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2020 - 2008 Something's not right

There is a dark & wickedly sinister agenda behind this whole Coronavirus thing. It is not what they are telling us. Remember the stock market crash of 2008? It was a managed crash. There was an election that needed to be won. A managed crash of the stock market was necessary. It worked. That election was won.

Now, there is another election that needs to be won and the same people, and companies are panicking the public about the Coronavirus. The main stream media has become an instrument of propaganda. This panic is tanking the stock market.

There 7.7 billion people in the world. There are 333 million people in the United States. Add in the 40 million illegal immigrants, there are upwards of 370 million.

World wide, there has been less than 4 thousand deaths. The death toll is slowly creeping up, but it doesn't match up to the level of panic that the media is causing.

Why are companies & schools in the United States closing down when not even 100k people are sick and less that 20 people have died?

Why are companies like Twitter, Facebook, Citibank, etc., encouraging their employees to work from home "to avoid getting sick?"

Why is the media hyping this disease up?

Why aren't they talking about influenza in the U.S. when 81,000 people in the U.S. have died from it this year?

We have had the worst market crash ever because of the Chinese situation with Covid-19, but according to news reports, less than 4 thousand people in China, a country of 1.4 billion have died.
Why is the whole world shutting down?

People in high places have stated that they are willing to lose money in the stock market if it will get rid of this President.

Because of media hype, the President and CDC are forced to react.

Keep watching. Something wicked will be exposed in the future.

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There are wicked things exposed every day but if it's not on Fox news or some cut-and-paste (like this question you couldn't even write on your own) fascist propaganda, you are completely ignorant.

In fact, those last 4 words sum it up.

If you don't see a problem, Polly, try reading some actual news.
No, please Willy, keep your pants up, the CS world is not ready to see a shrivelled Gerkin.uh oh
Leftist Elitist Prlcks have claimed for some time that the way to take down The Don -

... is to crash the economy & put the hurt on people (other than them, of course mumbling)

Interesting, is it not, that media-induced Corona Hysteria sets in EXACTLY when the Impeachment SHTF.
Coincidence?? ... hmmm

If the idea is that Corona-linked Crash will undo The Don, it's a stupid-àssed plan worthy of Lucy & Ethel that makes The Don nearly invulnerable -- and will assure his re-election.

I'm glad you asked. Allow me to explain grin

As noted by the punditry in the vid -- the booming economy was due for a "correction" of some scope, large or small. It's part of a cycle, no matter who's Prez.

If said correction is perceived to be caused by the virus -- The Don's àss has been covered! Can't blame HIM for a disease ... let alone one that originated in Comm'nust China!!

AND if it's perceived that actions taken by his administration mitigate/minimize the economic effects of the virus -- he has a Helluvan issue on which to run, fresh in the minds of voters come November applause
Long story short -- 'Crats/MSM are their own worst enemy & The Don Wins. AGAIN!!
frustrated frustrated pointing 'Crats & MSM smile

It's been noticed & 'Crats are scrambling to get their share of the credit.
Senator Tammy Baldwin (D - Wisc.) has proposed the 'Crat Economic Program To Assist Middle Class Folks Affected By The Corona Crash teddybear
Or something like that.

I was asked awhile back if The Hand Of God was on The Don & his Presidency.

hmmm ... Lessee --
A Commie virus comes along & then opponents of The Don spin it into something that makes The Don invulnerable to the one thing that could defeat him.

It feels very much like The Hand Of Providence was a factor -- and He Works In Mysterious (and hilarious) Ways, His Wonders To Perform!!
rolling on the floor laughing ... rolling on the floor laughing

Right, nothing to worry about. Go outside and play.

Spread the word among all your right-wing buddies over 60.
Matter of fact, Italy is nice this time of year. Make some travel plans. Trump says it's fine.
VD It must be refreshing to know you have a beautiful place to live once the Coronavirus passes.

I can live anywhere, Willy. I have legs.
online now!
BadlyDrawn•3 mins ago•Los Angeles, California USA
I can live anywhere, Willy. I have legs.

Just to be sure that everyone here knows just what you meant.
Embedded image from another site
Your reading comprehension needs work.

Leg(s) is plural. The (s) means more than one.

I have two. They provide locomotion. Like they did when I initially came here to California. They still do. I can move any time.

That pic of the old man is not at all what I meant.
That pic is me.
Yep, W. Something is indeed going on. See scientific Blog.
I think the three stooges should form a task Force and head to DC, or the CDC, and to get to the bottom of this!
Not everything that happens in the world is about you and your mission to be a victim.
Hey, W. My pal. I rather thought the shirtless Negro in that typical upper scale part of Democrat ruled LA was our good bully friend, Mr. VD, in Black face, and body charcoal. Tall and similar facial features, got dem dere going to meeting threads a' going, etc., no?
Looking for shoulders to stand on, Pumpkin head?
rolling on the floor laughing
Mic lazy, can't you do better than cut-and-paste? This stupid, worthless blog is a cut-and-paste because the thief can't write three cohesive sentences and has no original ideas even if he could.

I'm starting to see a trend.
yep the trend is badly spawn scold
Wow, now that's clever! Polly and Mclazy should aspire to be more like bent who can at least manage an guttural grunt now and again.

Bravo, Bent!
Case study Lombardy, Italy
333 dead. Average age, 81
724 recovered.... meanwhile, throughout Italy
Among those affected by cv-19..aka corona-flu
Over 80% have a mild flu-like bout and
Recover, R E C O V E CoVer....
...( Yet for sum reason..?)...Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, Rice, Stanford...NBA & Disneyland...are all going thru the motions of lockdown...
...from the rense Aggregate..
Numbers subject to ch change.

@ 1:50 - They're the same IRL devil
Poor miserable sum'bltches sad ... sad flower

Embedded image from another site

My comment 3rd from the top of this blog ...

Just keeping things reality-based. Not that I feel it necessary to justify myself to a

Do ya, Mclazy?

Do you paste YouTube videos into conversations irl too?

You Flood blogs with nonsense to drown out others,... irl do you carry a clown horn?

Do you walk into a singles bar and insist that a tail-chasing, pointless "debate" about politics that does nothing but piss-off the other customers, must supersede all other activities?

Well, troll. You do that here.

You're grasping at straws, dipshit
But - but - but - if your democrats are so powerful and influential they can convince 136 thousand people across the world, and 117 countries, to set up a fake scam to help them win an election, that makes them pretty mega. Don't you want globe-controlling leaders?!


Jokes aside - yup - I too suspect there is an agenda. I just think it is a lot bigger than one country, or any of the 117 countries so far involved. We shall look round at the end of all this and find some laws and controls in place which snuck in under the wire, and I suspect quite a few changes which nobody can quite explain.

uh oh

YES! As a matter of fact I DO!

I recently referred folks interested in alternative energy technology to ...

... because it explains the battery well.

Hey Willy,
As ugly and scarey as this whole virus thing is, I think that it was totally engineered by the deep state.
The patriots are in charge. They are letting this play out to clear the swamp.
Do you not find it strange that so many Iranian cabinet members are dropping off. ? Just think, some of these
opératives are inconvienent now to other swamp creatures (slush funds, human traff..king). The patriots are in WWG1WGA. Fear not

Right you are Wake and welcome to the blogs.
Why are companies & schools in the United States closing down when not even 100k people are sick and less that 20 people have died?

Have enough people got sick and died now? How many is enough for you? confused
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