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A Day @ work

As I sat down on my couch tired and exhausted sigh I still felt like I am not still home but just thanked God I am home and safe feeling not alright hug thinking of those
patients suffering from symptoms and hoping and praying tests will be negative of this COVID - 19 teddybear
Iloveu all keep safe teddybear

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We in the UK at 8 o clock will send a resounding clap for all those doing this work

I send hugs and these for you applause applause applause
teddybear stay safe YSA....we are all in this together. hug comfort
Ex hug
Thank you Very tense atmosphere at the moment. It feels like the calm before the storm. sigh
Johnny hug yes we work as one
It's just frustrating that things are not the same anymore sigh
The world got blindsided by an invisible germ. Glad you are safe, I too am taking precautions and parking my a** at home. Not so bad.
~ 2,500 new cased of Covid-19 here today in New Jersey alone. 19 new Covid-19 related deaths too.
It's not getting better yet here. I hope things are better there.
Fayhug howdy... thank God all ok with you too... we never know when this invisible virus
will end sigh just keep safe always. teddybear
Jim hug thanks for the update
In the latest world census USA is the leading infected country dunno it's scary it's not getting better sigh sigh sigh
It was a sleepless night having this stress
which made us frontliners got exhausted everyday.... cases are increasing, treatment
is not effective to some extent.... until when
we live like this sigh help with hope and prayers somehow teddybear hug
Being a healthcare professional during this time is surreal. I am used to the unknown from minute to minute. This goes way beyond the unknown. Every patient and visitor encounter is putting our lives at risk. The young and healthy staff are now falling into the immunocompromised category because of sheer exhaustion.

Arguing with visitors who may not see their loved ones. Our rooms are full of isolation patients as we scramble to try and make more rooms for them and everyone else.
Everyone is in this together. Healthcare workers need to remember that tensions are high for everyone. Everyone is fearful and tired. No one is more important than the other. We need continue to work as a team and push through this.
Family members need to remember that we are exhausted and scared. We are walking towards the people you are instructed to stay away from. Our shifts are longer and a thousand times more stressful. We don’t get off work exactly when our shift ends. We have to shower and change clothes to keep YOU safe! We have to do laundry when we get home to keep YOU safe. We toss and turn all night replaying every second of the past shift to make sure we did everything we could to treat the sick and protect our families. We carry a huge amount of fear home with us with no end in sight and the reality that this is only going to get worse. Be patient and understanding. Tell them you are thinking of them. We may not be able to respond but ask how there day was. You will never truly understand how bad it is but every little text, phone call and thank you has a huge impact and that’s what we need right now! #covid_19 #nurses #supportourmentalhealth #weareinthistogether #iamjohnshopkins #shareourrealityteddybear teddybear hug
Gone too far sigh help
Sadly, the peak is probably months away and a vaccine at least a year away. And yes, that is depressing. Two persons in their 40s who I held as newborns four decades ago are both very sick with it. One is a first responder. They live with their mom who was also my own babysitter. Hundreds of miles from me, there is nothing I can do for them but pray. Three of my favorite YouTube channels have gone dark as those YouTubers are sick and at least one may soon pass from this Earth. Yes, it is very depressing.
Dr John Campbell's channel is worth watching daily.

Also very much worth watching are the daily briefs from Medcram.

Dr. Campbell deals with the sociology of the disease and it;s numbers.
Med cram covers those but also gets into the molecular end of Covid 19 type S, the interactions with the ACE2 protein, RNA, etc.

I think the virus, in 2 weeks time, is going to hit like an A bomb in Sweden and Indonesia. Maybe also in some other countries where the government is a government in name only and there is nothing structured outside the capital.
Once the news broke a month ago that Zinc dietary supplements may be of value as a preventative when combined with D3, C and Magnesium those supplements disappeared from US store shelves even faster than did N and P 95 masks. Yes, if you can't get an N95, use a P95, duh. The problem with the 100s is that they hamper breathing and thereby restrict activity, but they do offer a higher protection level.
An N 100 is great if you are just going to read a book or watch television, but a brisk walk with them can make you dizzy from lack of air. A 95 is more generically useful.
Personally I prefer the 3m 6000 series because you can discard the filter and wash the mask, then insert a new filter for the next day. 6300 for the big boys, 6100 for most other people.

you, your work, as well as all the medical professions 'round the world, I truly appreciate and thank you all.

thumbs up
Stay safe and thank you so much for being a true champion applause applause applause

Brave lady. Much more so than I am. Glad I'm retired from hands on work, and now might do more public health---no real patient contact---. Stay safe. Keep your wits about you in every patient and other encounter. New Jersey sounds pretty rough, but Christmas Island? Prayers can help. Some evidence based findings on such.
Merc dearest hug
Vier hug

Thanks a lot you all made a difference
to make us feel better teddybear

Everyday is almost the same
atmosphere in the hospital
but we go on marching, fighting
and standing tall for people in need sigh
Stay home and keep safe all teddybear

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