Life is .........

How would YOU finish this sentence--Life is ..................
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For living always go forward never look back.

Good one,

Living life to full is more fun than just surviving.
hi, sent u personal mail, but u never replied
Life is ..... a very long time in jail if you are very bad ....scold

It is to be enjoyed as there may be only one shot at it.
Be good to yourself and to others, be loving, giving and forgiving.
Do pretty much as you wish as long is does not effect or hurt any others in getting what you want. If you have dependants be responsible and do the right thing by them. Have pride in yourself, show respect where it is due and be true, mentally strong and honorable.

That's not much to ask surely ..... grin
Life is ........what you make of it, it's up to you!! grin cool
Life is...about choice and mine is in the palm of my hand.
a curtain call to better things ahead . you could say a dress rehearsal . lol angel
Life is what you make of're 100% responsible...
.... Good ! !
I have had many ups and downs but for me still. .
Life is a precious gift that is worth fighting and living for, no matter what it takes.
Hopefully we will be given a full understanding the way life is so that we will not feel it like unfair and complicated.
Life is.......what you make it! (well, most of the time) :)

trying to make it better.........
Life is what happens while you plan!
Thats it! Nice way of putting it.
Life is a cereal that I used to eat for breakfast, but I don't think that's what you meant. rollers
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