God Did It

The God you believe in created the Corona Virus.

The God you believe in doesn't believe in borders or exceptionalism.

The God you believe in has shown what a trade war really looks like.

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i wanted to send you a short note,
you need to read real books, put down the NYT trash
CV was manmade
G-d is very clear about boarders
and trade wars are common
Not much common sense comes out of California these days. sigh
Did Jesus and his parents not flee to Egypt as refugees when their lives were in danger in their own country?

Therefore god is not pro closed borders
I thought that was Moses. wow
Moses left Egypt.
No closed borders there. Even the Red Sea parted
Well Jesus wasn't exactly immigrating because he was looking for better economic opportunity.
No, he was fleeing because his life was in danger in his own country. I think I mentioned that
I know this is hard for some to understand but there is a difference between legal and illegal immigration. You can't just waltz in Mexico without a visa from if you are from the US. There are refugees and there are economic migrants. This blog would be better served if people could familiarize themselves with the difference.professor
@ PoorScarlett•20 mins ago•Miami, Florida USA

Put down the vodka and have some borscht.. yawn
WHO's talking about illegal immigration?
(See what I did there?)

I just scribbled some thoughts about that mischievous li'l virus that doesn't seem to know it's place in the world.
Who's talking about Mexico?? dunno

You don't have to prove to anybody on here whether you are legal or illegal.

We were talking about god and his attitude to borders.

Everyone's got an agenda.
Well I'm not a practicing Christian and I don't feel qualified to speak for God about how he feels about borders. But we are fortunate to have some here do. help
God can do me if he's interested
The Bible says man will end the world.

We are destroying our own lives and the world.
since god is omnipotent then im assuming since he doesnt intervene then he is in agreement with everything that happens...if he/she is supposedly all powerful then surely it would take very little to intervene and put a stop to anything he/she chooses......wave
When Eve gave Adam that apple and they both ate it, God pretty much washed his hands of the whole mess and said figure it out, you're on your own now.
since man does not want to listen to GOD. HE is letting man do it mans way. it isn't going to work out for man.
Good things are there too - it is a Taos.
The Universe is based on Fractals, maybe Mathematics is God?
Neither Good or Bad, It just, exists?
God realized we are the project that went bad and decided to start all over again. laugh
stringman...could God step in, and assist us all, with this Corona Virus? Or is He on holiday somewhere?
God can do me if he's interested
Do you know what AMEN means dunno
( SO BE IT )
Obviously you don't give a flying continental........
Bet on the horses - at least they exist!
Animals started the virus dunno dunno
Yes, personally, I blame the bats. Not for nothing, are they called evil, gothic creatures.
Possible animal sources of Covid 19 have not been confirmed.

As for bats, if they weren't around, we would be infested with mosquitoes, flies, etc . They do an amazing job.
The lord works in mysterious ways.
Has been confirmed a bat handled in appalling conditions with other species of animals was the cause..China has closed down 22,000 of these disgusting money making machines but unfortunately we have these in China on the black market operating.

2008 an Aussie warned these money making machines of these animals in appalling conditions would one day cause Carona in a catastrophic way

I was being ironic, It's not known at this stage, conclusively, where it came from.
Pat, amen to that bowing

I'm sure there's a YouTube video you could post to back that up
But their treatment of Animals is arrogant, cruel, and disgusting!
Love, nobody does with certainty.
I checked the WHO website and there is no confirmation there either
Their treatment of Animals is arrogant, ignorant, cruel, and disgusting. (I forgot ignorant).
Humans use animals for gain........
Since when has an animal done that to humans dunno
Maybe that's why happenings are happening confused
The bible contains many important teachings. However, it makes no specific mention of paint/glue sniffing. Thusly, it can only be concluded that such practices are within what the bible's teachings allow.

Paint/glue wasn't invented back then.
11th Commandment:

Thou shalt not introduce minors to the sniffing of solvents.

I take from that that it is ok to do it yourself as a consenting adult.
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