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Buffoon President?

Will that be the historical finding?

Bush 2 was pretty ignorant, but is out of this current league surely.

Half of you want to vote him in again? God help us, America won't.

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I find it shocking.......that you put a question mark at the end of this blog title. laugh
No one can blame the new virus on any leader that I'm aware of. Although implications point to China.

Many lies have been spread via media and politics. When you look at the results of his policies, I don't think we have any one that's achieved so much in so little time.

I think as the demonrats keep stalling and putting more fat on the corona bill, more people will want to vote him in with more that will back his policies.

Even now, they lie about CDC cut backs when it was actually a merging of departments to cut more middle people. Now CDC emails are surfacing that may not look very good for them.

If it's about the current virus, it's all b.s. as far as I'm concerned. Even globally it's not even close to the 60.8 million that were infected with swine flu just in the U.S.

Should I apologize to you for the choices in your region where they weren't going as well? Did any of your politicians hold up and keep people's lives at risk to play politics?

We certainly have buffoon politicians. They very reason why we needed an out sider instead. I don't care about the media and political spins. It's getting easier to tell the what a real buffoon looks like and they aren't generally on the side of citizens.

I'm voting for him again, and maybe this time I'll manage to get another out sider in for the senate from my state.

Until the country was stupid enough to allow more demonrats in congress, if he is or was a buffoon; it's the best thing the U.S. has had for the last three plus years, in decades.
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Donald Trump, buffoon, demagogue and wazzock.. laugh
rolling on the floor laughing

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Too funny...laugh

thumbs up
@ loulou

I was going to post in your blog before the troll attack. I know of young women working double shifts in nursing and group homes, can't get enough people to work for such a low wage. Before all this started my daughter worked in an adult group home for $11:50/hr; that's less than McDonalds.. sigh
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Donald Trump Buffoon
mcdonalds out here pays around $8.00 an hour.
What past president actually allowed jobs growth again? What president actually took a stand to try ending and getting out of foreign wars? What president has actually managed to start actually, better securing the border? What president has actually forced renegotiations of trade deals? What president actually did a tax reform to help create and keep more jobs in the U.S.? It's not about corporate cronyism. It didn't cater to the rich. What president was actually showing a drop in government dependency instead of raising it? We haven't had that much forward movement in a very long time.

It will continue to work after the fear mongering has died down. Start up could be slow.

There's absolutely no chance of the human race going extinct from this. Unless many waste away in isolation out of fear and the rest aren't allowed to live and function.

You'd think extinction is the case after listening to media and politics. We know who the delusional are. It's generally the people not thinking or looking at results.
Just goes to show you.. wave

Depending where you work...the union jobs for care aids is over 20 dollars an hour...if it is can be less money and no extra benefits...

I guess this is a wake up call for those who think that healthcare is not a right...and people deserve a proper wage...caring for people is important...
We know who the delusional are when he says 'I get this stuff, I'm good at this, the doctors are in awe how fast I get this'. I mean, I get it, Donald Trump is just an unbelievably big dumb, fat, egotistical azz clown.. comfort

Nothing he says is truthful...just a clown trying to be a man...why Putin loves him...and cannot stand Hillary...she is way too intelligent...he knows it...
@Draegoneer - with all due respect, you puzzle me. You seem like a very nice guy. Some of what is said about Trump, may seem a bit over the top at times. But when you defend him, - is it him, or is it that you dislike democrats ? I am not fond of politics, but we need a working society and system. I honestly can not see that Trump has done much good at all. That the economy has been good, is not directly due to his actions. Markets have reacted positive, but I would not credit it to any particular action by Trump. He has played on the notion that they have been out to get him, from day one - impeachment and all that. But for sure, he has really crossed the line many times. Simply unacceptable behavior. To a degree, I can perhaps understand that someone could interpret part of it as just a political fight, but - in my view - his behaviour is not compatible with the office. I wonder if you detest democrats, or if you truly think that Trump is great. So, I am puzzled.
you're in Norway. why should you care what D's motives are?
It is because of trump. With out deregulation, jobs growth wouldn't be possible. More people wouldn't be able to work like it was before. Actual government dependency numbers wouldn't be able to drop but only rise.

People have to have opportunity. The larger the population, the more opportunity is needed. No country does well with out an economy.

Re-doing the tax brackets made the country more compatible for jobs growth.

Educational resources are there. Government and often employer endorsed for larger corporations. It doesn't do much good if the jobs aren't there.

We want to be out of foreign wars. It's been winding down pretty good over all. This current virus might help take some fight out even further.

We were losing about $500 billion dollars annually on trade. It might take a while to see how the new deals work out so it was needed.

The border being slowly more secured will help with many things. At the present you don't hear any one screaming about open borders for starters. Every country is entitled and should enforce their immigration policies. People don't seem to realize in the U.S., that congress made those laws.

We have some one that campaigned on age long promises. The sad thing is, as he delivers, every one hates him. It's not about his policies most of the time as it is the continual character attacks.

No, Bill clinton was the last demonrat I voted for. I was still in the service and on deployment then. I will never again, after 2009-2016, ever vote that party again. Double, and triple standards isn't something I can stand on.

Positive results working for the larger population and improving, is something I can stand on.
we shouldn't have to defend ourselves for the choices we make. get over yourselves
Yeah I know Loulou, there may be some home based daycare making that. I don't think many here in group homes and child care facilities are making $20/hr, even long time employees. They've been trying to organize those workers in Minnesota, not so easy with smaller groups of employees.....

