, however, these people
who are in the minority and, in fact, you are probably regarded by
other people as a person who does possess a much more appealing
Less than 25 points
Although your score indicates that you are quite introverted, this
does not mean that you cannot be successful in life.
Many people are extremely modest and shy, but at the same time
have the ability to be high achievers in their own field, providing they
can recognise their own talents and gain an extra bit of self-confidence
to harness their potential.
Although you may prefer to keep your views to yourself, on those
occasions where you are bursting to express an opinion, or join in a
conversation, you may be afraid of doing so because you worry about
what people think, especially if there are a number of people present.
This may be indicative of a lack of confidence in how people will
react to you, even to the extent of a feeling of inferiority.
It may be that you do not lack the inner self-confidence and belief
in yourself, but are afraid of expressing this inner self in public. You
should, however, make a concerted effort to try and gain that extra
degree of self-confidence to harness your potential even more and try
not to be backward at coming forward.
I scored 60/60 figures I'm a Libra...Balance in all things

Ummm ... Luke?
A link would've taken up a helluva lot less space.
Just sayin' mumbling

I suppose I COULD go all worm-choking anàl retentive about staying on topic.
But t'was I who brought up the quiz & posted the link - So what the Hell.

Besides - This is kind FUN smile

popcorn ... drinking

Personal issues score 50
Economic issues score 60

I'm a Radical Centrist laugh

Very short quiz though. The political compass one is a lot more detailed
That Short Quiz can be revealing accurate, Chance.
I know a guy IRL who was a raging self-proclaimed CON-SERV-A-TIVE!!!

I'm kinda Lib'rul.
We'd get into discussions & occasionally were surprised to start AGREEING - on certain things, anyway.

We took the test ...
Me - Lib'rul Leaning Libertarian.
Him - Conservative Leaning Libertarian.

Mystery Of Agreement Solved!
That goofy li'l test knew him better'n he knew HIMSELF.

It really(!) screwed up his self-perception.
He railed for weeks how the test HAD to be wrong - But he honestly couldn't dispute the results.

Sorry Mic but I copied and pasted from a eBook consisting of 500 tests that's on my laptop. Wish I could find the link tho.rolling on the floor laughing

Ukrainian Prosecutor reveals key Bombshell Whistleblower Witness ...


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