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Dissertation topic.....

......the real reasons for the Trump surprise electoral mandate over Hilary. The Committee will please be seated. Sure, the latter was a completely unlikeable excuse for a human in Mrs. C. But---oh no, my sweet little CS Gherkins, and Professors Emeriti, the reported reasons in both political camps only hint at the truth. On the right,--- open borders-and low skilled illegals on the dole, B Hussein economy and job levels, incompetent international policy (red lines in the desert/NATO pinching), illegals killing real Americans on our roads-and similar rapes/murders, promises galore but not kept, crumbling infrastructure,---all just for starters. On the alt left,--- reactive/compulsive TD-HDS denials of all the above. Along with, various assertions on alleged racism, sexism, and lots of words ending in -phobia, ignoring the fact, as blogged many times, that deep fears of 'the other' are with us all, at evolutionary/genomic levels, in spite of so much virtue signalling to the contrary. Enter much more subtle factors, some of which relate indirectly to all the above. Donald Trump perceived the growing forces, and wisely ran with them. Central was deep anger at being thought of as dirty and stupid. Recall, bitter clingers, deplorables, irredeemables, and so on. Add to this the dismissive sneering elitism, against the Great Unwashed, day in day out, by the biased media pundits, and their editorial staff, not to mention by rich liberal media corporation owners. The near constant misuses of words like racism, as above, occasionally valid, but in general clearly inappropriate, VERY inappropriate, in signalling virtue, at first seemed curious. But over time, many decent people began to understand the shuck and jive. Ditto for the insights, that, most of the ueber leftiethink seemed to emanate from a restricted number of sources, all of which might just as well be foreign, at least to appreciative, religious, straight, hard working, patriotic lovers of America. The lock step biased media, government school and university faculty/administrations, Democrat ruled failed metro areas, East and left Coastal regions, and much more, all began to take on a familiar stench, to so many. Political scientists well recognize the phenomenon. In German, the word for it is FARTvergnuegen. And any fair observer will note that ethnic forces were also at work here, as evidenced, ceteris parabus, by the differential percentages of folks block voting for the last affirmative action POTUS. But I digress. Put quite simply, many voters began to see how their every day experiences differed from what the left was telling the world. Above all, that Trump man was incompetent---couldn't accomplish anything.This, in a variety of often subtle ways, was powerful. Voting is at least as much an emotional affair, as it is based on cognitive factors. Trump got it, and still does. So does the left, in part, as evidenced by their sacrificial "support" for Bernie and creepy-sniffy Joe. But the part about which the ueber left is clueless grows and grows. With each promise kep. With standing up to the reporters. With the excessive and inappropriate words, as above. With every ounce of fake news, often more by OMISSSION, than by COMMISSION. And so it goes. Stay tuned for November. Now, your candidate will entertain-endure questions/comments from the committee. Cash, cigars and wine for all if you pass me.

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You assert you are medically trained and hold a PhD. Yet you write stuff no human will be willing to read. I didn't, and have no idea what you were mouthing on about. Why can you not see communication is a two way thing.I am cleverer than you, I can read and write and comprehend better than you. But you need to learn how to do it too. I can try to help you. Old KISS principle for starters. Say less and more succinctly

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