Photo caption contest - go fish

You know the drill by now.
Enjoy the captions other people offer and/or
make one(s) of your own.
Either way, enjoy. cheers

First here's the photo;

Embedded image from another site

and my first caption for that photo is;

He was only following directions. dunno
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After this, perhaps Captain Literal will reunite with his ex-wife in a different department - make-up.
he found Nimo on clearance
"Whoops ! Slimy fish. More than the prices are dropping."
we have a live one in aisle 3
It turns out, that after store hours, he's been sleeping in a tent in the sporting goods aisle and cooking those fish with a camping grill.
please don't report my boyfriend
"Excuse me miss. What aisle is the tartar sauce in ?"
spec savers needs a visit.
mmm I guess it was raining outside laugh laugh
The picture is so small I could hardly tell where he is in the pic but Palm's great answers let me know it didn't matter what kind of store but now I know it's a store of some kind.

No sign that says "No Fishing"
For others who somehow can't see the picture well, it is of a man sitting in a chair next to a tackle box on the floor, while holding a fishing rod, actively fishing into fish tanks at Walmart. The sign above the tanks says "Fish".
He should be wearing a MAGA hat. "Thems is one fine fishing hole"
A logical explanation..
He is getting his fishing rod ready to go catch more fish before the freezer is empty...
The freezer needs a refill...
applause applause
professor yay professor
It's a hot spot for... sale fish.
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