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HTTP Error 503.2 - Service Unavailable...

Now that millions of people are home under lockdown, it's safe to say the internet is on bandwidth overload. Many sites cannot handle the amount of increased traffic. I heard (on local radio) some streaming services (like Netflix) will be limiting/restricting their High Definition signals during peak hours.

I usually obsess on YouTube during the weekends and noticed EVERY video I clicked had an error message that required a second try to get the video to play. High bandwidth problems is suspected.

It took several tries to logon to CS this morning as I received HTTP Error 503.2 - Service Unavailable and a few errors while navigating around the site.

A friend who is a regular at the county park where we fly model aircraft said ALL the parks are now closed. One of the local flying clubs website stated local and regional parks are closed until further notice! The field video camera confirmed no cars in the lot and the airstrip is devoid of pilots.

My plan was to catch a few helicopter flights in the schoolyard, but someone told me under city lockdown I could be jailed and/or fined. No one around me for 200 yards... I promise to wear an N95 mask.

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This is your biggest problem? get a grip/
Yep sorry about the delay in logging in to CS earlier, that was caused by me blocking a backlog of scammers laugh
"This is your biggest problem? get a grip/"

Biggest problem? Naah...

I have a grip in my car. Must be in the back somewhere.

Embedded image from another site
you can always order a remote control car for indoors.
z... there could be some truth to that.
I had the new member page open and noticed an unusual amount of newbies. I was writing this blog on another page. When I finally got around to checking, about 10 of the new profiles had vanished. Scam patrol must have done a sweep!
Palm, I bought 2 mini-drones for indoors so I can compete with my granddaughter. They have an attachment to glide on the floor like a hovercraft. Right now that's on hold for a while.

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you can't play with yourself?
Not required with a wife. However, in times like these... we do wear masks for safety!

you're in your home wearing a mask?
Not sure if my my response was related to your question.

Can I fly a mini-drone indoors alone? Sure.

I have a few high-performance model helicopters that are 3 feet long and it's been a few months since I've flown due to windy weather and preparation of a house sale. That was what I really wanted to do.
Today is sunny with moderate winds and going out to the field to fly was much anticipated. the public park on lockdown changed my plans.
i don't know what to say
No mask indoors.
Having trouble with a printer, I'm considering a trip to Office Depot. They will do delivery but it I don't get a $50 rebate when I return an old printer.
Mask required for that transaction or consider is $50 savings worth going out for. A chance to consider.
Experienced the same, my asture friend, C. But never forget, in such times, HF, and especially CW, always seem to get through. ...---...
i still don't know what to say
Thankfully, I haven't had any problems with getting online here in NJ. dunno
I've noticed that a few times. I also noticed on Facebook I cannot use the 'Most recent' feature on the News Feed.
When this blows up or over...

I hope to open a local grip store...fancy art, cool lectures, non heinous jams....

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