Do you REALLY meet people here?

I am kinda new to this online dating scene. I have tried a few sites. So I was just wondering- do people really get to meet others here?
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"I am new to this online dating.." & "I have tried a few sites".

You women can never make up your mind ! tongue

??? A lot of men are on more than one dating site. It's actually a good idea, as it widens the opportunities, isn't it? cheers
i have been ob here since september 08 and ive met alot of people both male and female some have become great friends.the meet ups are great for meeting people .i have also met someone special.give it time you never know what will happen and good luck with your search heart1 handshake teddybear teddybear angel2
You meet lots of people - at times however it's also like visiting the zoo and you may find monkeys, asses and some other creatures.

I've met some great friends here, had a couple relations too. As for relations, some changed to just friends, others just vanished, aon a rare occasion or two it got bad - but overall I think if the contacts you decide to make are right, this should be a great place to meet and socialise.

It's a pity there's quite a number of people who either don't know what do they want or else are trying to rushing into another relation after some heartbreak, but the scars of the past are still not yet healed.

A word for those who have just ended a relation, take the time to evaluate why did things go worng in a rational way and see where were your faults. It takes two to tango and a relation is about both parties, even when things go wrong.

Good luck with your experience here and never give up! I've been here for 3 years and don't regret a single day here :)
Funny that, I just get condemned on here for "what I want" (or, what I look for in a woman). And I haven't had a romantic date in a little over 5 years now and have been on CS for a little over 2 years now. I realized a few months ago that CS is just another dead end for me... I just don't have any better ideas anymore. dunno

I guess your mileage must vary depending on your gender and where you are located and what you look for in a decent date. confused

- Michael
yes you do but you need to explore more about this individual first.
no one meets from here. they all shoot crap on blogs. have beer and go to bed
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