Richest States And Cities In America

Cut and pasted slanted BS. The ones that do it count on you being as stupid as they are.

Just google for yourself, folks!

Sleight of hand, unless you're a magician doing it for entertainment, is another form of lying. Only liars would encourage lies. Consider the sources and the unsavory character of those who want you to believe the illusion.

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the only thing rich to me is a good heart BD not bothered about anything else in life. Even them good hearts are not in abundance anymore. blues

idea joy cartwheel gotta go but me I have a good heart laugh laugh
It's easy. Take my hand...

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What's it all mean?

No BS! No slant. No agenda.
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Wouldn't it be fun to find out tge truth, Polly?
There's no such thing as lies.
Trump has re-defined them as....."alternate facts" (some altered by Sharpie). laugh

Stay on topic or be deleted.
Ty T-man.

I read somewhere that cow tools was Larson's least understood comic drawing.

Li'l trivia.
thumbs up
IS it off topic to ask the relationship between state wealth and Trump/GOP discriminatory application of monetary reductions in areas like federal proptery tax credits and project funding?
sorry - I typo'ed property

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