I Heard The News Today, Oy Vey!

I was going to read some news...you know, from sites that supply news. I'm not sure they actually exist without some sort of click bait anymore, but I trudge on, day after day.

The news has it's good and bad days. Some days I like bad news. The news is sometimes lame. Uninteresting. Lackluster. Some days I want that.

The news can stretch the truth. The news can sometimes steal other news and call it theirs. The news is sometimes parading around as fact when it's actually the opinion of blathering dullards.

Some days I wonder why I bother to read the news at all....

When it's all here on CS!

Thank you Connecting Singles for your continued quality and excellence as a news....um fake New....uh

What is this place again?
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Breaking News

Sock Puppets on CS flood blog page with fake news!

More manipulation at 11.
Breaking News

Some blathering dullards post 30 yr old profile pics on dating sites!
Breaking News

Crippled Welfare recipient apparently not getting enough attention!

More (or less) tomorrow (we imagine).
He's no different to strongman
Just posts to share his obsession innocent
Meant to say stringman but CS CS auto corrected to protect the real bloggers name

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Breaking News!

Adding a laughing emotie rolling on the floor laughing ...

Helps to make mundane comments appear funny to idiots.

More at 11.
Breaking news!

Of the 17 blogs raised so far today only 8 are on the same subject wow
Breaking News

Musicians who have written D.J.Trump love letters also include:

Neil Young
Elton John
The Rolling Stones
The Estate of George Harrison
Brian May
Axyl Rose
.....just to name a few.
Hi BDrawn
I was in my deep sleep when something woke me up. I tried to get back to sleep, but I couldn't. So I grabbed my cellphone and checked what's going on in CS world. I found your blog.

So what is this place again? you asked.
That refreshed my memory.. and here is to answer that question of yours.

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

And I found another from someone:

Embedded image from another site

THERE! You get my answer.. laugh
Hiya Kal

I'll try to remember those words next time I have a question about CS. They say it all!

Breaking news 2 thirds of blogs now are politics, wow wow 1 down from yesterday laugh laugh
Breaking News!

Cutting and pasting is the newest blogging craze (emphasis on 'craze')!

You don't have to hang your head in shame any longer because you can't tell a modifier from a dangling participle!

Who could be bothered with writing original work (aside from people whose living depends on it)? Just steal! No crime here on CS for being a thief or anything...so steal it and post as yours! Brilliant!

You'll be the toast of your adult remedial reading class!

Embedded image from another site

thumbs up
Breaking News!

Flooding isn't your invention!
Breaking News!

I forgot to add an emotie!

Breaking News!

When cutting-and-pasting doesn't quite display the vacuous depth of your room-temperature creativity...

Try empties! Oops, I mean emotie s


And where one is good applause applause. Two must be better!
Breaking News!

We work on tips!

This level of excellence in reporting doesn't come cheap!

And emoties don't either.

We're currently saving for the f-u.
Embedded image from another site

Hi I new memba my name lejin.
Does the parrot look too much like a pigeon?
Breaking News!

It's a new day with New news and sharpened pencils.
Breaking News!

If at first your cut-and-paste blog tanks (as it should). Try, try again! And again! And again! Ad nauseam.
Breaking News!

For the fossilized, American bloviating blowhards: The Sock and Parrot site is currently under construction...

Embedded image from another site

But should be up and running shortly. We apologize for any delays...or if you weren't able to make it to the bathroom in a timely fashion.

sad flower
Breaking News!

CV Fever is hitting LA!

Embedded image from another site

I had to settle for a 8-9pm delivery time, which was no longer an option by the time placed my order. Tomorrow morning is the best they can do. It's 11am now.
The best thing about CS news is you know once you read it here that it is fake news.
That cuts out the need to check its validity in real life.
Breaking News!

But first a word from our sponsor.

You've had a long, hard day--cutting-and-pasting political propaganda, misinformation, and parroting stale rhetoric on a free dating site, and your arthritis is acting up...

What's a keyboard warrior to do?

Go do something else.

This has been a message from the seventy four remaining brain cells in your cranium.

We now return to...whatever this is
Breaking News!

I wanted to make "Pepes Ikan Teri Medan"

Embedded image from another site

But I forgot to buy banana leaves to wrap it.
Hey KAL! Nice to see you!

Now I'm hungry.

Breaking yawn news...i guess

Same ol' same ol'....

..need coffee

Coffee with a smidge of French vanilla flavoring.

Ty tman.
Would spraying the screen help?
The news comes in here, but the blogs are at a Standstill, nothing comes in n nothing goes out, except us, all us Bloggers.
Molly, I tried spraying the screen...but now it just smells like pee.
Maybe I should have been more specific on what to spray it with uh oh
Did you wipe your pee with that poor cat? mumbling
Or is it a tom cat spray you are using?
So that's a scold

I dunno, Molly. Sometimes I dance pretty far out on a limb to see if anyone knows the self-destruction tango.

The tango just needs a good leader wink
A bit aggressive for some.

How 'bout the 230kv electric slide?
I'm getting the tingles heart wings

Or maybe electrocuted blues
Wouldn't feel a thing, probably.

Well it's been fun in a way. And I did polish my dancing shoes.

Gotta look at the positives.
Snazzy mover laugh
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