Twitter Mirror On The Wall...

I like to look in the mirror as much as the next supermodel, but how about when the mirror starts talking back?

Do I want to smash the mirror?
Do I listen and 'reflect'?
Do I find humor and objective value in what the mirror has to say?
Can I laugh at my own reflection?

WTF am I talking about?

Slipped Disc, of course.
*image available upon request*

head banger

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That is one good thing.

A mirror don't tell lies.

The reflection of your self in a mirror give one the opportunity to embrace who they are, make changes, or blame someone else lol.......banana
when you see yourself in the mirror, it's never the same as how others see you.
Yeah but can you guys sing?
Yep that's correct when we see ourselves we do not get true image laugh

when I hear myself I think sigh ah but others seem to like it.

I liked this blog rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

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