Quarantine Day 9!

As my cabin fever continues to evolve, I am left with a few options: Play video games, watch YouTube videos or watch Netflix. My food supplies are still good. I haven't run out of anything yet, which is pretty spectacular. I wasn't sure if I would be able to last with the food that I bought, but I really had no problem at all. I might even have gone a biiit overboard with my cola-purchase scold. Yes, I know.. But - at least I will have until the end of summer, which is fantastic!

I decided to go for the video game approach, and boot up my PS4. Of the bazillion games I have, I decided to head to the good ol' West in Red Dead Redemption 2. I completed a few missions, until I noticed I had a bounty of 260 dollars in one county. So, I wanted to pay it off, so I could continue my journey without being pursued by lawmen and bounty hunters. I went to a station to pay off my bounty - only to realize that I only had 110 dollars. I needed to make 150 dollars before I could pay off the bounty, so I decided to look for camps to rob, houses to rob and stage coaches to steal and sell. I noticed a column of smoke in the distance, which can only mean two things: Camp or house. In this case, it was a camp. So, I approached it, only to be met with force. So, I pulled out my trusty rifle, and killed most of the people there. At one point, I accidentally hit a small container, which was full of kerosene. It spilled out onto the ground, slowly creeping towards the camp fire. It eventually got a hold of the fire, and then.. Well, you can guess.. The entire camp caught fire. After a few minutes of roaring flames, and screams from the survivors burning to death, the fire burned out.

Now, normal people would leave and report it to the law, but not me. No, Sir! I went to the camp, robbed them blind and left. I found a different camp, where I repeated the process. When I ended my session, I was sitting on a FORTUNE of... 230 dollars..

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I plan to lay some more later tonight, so that I can REALLY pay off my debt to society, and to be a free man in the ol' West once again!

My quarantine ends in 5 days. After that, it's back to work, and most importantly: No more of these daily quarantine blogs!
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I've been purging all my drawers, cabinets, closets and shelves. I have 3 large bags for a women's shelter. I'm finding wierd things to clean like the dang window sills for one and there are a ton of windows in this home.

I'll be glad to get to leave.
Rather than wasting time playing video games, have you considered learning a job skill (i.e. online), or at least reading a book ?
laugh laugh that's it keep good mood going your doing very well I must say peace
Thank god Washington has once again said misinformation about Covid-19 Was not. I want to repeat developed from the Military in the U.S.. wow
More on the Incel life later... laugh
I've been trying to keep my 5 yr old granddaughter busy until next week when her school will have something online for the students. I've made worksheets with letters, numbers, days of the week and months of the year and some easy math problems. We've done art projects and baked cookies. I'm used to having the 2 yr old around but having them both has been tiring. Now that our state has ordered a lock down my son will be home so we'll do this together. Either way, we'll make it and should be fine. They've been stocking up and we're prepared. I think the only things we still might buy a few more of are baby wipes and maybe some more pop.
Nothing major - more concerned than panicked.
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