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President Trump's Approval Ratings Soar To All Time High Amid Massive Approval Of His Crisis Mgmt.

After years of all the Russian Collusion hoaxes, the impeachment hoaxes, the law suit hoaxes, the vicious and unrelenting smears and attacks, the fake accusations and the fake media trying to rip his lungs out President Trump's approval ratings have never been higher...higher than Obama's. And his rave reviews after he has saved countless American lives from this communist Chinese biological warfare attack are sending his approval numbers through the roof.

Don't let Biden, a senile dementia patient, infiltrate the White House and destroy this country with his far left socialist crackpot agenda. We need a LEADER ... and President Trump is proving that is exactly what he is.

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Really? So we needed no further proof of the gullibility of the American people, in other words. The Chinese too believe their recent published covid19 statistics - which one is more gullible?
The Big lie is a propaganda technique and logical trick (fallacy). The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, about the use of a lie so "colossal" that no one would believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously". Hitler believed the technique was used by Jews to blame Germany's loss in World War I on German general Erich Ludendorff, who was a prominent nationalist and antisemitic political leader in the Weimar Republic.

Trump uses lies quick effectively to draw in suckers like you.
Your source is stated as "JUstin Sink" buy his real name is "Justin Shi*"!rolling on the floor laughing
So you're calling 60% of Americans "suckers."

How'd that work out for your last presidential candidate Ms. "Basket of Deporables"?

She's still recovering in the psychiatric hospital.
Your source is stated as "JUstin Sink" buy his real name is "Justin Shi*"!

You calling your man Blooberg shIt?

You could loose your communist ID card for that.

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I am indeed calling 60% of Americans wishful thinkers. Any other euphemistic words for idiots?
Mercoledì mattina è stato finalmente raggiunto un accordo sul tanto atteso pacchetto di incentivi di Washington. Il conto ammonta a $ 2 trilioni di dollari ed è pensato per alleviare gli enormi shock economici causati dalla pandemia di.applause
People approve of authority when they're scared. If you can't get the nation to fall in when it's under attack that really would show repellent you are.
show how*
People approve of authority when they're scared.

I don't see the terrified people of Communist Red China approving of authority in their country. I don't see the devastated and frightened people of socialist Venezuela approving of authority there either.
With all dictatorships there is a breaking point.
Within the US, there is a presidential election every 4 years.
Unfortunately, it's not based on majority.
Nonetheless, it is clear to most, that the dictator-wannabe's time should be up soon.
Indeed, most voted, that it should have never began.
Dungg roll eyes Don't take quiet for agreement. When people don't bother to argue with you, and you've made your position clear, they've decided you're not rational enough to bother talking to.

Since this a** has been in charge the world has gotten more and more evil every day. He is criminal and lawless and a phucking liar. Worse, he's a malignant narcissist and his version of malicious corporatism, which sees humans as mere fodder for the money making machine of the wealthy, is destroying humanity's moral compass and the world. Now the rodents are all off the money machine of the GOP donors, and said donors are freaking out. The lemmings will get back on their wheels too soon and roll right off the corona virus cliff following Trump (who remains out best proof that voodoo dolls do NOT work).grin The rats in charge will sit back behind glass in their cleaned observation cubicles while people die and are carried off in truckloads to mass cremations--because the god of capitalism must be fed.

I am betting God looked on and said, those idiot Americans are not so useful after all. They are cornered with healthcare linked to their jobs and no real raises in standard of living for 3 decades because the greedy corporatists have bought their government and yolked them all with rings in their noses--so they won't get out and swamp D.C.

And SO he sent corona virus which will ravage many--but especially those who are stupid, venal and evil enough to follow Trump. Thus, God damns the GOP.very mad Americans have a last chance to press to remove Trump and Pence by doing nothing but staying home until they resign. "Wildcat! We won't come back until our demands are met. Wall St doesn't run the world. The workers drive demand."

So, the long and the short of it is, Dungg, you should never bother to post on a blog of mine should I make one. I've really no hope anything helpful, reasoned or "good" can come of discourse with you. Kindly go back to work and die for your corporatist over lords and stay away from me.

Bravo...well said...



Dr. Boyle claims to have uncovered "Smoking Gun" evidence that Covid was bio-engineered in the Wuhan Bioweapons Lab ...



Good to see you and

Sleepy Joe's viability as a Prez candidate will depend to a large degree on his Veep pick -- Much more so than previous Prez aspirants.

Lt. Col./Sen. Duckworth would be an asset to his campaign IMO ...

One possible glitch - She was born in Thailand, which could resurrect "birther" issues.

Realistically, however, folks vote for the Prez, not the Veep.
If The Don is perceived to handle the Covid Crisis well, he'll be re-elected.

Quit with the mealy-mouthed hemming & hawing, Cal scold Tell is what's Really on your mind.


The news I looked at on line stated that a virologist did not believe this was man made...
The article explains it and made sense...CBC news article...
Okay, Mic. Sorry. I tend to trying not to have to say anything... *harsh*. But, since you mention that I've been less than utterly candid, let me be clear things up. These people only persist because it isn't legal to cull them, and so law abiding citizens are forced to tolerate their social malignance. They are a cancer.

Have a nice day! I have to leave Dungg's thread now. Aint right to come into his thread and keep insulting him so, can't answer anymore! heart wings

The operative word is BELIEVE, Lou.

It's UNPROVABLE -- either way.
Which is an attractive aspect of Bio-Weaponry -- Plausible Deniability ...


I was being tongue-in-cheek, Cal.
You'd made yourself clear ... CRYSTAL Clear!!

The info in the OP is being reported on MSM.

Attempting to discredit the POLL RRESULTS with the stale Kill The Messenger tactic, turning a name into bad word giggle & rolling around like an idiot rolling on the floor laughing makes one doing so come off as a drunken/senile old fool.
Just sayin' mumbling

Hai già notato che molti confini sono stati chiusi in Europa, e allo stesso tempo i militari sono mobilitati, al contrario, finora i rifugiati possono continuare ad entrare?conversing
I was mirroring your dry-as-a-desert-rill retort, Mic. I can't stand by idly while someone is drier than moi.

I wasn't slaying the messenger. I am aware of whence the info came. I despise Trumpism. Attempts at over stating this would fail. It has emerged because he gave permission with his lawlessness and hateful rhetoric for others who are full of the same sentiments to speak up about it. The man is an oppositionally defiant, malignant narcissist. He's bad for the whole world. Anyone who holds up his banner can expect dismissiveness or outright vitriol from me and, if more who feel as I do would grow spines and do likewise, these sick people might realize some broadened perspective. Instead, they take the peaceable ways of others as tacit agreement. Perhaps, by being so forthright, I'll encourage now and again, those of feelings similar to my own to speak up. grin

Agreed, Cal wave wave pointing handshake scold -- You did NOT!
The Messenger Murder occurred well prior to your 1st Comment.

Take THAT ...


@ CailinCallaghan

Ay Cailin.. thumbs up

Aye, Jack, Lad. I love your ginger whiskers, ye ken? wave Slainte mhor! cheers I love a man who makes music. teddybear
Aaaahahahaaaaa, Mic laugh laugh laugh They played the campaign ad 3 times! Oh man. They know just how to get under his skin! Priceless. Thanks for sharing. I needed that laugh! wave bouquet
Ding Dong your blog has turned into a laughing stock!! Not unusual hey?
Seems Rump is down eight points to Biden ,hey?
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