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Feeling depressed because of Covid-19?

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OR read a good book, watch the sad news on deaths and think yourself lucky you are not in one of those lists.

Keep fit programme at home, follow it on u-tube send for a vid to follow.

Maybe volunteer to ring someone every day for a chat, a lot of lonely people out there.

U-tube has everything if you want to learn new hobby.

Also allow yourself to get depressed it is natural in these times and learn how to crawl out of it, it will stand in good stead for any future depressions.

Stay safe teddybear
What a 'great' idea ! Coronavirus attacks the lungs making it harder to breathe. Deaths occur as multiple organs are robbed of sufficient oxygen. So, why not choke off oxygen more rapidly with smoke ? crazy
Jim thumbs up firzakely
Why is New Jersey is keeping its pot stores open Jim.
Marijuana could be a benefit to your breathing system, it works well for some asmatics..
Don't know how well it will work for depression, cocaine, meth or speed is more of a upper drug than pot..
Why does any store keep it's doors open S ? Think hard about it. grin
didn't you have a blog calling Californians a bunch of fruits and nuts for keeping dispensaries open?
I can tell you have a hard time differentiating between someone is joking or being serious. I was actually making light of the fact that the governor called it an essential business. If it's essential why is it illegal under US law, and still illegal in some states? I wish I could take credit for that line about California being the land of fruits and nuts, but alas, it's already widely in use. I personally don't care if people smoke pot or not. If it helps someone who is depressed keep from jumping off a ledge or from taking a gun and blowing their brains then let them smoke, by all means.

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