The Corona Virus Fairy

She's way different from the tooth fairy; that's kidstuff. This one visits old people.

Instead of leaving money in exchange for a tooth, she spits on your dentures and sneezes into one of your adult diapers.

Anyway, I thought I was being paid a visit but it was just the person delivering my groceries. She wore a mask and gloves. I opened all doors and we didn't speak much.

Next time, I expect nothing less than a Hazmat suit.
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laugh laugh watch it could be mehe in that suit laugh laugh

Now help me out here, if you wear a mask it will not protect you, but wear it when you sneeze to protect other peeps. so is a mask a one way street dunno
You get groceries home delivered

That another sign of being a CS hermit

rolling on the floor laughing
Who says it won't help to wear a mask? It's just a matter of how much mask you are willing to wear.

A cheap dust mask might not adequately protect against tiny particles but a full-face respirator w/ particulate cartridges/filters will. Also, all dust masks aren't created equal. Some are better than others for "dust".
I do get groceries delivered.
rolling on the floor laughing's so much funnier now!

Thanks Blue.
The Killer Trees is just a myth like the Killer Bees. You know, the bees that have killed people.


Molly, that's true...mostly
Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

BD, I hope those lizards don't spread it uh oh
I never want to meet one either way.

K, I think I finished but doubt anyone else wants a "caricature" done.

Embedded image from another site
You could create caricatures on what you imagine people to be like.
Oh, I mean request one. Jig mentioned it a while back. But I didn't have much to work with.
That's what I mean, use what you imagine people to be like, based on your perceptions rather than their pic.
Talk about begging for attention.molly

His perception of you should be interesting
I am begging for quality attention. Nothing but the best.

Sorta like Trump.
Ah, I'd have to do more research. Jig was easy because he's open and interesting and the goat-herder facade, made a fun toy to play with.

But that's more a cartoon...I'd say.
Yeah, Jig is great.
BadlyDrawn...Could you draw me a goat someday?....I like your Blogs!
Masks are not needed and that's a fact.
C'mon Merc, were talking about goats here...professor
Can goats get Corona?
Oooooooooooh goats laugh
I'm something of a goat myself, so I'm a bit worried...
Drink goats milk
Yes, it's full of goaty goodness!

Goaty soapy?
What if the young-un was born with no immune dunno
Delusional world is happening now days frustrated
I didn't attend a singles evening because I didn't want to catch something an pass it onto a person already battling with cemo etc..........
Can you garentee that THEY will even know if bugs have entered thier body before they realise it's happened dunno dunno dunno dunno dunno
I'd rather be at the bedside of the needed person any day
peace head banger head banger head banger
An ya jokin about it barf barf barf barf
Yeah, got to have a laugh, before this bug turns the world on it's head. Sorry to hear about your friend on Chemo.
We give our thoughts to the not so lucky always....
The lady....
My bosses wife....
The healthiest person I know...
It didn't help her at all....
Still got the eeeew goin on...
My closest friend...
Past away recently.....
Bless his long loving soul.....
I was the only one his wife would let him free with...
We did so many things without being told off lol lol.
It's an earnt thing......
I'd want someone to be that way if I was living my last legs peace peace teddybear teddybear
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