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The Isolation Blog

A place for those of us in lockdown (currently Spain but coming to a place near you soon) to share what's happening or indeed what's not happening, have a winge, report on what's happening "outside" etc. It could also be used for updating who has supplies of toilet rolls in stock professor laugh

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I'm whinging about the things I need for my ying yang
My next door neighbours have found themselves in a difficult position, an English couple who for reasons beyond their control have ended up with one of them here and the other in the UK, they now of course have no way of getting back together doh
Forgot to add I'm so sorry your country is in lockdown..Won't be long before we are as well
Poor buggers
Merc, you've come to right place, there's 40 plus million of us here in Spain with nothing to do, I'm sure someone can help with your desperate ying yang situation professor wave
Knowing my luck with men I would have to pay them..If they have a toilet roll I'm willing to pay them.
events are being shut down hear also. just got one today curling done for the rest of season we only had two weeks to go then we where done for the year.
Merc, thanks, it's an odd situation, like something from a zombie movie, it's not till you can't go out that you realise how much being able to is worth sigh
I want to start a loo paper blog asking people how much they use rolling on the floor laughing

Here in Spain, day 1 - the bread van has been, as usual. I left money in a plastic cup and he has left bread. I may nuke it in the microwave before I eat it uh oh

Tell me the truth, how do I look?

Merc, banana I have a two year supply of toilet rolls head banger ........... but I'm not allowed to share them with you sigh moping
String, sorry to hear that, my personal favourite F1 won't even be starting by the looks of it sigh here yesterday the police physically shut down the golf course, they were out playing as though nothing had happened wow
oh yes I forgot golf season will be starting hear soon hope they don't shut down for the year.
V wow you've gone down hill rapidly since we last met doh rolling on the floor laughing

On the toilet roll survey, I seem to be the odd one out as I use very little uh oh am I sick uh oh
I get more than a week from a roll, currently I have 14 spare rolls. I bought mine before the crisis, when it was half price. I might put the unopened pack on the internet for a joke, swap for a kidney or something lol...
Pat, Merc is rushing your way as we speak laugh beer
I've got a few days to prepare fot it, and plan what I would do with a redundant kidney...
Pat, I'm told steak and kidney pies are very hard to get these days, gone out of fashion, but you could corner what's left of the market professor
I dont want to deal with that clientelle.
Pat, I'll take that kidney, name your price

Steak & kidney pie smitten
Large gatherings og more than 100 persons are prohibited. Does this make any sense? A 100 persons can infect them at a time but not a 1000 or more... this just ain't fair....moping

According to the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) the virus is thought to spread mainly between people who are in close contact with one another through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs.
A 100 and under is fine...banana
Guys will obviously get a lot longer from a loo roll than girls but yup my usual is around a week - just for loo use, where you really really can't reuse uh oh #notobsessedwiththesubjectatall

As a general rule I avoid 'disposable' stuff as unless it evaporates into fairy dust in front of my eyes (and it doesn't, ever) it really isn't disposable at all, just goes somewhere else to become part of the giant plug of plastic paper and other gunk slowly choking the planet.
What a refreshing change to find a blog where people can interact, have a giggle and share experiences. Thank you.

Here in the U.K. it's still like the mad hatter's tea party , bulk buying, to isolate or not to isolate. It hasn't reached crisis point but only just round the corner .Stay safe everyone.hug
Pat, the world's economy is going down the crapper, you can't afford to be choosy with who you have to deal with professor uh oh
Luke, it's crazy, as usual the people we pay to make the decisions are too busy gathering in the bar having a drink to think things through properly, here you can walk your dog long enough for it to do the business, but only one person can do that, a couple who are sleeping in the same bed aren't allowed to walk the dog together, or go to the shops, that can only be one person doh
V, now come on, we have time on our hands, you must be able to come up with a way to make toilet paper reusable dunno uh oh
Luke, the trick is not crowding too closely together so that 100 in a bathroom would be a problem but at a sports day lots and lots of room?

I really really hope SA doesn't get it in significant numbers because the hospitals are overloaded already, some townships and many shanty towns have less than ideal hygiene facilities, death rates from TB and AIDS are already high so lungs are already compromised, a large portion of the population has to go to work by overcrowded taxi, and SA is going into winter when colds and flu will confuse the issue even more. Not to mention that not a lot of people have the funds to bulk-buy and stay home without income? Domestic staff coming to work by taxi to work for older people - uh, I don't think too wise. It would be horrendous. Anything the government can do to slow down or avoid the virus has to be a good thing, no matter how infuriating. And yes it is a pain in the butt already here but ... hopefully it will slow it down so that our hospitals, already at near capacity in normal times, can cope.

Keep safe bro xx
germanspitz, thanks, I reckon we're all going to have to laugh about it even though on the face of it it's not funny sigh
Z, I doubt I will ever be that bored uh oh
I think us developed countries can kind of laugh about it, we have good medical systems and laws...

However, its in the Phillipines, and will probably get into other third world Pacific nations with poor conditions, and keep the negative affects flowing.
@zmountainman No it's not funny and I get tad cross at people that make a mockery of it. At my age I can't afford to take risks so am following guide lines as best I can. Not bothered about staying put as I have a garden to potter in and a German Spitz dog for company. Glad I'm no longer living in Spain to be honest , 7 years there and came back 10 years ago. Great fun while it lasted
V, it's only day two and I'm close laugh
How are Homeless People going to "self isolate" - under a bridge, somewhere?
Pat, far as I can tell from the news reports it's all about delay, several counties have viable vaccines which have to go through trials, also some current drugs developed for other things, aids for example, are proving effective for those at death's door, so if they can hold it back long enough we may get the solution. But yes the thought of getting into communities without full medical backup doesn't bare thinking about.
I think homeless, like pensioners, are not huge taxpayers and so maybe not highly valued...

They'll be lower in the triage system.

Sad that our country's have more important things to do than care about rough sleepers. We have the same problem here and it infuriates me when they spend thousands on X'mas lights yet the homeless are ignored.very mad
Policia are constantly having to chase people off the closed beaches, one lot in a predominantly English-speaking resort spelled out "STAY AT HOME" in English in sunbeds on the sand rolling on the floor laughing

Get a bidet, wankérs!
germanspitz, yes important for anyone of a certain age or with health issues to isolate themselves regardless of the law, I can't say I'd want to be in a crowd at the moment either, just a tad hard to be told you can't see anyone, not that there's anything to see where I am, looked out this morning over my mountain and not a sole in site, so no change there laugh
Viv, schools are closing tomorrow. When this takes off here there will be no stopping it. FACT.

Busy againcrying
@patnips I resemble that remark [ old not rough sleeper.]

Sad when we categorise people .


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