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Perspective on spread of corona virus

Deleted from another blog by someone a little thin-skinned who seemingly feels threatened by people getting to see truth for themselves

Watch the video and add a comment if you like

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This video was missleading and was a dangerous spectacle for reference. Go hug your democracy, was the real message, Pelosi tried to felicitate her demise in china town.

Propaganda in the fate of Conspiracy with delusional perceived events...
OP video had another reference to another wack job, stating subways were safe. Now Commissioner Oxiris Barbot,

Embedded image from another site

Coronavirus inflammatory syndrome is causing heart and kidney failure in some NYC kids: 11.05.2020 Coronavirus inflammatory syndrome in children is causing heart and kidney failure, New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot said ...

This is concerning information PLEASE READ THIS ARICLE
But you delete all my comments. laugh
Those videos just make no sense.
There is no rhyme or reason in what the media is telling us.
They just want to confuse us!!! grin
Someone believes when Dr. Oxiris Barbot, then New York City commissioner of health, told the public there was no need to take common sense steps to avoid COVID (eg, avoiding crowds), it began the snowball of stupid advice by health pros, none of whom have been held accountable.

This Video has no Author which is most deceptive.

Click on
Dr. Oxiris Barbot, in this video link here it goes is beyond believing!!!!!
The truth is Covid kills.

Whether you accept this or not is up to you as an individual.

Just lost someone who contracted Covid ,hospitalised and had their ventilator switched off after 3 weeks.crying

I'd rather play safe than be sorry.sigh
Last night over fish n Chips in Kingsburg CA...
...I let the bobcat out of his large refrigerator box.

McBob-- just like Tom Hanks & D J Trump- contacted and suffered through the Covert Infectious disease for a period of 6 July 2020.
Here's the kicker-- at the time, I thought it was food poisoning. Kick 2.} It coincided with 111 °F temp. in Fresno & radioactive smoke from yonder Forest Fire
And kick 3.} I had NO option other than go and service my pools ...or lose them...Nothing messes up a body of pooled h20 quite like heat + radioactive Ash.
No, I'm not making up a story...I actually thought about diving into one pool on day 2 of the agony & not coming back up.
You think working at 63 yrs. With the flu is bad ? Add 111 degrees add thick thick smoke.
Nevertheless on day 6...I'm walking off the job & feeling like death....then I fall to the ground & heave up what little was in the stomach...
As I got back up & left the yard...get to the car, consume large iced tea w/ lemon...
Within the hour eYe said hasta la Vista to Corona ..
....kick 4.) Your reporter had a flu at least 3x worse than the one described above at age 50...and I kicked that thing in the a** by fasting, praying, and the drinking of water.
I'm sorry to hear of your loss, Tiger.

My daughter's postie died from covid and that was enough to get half the village in a tailspin. He was one of nicest fella's on the planet.

It must be really hard to lose someone you're close from this virus.
@ Jacwave

Losing anyone to this crippling virus or any other illness for that matter is sad. I just get angry when people compare it with flu, which I've had and was really ill with in the past, but nothing compares to one's lungs shutting down and other vital organs also.

We had no mail for almost 2 weeks due to our posties in isolation, but very sad when a respected member of the community passes.hug
Thanks Chancer, I watched the video and got the message loud and clear.
The hypocrisy of calling it anything more than another flu, as we historically used to call them
doesn't suit those who mandate the excessive
and experimental new normal precautions
and then exempt themselves from them.

As their human experimention continues I reflect
on the natural and logical necessity to know how to
advocate for your medical needs and the legal
right to privacy in these matters.

Heading out! Have a good morning!
An Indian called covid the "invisible terrorist " , I like that . Toll nearly 60000 US dead , close to Ab Lincoln war . Will be a million or close to it come Christmas . Cuomo has 15000 spare dead , he won't be the only one . Take the needle or not , its a choice at this point . I'll be making sure I'm last in the queue , being a UN lab rat does not fit , being dead not a fit either . Quandary me thinks .
pointing excellent article

Easy enough to follow for the most part. The writer delves into the various claims and theories, and while it's not possible (for now at least) to say with absolute certainty that the virus came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology - analysis of a combination of factors would strongly suggest that it did. A long read, but worth it I think.
Think humans made it, dosnt feel God-like. Antidote (vax) unf of same caliber, but I must take it as c19 is umbearable for my body I'm pretty sure.

wave Hey! I just read an article that encouraged people to ask others if they have been vacxed, according to the writer, because you have a purpose in knowing it.
.They could not define what that purpose serves though the peer pressure is encouraged once again under the guise of transparency on everyone else's part.thumbs down

Pretty much BS because the results are the same distancing and masks,nothing new except the right to medical privacy is not accepted in their reasoning.
Excerpt from one of the book published by high ranking Freemason member's confession:

From 53 pages document of Rockefeller Foundation in May 2010, 'The Global Business Network':

"During the pandemic, National leaders around the world flexed their authority and imposed airtight rules and restrictions, from mandatory wearing of face masks to body-temperature-checks at the entries to communal spaces like train stations and supermarkets. Even after pandemic faded, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified.".....................................................

"The years 2010 to 2020 were dubbed the 'doom decade' for good reason,"

You will notice that this pandemic was preplanned by NWO illuminati in advance and executed as planned by the target year 2020. The plan also stated killing of 20 % of population.
This was / is an experimental pandemic to see how well we cope with a more deadly one or will we screw it up. We are failing the test and the real one is probably on the way. Coordination with everyone on the same page and no BS is the only way to survive the one coming. No air traffic, no cruise ships to different ports of call, etc. once it arrives.

That said, my personal suspicion is those intentionally not getting the vaccine are making personal decisions as is their right, however decisions always have consequences and the consequence for that choice is most of those not being vaccinated will probably be dead of one variant or another of Covid19 within the coming decade. Ce La Vie.
But you wouldn't rather die than pass that test? Why would you live on imprisoned by these officials who tried to murder you? What could you expect except for people to go terrorist as they will. The officials despise you, try to murder you.
They're worse than the Nazis if this pandemic was unleashed by design or experiment. But if you believe that's true, why practice obedience?

The saving grace is that this all could happen by accident. Those in power don't know what they're doing but they are not typically a serial killer.
Anything worse than an accident and we should talk seriously about whether we would have joined the French resistance in world war two or at the very least dodged the draft for Vietnam. Resist these brutal authorities and their missions to murder.
Chancer I posted a blog in the humor section with that tweet and the blog was removed within 24 hours.confused
@bigjb62 i dunno i didn't see it myself though i'm certainly aware of the great blog purge of 2021 after Dear Leader Biden was certified as having won laugh
The shorted shortsightedness of the mods is unfortunate for they know not what they do.(or do they?) It's sad when a person can't even make a harmless blog that is also humorous without being censored. But that's why I spend time online where people are only censored if they're using profanity or posting inappropriate images.
My takeout from this blog is that 1 in 5 of us will die from the sniffles caused by an intentional accident .

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