I too...have been a victim

I don't like to talk about it much and prefer to suffer in silence...plus, there's like a 4 month waiting list for therapists in LA!

Yes, I've been victimized by the bad man. Just thinking about it....I'm fighting back tears as I type. So many nights...tossing and tossing....then I'd go to bed.

I've had my CS profile pic used for someone's sick form of amusement, but did I learn from it. No! I'm so rattled that I took and posted a whole new pic just days ago...as though I were just ASKING for more abuse! Just asking for it, I say!

I don't know what to do, so I laugh about it. See how warped I am now...I'm laughing at myself! I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I'm an emotional wreck (have been since about 13).

Where's the humanity?!

crying laugh crying laugh

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I understand how people can get all out of shape or feel violated in some way when others use their behaviour, pics or whatever to make fun of them. But we're all in control of what we let affect us, it's our choice whether we engage or not.
Thanks for the encoiraging words, Jig. But I'm afraid that I've been scarred for life. I'm gonna shave my head, buy a wig, and change my name to Ethel.
Encouraging even
BD I have been asking for it for a long time now---all to no avail laugh laugh laugh
You're a good sport, Red.
We all have the ability how to choose how too fill our saddle bags, also within that ability lay the capability to do so, perspective of thought will always prevail...…... wine
BD, do you think you'll recover from the trauma? blues
Hey, Molly!

Funny thing is, I was just thinking about you.

My groceries just arrived and for the 2nd time in maybe 5 years, I got a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. The last time, I mentioned it here was to you if I'm not mistaken.

Anyway...I'm depending on it's healing power. Well, that and I'm probably going to the dispensary a bit later.

With a little luck, some expensive ice cream and some thc-infused "breath spray"...I think I'll pull through.

Thanks for your concern.
Like any true artist, I recommend you use the pain

as a reason to drink.
That sounds like a winning combination to me, BD cheers
Hi Ocee wine
Yeah, naaa. I rarely drink more than a beer a month, if that. It's just not alluring to me these days. It affects hand/eye coordination and I can't draw, type, or beat children very well at all.

It wish exclusive
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rolling on the floor laughing
Hi Molly! wave

It wasn't a real suggestion BD, it was just a misdirection joke. The common saying being that artists use angst to create art. That's why I added the "as a reason to drink" on the next line. It's timing device I use when telling joke in via text. Reading to the next line creates a pause that enhance the comedic affect.

I'd imagine you got the joke, being an artist.

I just like to explain my jokes whenever I can.

The women here tell me they enjoy it.
Ocee, joke -explaining is a real turn on shimmy
the struggle is real....but then they say whoever they is that imitation is the best form of flattery.......teddybear
Chin up handsome BD..Stay true to yourself and don't you dare concern yourself with internet silliness..hug
Ocee, Yeah I get the tortured artist thing. One day I may post some drawings that refer to me being a starving artist...

I'll have to draw it again though since every other one was sold! Some while not even being complete. No lie.

Thanks for your comment and "man"splain-ation, sir.

Hey Mis!

Yes, I know the struggle. As a white male living LA....you can bet I do!
(I don't know what that means either)


Merc, you know me better than that.
BD, just don't cut off an ear
Or anything else either uh oh
Just the thought of that made my hand jittery laugh
Ok, Molly ...but how about that superfluous double post?
BD, I'll leave you with one last deep and meaningful thought:

If you know your own truth, no lies or false accusations can affect you

I dunno Palm, but the post about the snakes might have had something to do with it.
roll eyes
i wrote that after, silly

Slipped Disc...laugh

Lou...not sure but I think the implication is that we're old.

I'd prolly understand better if not for the Altzheimers...

The twitter did mention walkers as well...the kind older people use...laugh

Hell...we all need them at one point...moping


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