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But Seriously --
At least it's comin' out BEFORE he's Prez so he can go straight to prison without having to get impeached ... smile

Assuming he's fit to stand trial despite exhibiting symptoms of dementia confused
of course

'Bout now is when a certain TDS afflicted prolific blogger/commenter asserts that a demented séx offender is better than the Officially Worst Prez EVERRR ... cheering

'Course, said blogger/commenter would assert the same 'bout Ed Gein ... thumbs up
blah blah blah

You know you are hitting a nerve when the TDS asylum patients mock your posts with copycat harassment posts ... even when they are cluless 10th string blogging losers like the ones on this site. wink
doubt the Guy even knows who or where he is!
Right you are, Conrad ...

Seriously --
It's no laughing matter. It's pitiful.

He should NOT be running for Prez.
He's unwell -- afflicted with a chronic & debilitating condition ... sad flower

He's unwell -- afflicted with a chronic & debilitating condition ...

You get the candidates you deserve.

doubt the Guy even knows who or where he is!

Clearly if the guy went to court on the s*xual assault charges he would plead dementia.

Legally - and rightfully - so.
His ability to understand the charges/proceedings would raise legitimate questions of whether he should be charged/stand trial.

It also raises legitimate questions of his fitness for POTUS. Obviously!

I say this is bollocks .
The dementia and delusions are right here in this blog. No question about it. Time to check your meds guys! rolling on the floor laughing
Sooo ...
What are the takeaways from Ms. Reade's allegations? ... confused

1) Joe's run for Prez is Alive & Well ... banana

2) The Leftie/Progressive standard of "Believe All Women" is DOA ... violin

3) The disparity of reaction to similar allegations against Kavanaugh & Biden reveal mind-bogglingly blatant hypocrisy among Lefties, 'Crats & their lapdog Media ...
Believe All Women will Never Again be taken seriously.
It's been sacrificed on the altar of Creepy Joe's Prez Run.

Also -- THE go-to mud hole for 'Crat/Leftie mudslinging ammo has dried up.
Whenever they bring up "The Don/(Name the 'Publican) is misogynist" they'll get "What 'bout Biden/Reade" payback -- with a generous amount of "You're a bunch of damned hypocrites" interest ... devil

The takeaway from my previous comment ...

You're reading a blog on a singles site for adults.
You cannot click on a link such as ...
... because it contains the word "séxual" giggle ... blushing

doh Good Grief!!

This makes much the same points as The Hill link in my comments above roll eyes

... but does NOT scold include the word "SÉXUAL" giggle ... blushing so y'all can actually click on the link.

SO THERE ... tongue

thumbs up, troll Fester!

The informed, insightful & pithy commentary we've come to expect.
confused blah blah

Joe had specially made masks so he can keep on sniffing girls.

Embedded image from another site

Good one Willy! thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up

Embedded image from another site
Creepy joe ticks none of the Lefts boxes…He’s white…He’s male…He’s rich and not gay either
What they should really be looking for is a poor black lesbian woman…I suspect Killary might turn up at some point and Creepy Joe will pull out

It is very possible Creepy Joe has sexually abused women…cause plenty of evidence of him touching women and girls on camera…so it’s not a stretch to think he is very capable of abuse
What they should really be looking for is a poor black lesbian woman

Exactly what they are looking for for VP. After all, Biden himself said that at his age (older than the oldest president in history even at the time that president LEFT office), he probably isn't going to finish out his term.

I think it's pretty obvious Biden is just days away from checking into the dementia farm. He'll be lucky if he can stay out of the institutional life long enough to make it to November.

But if Biden gets in they just might get their poor black lesbian woman in office.
Creepy joe ticks none of the Lefts boxes

of course not , he does not need to win those votes , he has them . It's Trump supporters he must win . Being a puzzy grabber of adults won't harm him , of children its a very different matter .
Embedded image from another site
/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ Just before the guy on the left stuck a shiv in him.
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