Score !

Woo hoo ! I just scored my 5,000th email from a 3'7" "native american" dancing

No photo of an Instragram model this time. very mad
At least they could put some effort into it.


I'm guessing, that perhaps I win a free membership, or perhaps a plug nickel for this achievement. dunno

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3'3"? She'd be really good at............

doing the limbo tongue
I remember your comment about 'her'.
I admit, that I did not make it as far as 'her' alleged occupation with this one.
Although 'her' email did announce her full name and say where she is "from"
and then ended with "and you ?"
I was tempted to reply with... No, I'm not ......(her alleged name) from (her alleged location). laugh
That height does have it's advantages for some things, especially if she has a flat head. beer
... Especially for a guy who's 6' 2" grin

A flat head -- I Like It!
A beer stand/holder that walks 'round with you cheers

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