I really think this needs to be posted

An address to the people of the UK, but i think the sentiment is universal

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She hasn't stated anything we dont know already or use our common sense to realise.
Good man you are chancer thumbs up
meant to watch it earlier but I was caught up elsewhere ...
Tah for posting wine

How do Dee, long time wave
It's a rare occasion for E.R to make a speech to the nation. and appreciated by many I expect.

How are things at home Chancer? Bet the pup is growing.hug
Hey Itchywave

Hope all is well.
Well, that was rather WWII.

Or maybe WWIII isn't how we imagined it in the 80's.

I was quite moved by that wee, old biddy's words.

I miss my grandchildren horribly.
c-r - I agree with you.

Now, THAT'S how you talk, well spoken to the nation with humble resolve, thanks to all, with no bashing and much reassurance, with no bragging of self, nor false promises, nor slurring of words, nor bashing of others, nor contradicting medical & research personnel.
At 93 she still gets it and can deliver it, as being a good leader.
Bravo !
Dear God Jim you couldn't RESIST trying to bring Trump into it doh He lives rent-free in your brain doh


@germanspitz all is well with the pup she's mad as a box of frogs but we love her we'll have to bring her out for real walks soon we're just getting her used to wearing the lead the last few days in the back garden how's things with yourself? wave
Soon Jim she will be 94, she has a birthday coming up.....
and yes, I agree she gave a rather good speech handshake

I like and respect the Queen bowing
I would´ve bought a turkey and some sprouts if I knew the Queens speech was on
Chancer, your comment is the only thing that made me laugh today
Jim's is a fair comment.

I'm rather ambivalent about our royal family, but the contrast in dignity and prose is rather stark.

Just a touch of the acidic in the "I hope you can be proud..." comment, but alongside a recognition that staying at home is a contribution.

Such a British/German mix of culture. laugh
I'm sure the Queen would have been thrilled with you meat and two veg.
I didn't mention Trump on this blog prior to now. You did. grin
Oh, but how we knew exactly who you were talking about. laugh
Poor Boris was Hospitalized 40mins ago ....

Well that's me going to bed on a sad note tonight sad

The last thing we need is for that muppet of a Prime Minister to have anything, but mild symptoms.

If Donald Trump, or Xi Jinping had a hefty dose it might create positive change, not that I'd wish for anyone to have a hard time, but this is about the survival of so many.

I'd gladly see a few temporarily out of action if it meant the survival of many.
Good. I was talking about the queen, and what she did & didn't say. grin
Chancer, in a rare moment of courage deleted my post . No mind I can blog the Queen's noble address and Trumps idiotic "I expect everyone back to work by Easter or else" myself.
All. Yep, the sometimes compulsive powers of the Trump Derangement-Hilary Deficit Syndromes, especially the sad stage four metastatic cases, is here for all to see. Ipso facto LOCO-quitor. Chancer is hip. But yep, her Royal Highness is of all the right stuff, a total class act, and provides one of the few remaining examples of the importance of the Monarchy. But many of the subsequent generations have squandered it. Good thing these useless and expensive clowns were not the Royals when Mr. Hitler was at the door.
Ah bless you Jac, you're all heart comfort

Unless you want others to know dunno

Steady on, you're halo is showing innocent


very happy
Afternoon Chancerwave

Bet you are having fun with the dog and it will hopefully keep Mum and Dad from getting too stressed. Hope all still good for you at work and everyone is keeping safe.

Cherie is or thinks she is back to normal and ready to run about but I keep her on the lead in the garden so that I have control or she'd take off and undo her recent surgery.

I did a rally round the neighbours Saturday as we are all bored and wanting to get into our gardens so rang up the local garden centre and ordered some plants etc to be delivered so it should keep me busy and trying to act normal for a few more weeks. Putting a notice on my gate reading General Stores as I also shop groceries on line for those in dire straits. Keeps me busy if nothing else.laugh

Take care.hug
My reasoning is pragmatic, Itchy.

Our Boris is a muppet, but a muppet who is managing the virus in this country reasonably well.