It's even tough sometimes to get an honest deal at the bargaining table for a small group. I was a union steward on the bargaining committee for a thirty five member unit for almost twenty five years. I know why unions are necessary dealing with corporate greed. Even so, the company was sold and long time workers were bought out per contract. Once they were gone, low seniority were pushed to the limit until they quit, and contract and temp workers filled the positions..

P and D may wonder why phone and data networks in this country are so f-ed up these days for so long sometimes? People doing work I did throughout the telecommunications industry are now lower paid, many are independent contractors and rent-a-techs, also independent contractors filling in when they have emergencies or can't get enough regular contract workers to maintain the network. Unfortunately with loopholes in laws, many corporations now use independent contractors and temp agencies to absolve themselves of employee responsibilities, and simply let employees go every ninety days and rehire or replace with another temp..

Why it is important to keep healthcare from being in a for profit industry...the money people will save if the government interests are for the people...not corporations...but sadly the gap in income has widened...

Trying to highlight poverty has become rather nasty...regarding my it shows that some are uncomfortable with the seems that they are wishful thinking...hanging their hopes on a buffoon and making excuses...

The unions are responsible for making life better for folks...the corporations have no stomach for the takes a responsible government to keep things fair and transparent...
I have many more adjectives to describe that buffoon. devil
Exponential Threat


Ya but I was trying to keep it lite...laugh


Play that a few times...perhaps they will wake up...roll eyes
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Too funny...laughing my a** off...laugh

I'm lower paid than I was from 2008. Still a 31% pay cut. That was going from a non-union shop hit by the recession to a union shop for the last ten years or so.

Those people at that shop now still don't make what it used to pay. That's what happens when job markets aren't there and employees have to compete for jobs instead of employers competing to keep employees.
@ Loulou
Why it is important to keep healthcare from being in a for profit industry...the money people will save if the government interests are for the people...not corporations...but sadly the gap in income has widened...

It is absolutely corrupt the way it is, insurance corporations employ paper pushers to deny claims and executives get bonuses for not caring for patients. One CEO in Minnesota getting over 100MIL/yr in pay and stock options, tried to explain it away proclaiming his philosophical endeavors supporting the Chamber Orchestra, Opera, Theater, Museums, places most of his customer base can never even afford to attend.

Sad but is a cutthroat business...profits before should be illegal but if your goal is wealth...perfect...

I am in awe of people who live hand to mouth but tout the greatness of capitalism...

@ Draegoneer
I'm lower paid than I was from 2008. Still a 31% pay cut. That was going from a non-union shop hit by the recession to a union shop for the last ten years or so.

Yeah most all wages for plebs have been cut in recent years. But you seem satisfied with that? You speak of a recession as if it's an act of god, rather than greed, for Christ's sake, no pun intended. You may be a recession away from losing another job. I think there could be more opportunity if there weren't so much profit taking from the top before anything gets a chance to trickle down.
i see we're still lecturing
@ Loulou

My daughter has 2 AS degrees, lost a 12.50/hr job just before the holidays, now going back for welding, as a woman on a full scholarship, she was just lucky there was one left. My son-in-law, a vet, works maintenance at McDonalds for $12/hr. Still working, someone has to make food for emergency workers, truckers and anyone else with a reason not to be making food at home right now, bless their hearts.. hug

And some people that don't have anything at home because they don't know how to cook. What are they going to do?

@ Palmfrond
i see we're still lecturing

What's your point? Seems to me you didn't want to talk with me when you were in Minnesota, and just to say, I was looking for a place up north.. wink
i was probably talking to a guy in NJ when i was in MN. my point is, does anyone know a different tune?
Excuses, excuses.. lol.. Yeah I heard you liked bad boys?
you heard? through the grapevine?
May be heard isn't the word. But, I might be a poet! Who knows? Anyway, let's just say I notice your clear articulation every once in a blue moon, and it attracts the bad boys, you seem to like. What do I know.. laugh
@Palmfrond - "you're in Norway. why should you care what D's motives are?"

A difficult question - but Draegoneer was nice enough to do that. But implicit, it questions my motives as well. And that is a hard one. I have been in a kind of exile. Came to Norway in my childhood before I had a say. I wondered if I should break up and cross the "pond" recently when I had a chance. It's an emotional thing. To be neither here or there, try to grasp the changes and moods of "your people", is difficult.

@Draegoneer - thank you.
Minimum Wage Slaves, with no hope of getting off the bottom rung of the ladder, short of a lottery win. No wonder that drugs are attractive to so many.
My ears burn listening to Trump and I can't stand it. When he begins speaking after Ari laid out the facts, I admit I skipped to 24:00 for press questions. Even then it's like fingernails on a blackboard, Trump's notes must be just random words, because he never says anything. They cut him off at the end of the clip as he repeats himself yet again.. yawn

The Beat with Ari Melber 3/27/20 | Ari Melber MSNBC News March 27, 2020

The greatest response to the worst disaster, in history; what a buffoon we have for president. Makes me miss Reagan.. sigh
Right bohemianjack - may wonder if he has made some private dealings with the virus confused
At one point, I did wonder if he would rise to the occasion, but his next sentence was a nose dive. God help us.

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