The virus is going viral. Whoda thunk?

I love Google Assistant, even though she dumped me for the PS4.

I wake up and say "Good Morning, Google". Then she takes over. "Good morning, Badly."

Followed by the time, weather, calendar and news.

I didn't get past the second story. It was about a Biogen meeting in Boston. According to the story, most of the current covid-19 cases in Massachusetts are linked to that meeting. Something like 70 out of 95.

It makes me wonder what they do exactly...@ Biogen.

There's your conspiracy. Eat it up.
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Wouldn't they needs to be pretty thick bioengers to infect themselves though?
It's more about what they aren't telling us, Molly.

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We need to know about the stock price history. Are there links to the Clintons and George know, stuff like that.
Since I neither know nor care, I shan't be wasting any time theorising about it.

I'd prefer to walk the dogs laugh
And that N Korean dude as well?
So Miami mayor who tested positive for coronavirus "was one of several politicians, including President Donald Trump, who interacted with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and his staff during a visit to South Florida last week." Ivanka loves Her Daddy what condition is Her condition in?
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Omg, I just knew it!

Who else is in on this?

Jimmy Carter, probably. Gwenyth Paltrow? Julian Assange? Ed Snowden?

The grassy knoll!

A grassy knoll evoked pleasant thoughts of lying out in the sun.

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Molly, it's uncharacteristically dark and dreary here in LA. 2nd day of rain. Probably a beach day in the U.K.

rolling on the floor laughing 80% will recover It will be around for Months US President Trump announces news conference on Covid-19 at 3:00 pm local time (1900 GMT)wave
Yes, I'll be sure to listen to every word. Especially the words that go against what scientists and doctors have to say.

Actually, Trump is great like that. If he said it was sunny out, I'd reach for an umbrella.
Badly, as I don't live in the UK, I wouldn't know roll eyes
Sorry, Molly! I thought you shared similar weather. My bad.

It's not bad really. The rain I mean. I'm spoiled I guess with all the dry, sunny weather here. It's easy to get used to.

So, I'm hearing that Oprah and Rosie O'Donnell have their hands in the Corona virus cookie jar. That's not to say they're "curvy" or anything.
And speaking of Heidi Klum...
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Down the rabbit hole.
Trump said two minute warning for His speech Ho do I address the Stupid people of this Great nationdunno and we should be live
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