Our politicians are working together and they are accepting advice. The new Labour leader, Keir Starmer presented a public address stating that challenges will not be about political point scoring, but in the best interests of supporting the conservative government and UK citizens - a second pair of eyes watching is a useful tool and debate a functional process in reaching a shared goal.

If Boris has a mild dose and recovers, it will not only be less disruptive to the process of management, but it will be good for morale. We seem to be going into WWII mode here in the UK and morale is a big part of British culture in times of crisis.

I don't know much about Xi Jinping other than, like Donald Trump, self-interest appears to override the needs of others. As someone said to me recently, Trump behaving with empathy is like a dog spreading it's wings and flying - neither have the necessary equipment. There is more than a possibility that Xi Jinping is likewise deficient because of psychological patterns typically seen as people progress to, gain and maintain power.

Having a mild dose is not going leave either of those two feeling empathy towards the citizens of their countries. They are both behaving in a disruptive manner already, so the disruption caused by their absence will have less of an impact. Either of them being unhindered is likely to cause more of a problem in the long run and cost countless lives.

It's not about wishing them ill, it's about wishing that thousands of others don't get ill.
A new labour leader has no self interest? I dont know who he is or whatever, but I garantee he has exactly the same self interest as any other. Probably just more likely to run out of other peoples money to spend.
I didn't say the new Labour leader had no self-interest, I said Xi Jinping and Donald Trump appear to be putting their own self-interests before the citizens of their country.

Who was it who said if viruses were really clever, they'd function symbiotically with their host, rather than killing it? It might have been Jim.
indeed, confirmation he would actually be not much different with regards self interest... Ditto the alternatives for Xi or Don.
Our Queen is a peoples person, no matter where from or whatever, she has never differentiated in the word (PEOPLE) and her words meant for all. She is a remarkable women, no matter who comes after her they will never match her. applause applause applause
I agree Red, nobody on the horizon can fill those shoes.
thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up teddybear

stay safe pat
She addressed the nation with her sister in 1940! 80 years ago. 5 years before the two atom bombs and then me burst upon the world in August 1945. I vaguely recall her tour of Australia in 1952 when we as 1st or 2nd grade students lined the streets of Sydney to wave paper flags
@ Fargo.

Her Majesty has made 4 other personal messages to the Nation since that day

The Gulf War 1991
Death of Princess Diana 1997
Death of her Mother 2002
Her Diamond Jubilee 2012

This last one make the 5th. It is rare for her to speak to the Nation apart from Christmas messages.
I think you're interrupting a good story. She made an address 5 years before a completely unrelated event of world significance...
Democracy is all very well and good, but it's weak and it's decadent and it needs a strong leader. Anybody we elect is going to have the attention span of about 10 minutes but unfortunately life will be terrible for months. Nigh is the time to live in that sense of history and destiny.
In 1940 she was assuring other youngsters that they'd be reunited with families soon. WW2 ended 5 years later. uh oh

Good speech - she has been the fixed symbol of the country for such a very long time.
I think you're also interrupting a good story, she promised youngsters...lets just leave it at that.

I am very much pro-Queen, I think she does a great job. But lets not try to rewrite history.It went how it went.


You in a bad mood moping

How can adding to the comments regards the fact that she rarely makes speeches be distracting. It's called informative conversation.handshake
Jac I don't talk/debate or argue politics, risk becoming like some members around here uh oh
a big fat massive no THANK YOU.

To a point I do understand what you were meaning ...
unless its on your own doorstep, some people just know or have a clue, that aside ... one life V's thousands, I hear you, but the people having to pick up the pieces after that one life being lost, may think very different.

I believe Boris at this hour is now extremely ill....

I for one will be praying Boris pulls throughs ....

If I don't get to see those smiling eyes of his dance again... Sad is what I will be crying
CelticRose we are dealing with an invisible enemy, i 100% agree with you

we combat this together
doh doh How do Red wave

At the end of the day Chancer, he's just a person like us all handshake

Being a leader tackling this frustrated frustrated frustrated
wouldn't do it for all the money in the world.

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