The Justice Phase

Indictments are expected to drop soon re. the illegal targeting and spying(and subsequent Special Counsel) of the Trump campaign.

There's many candidates for who will be indicted, but who do you think will be the 1st?

My guess is Joe Pientka
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This is wonderful news. Clapper has been acting very nervous lately. Comey too.
I still think John Brennan was the one most involved in pushing it all. Using his contacts abroad to try and frame members of the Trump campaign. But i think someone less known will be the 1st to be indicted.
This is going all the way to Obama. popcorn
Obama was obviously well briefed on the matter. To 'okay' the spying of an opposition party presidential campaign(indeed ANY presidential campaign) is unprecedented and Obama will absolutely have to answer for that. There was a bunch of them in it though. Brennan, Comey, Clapper, McCabe and members of the Obama Admin. And of course Hillary Clinton who was paying the British spy Steele to fabricate the garbage dossier(replete with Russian disinformation, ironically).
This goes well beyond spying on a campaign. These guys are guilty of a coup to try and take out a duly elected president of the United States. Barr recently said as much. They must have the goods on these criminals or he wouldn't have said it.
Well initially it was a dirty tricks campaign by the Clinton campaign to try and smear and malign the Trump campaign prior to the election. Which is bad enough. That heads of intelligence agencies were involved to illegally spy on American citizens is worse. But i think worst of all is that once Trump WAS elected, that the same bad actors continued the lies and tried to have Trump removed from office. Based on THEIR illegal activity. It's astonishing. But i believe there will be accountability.
Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. professor
I was actually thinking Bill Priestap to be the 1st to be indicted. But we'll see. Pientka is a possibility too. Many involved. I wonder who's been talking. The hammer is going to drop soon.
Rumor has it that General Michael Flynn will be fully exonerated this week. He was targeted at the earliest stages by rogue elements at FBI(Comey, McCabe etc.) and his call transcript with his Russian counterpart was illegally leaked to the media in the midst of the McCarthyite Russiagate hysteria after Trump won the November election. It was a standard call Flynn made (as well as calls to many other countries) during the transition period in order to prepare for when the new administration took office. The FBI, with no justification for doing so, interviewed Flynn, and Flynn, naively agreed to be interviewed. He trusted the FBI. But they weren't friendly. They wanted to take him down. They resented how he had helped Trump get elected and they resented his foreign policy stance. So they grilled him for hours and managed to catch him in a perjury trap. The FBI agents who had been tasked to interview him - it subsequently came out - didn't believe he had intentionally lied about anything - but the scumbags at the top - Comey/McCabe at all - didn't care. They had him in their sights. They threatened him with a lengthy sentence. They threatened to investigate his son. Astonishingly, Flynn's legal counsel advised him to plead guilty - in order to avoid a longer sentence according to them, and to spare his son from being investigated. Flynn(i guess naively again) agreed to do so. What has followed has been an absolute shít show with the DOJ and FBI hiding Brady material which showed the prosecutorial misconduct that occurred around a case that never should have been brought against Flynn. Personally i think his lawyers were party to the misconduct (basically working for the rogue prosecutors and scum at the top of the FBI). It's unfathomable how bad they treated their client. But hopefully this exoneration will be the start of things being put straight. Flynn certainly wasn't the only one targeted by these scumbags. May justice be brought upon them all.
Fantastic video outlining the latest updates on the Flynn situation and how it ties in with the illegal and manufactured Russian collusion búllshít narrative. Aaron and Jimmy are two progressives. It's refreshing to see people fight for truth regardless of political ideology:

daydream Yep. I surely do recall Tom Lerher's Vatican Rag, Fargo!

Remember his Werner von Braun Song?
The one where Tom makes fun of how easily von Braun switched sides from Nazi to Murkun?
And then he went on to speculate 'bout switches in Werner's future?

@ 1:25 -- "'In German & English I can count down -- now I'm learning Chinese,' sez Werner von Braun!" hole

That was back before the ChiComs acquired the wherewithal to become a menace to Global Civilization & had Confucius Institute apparatchiks spreading bullshit propaganda to PC numbskulls.

They were more concerned with growing taters & turning 'em into noodles ... wink

Sounds like shifty Schiff is sweating bullets. Bout damn time for this to be released. applause
Schiff is about to hit the fan. The Minister of Disinformation himself is about to be exposed as the fraud and traitor he is for everybody to see
It’s official. The Justice Department is dropping the criminal case against Flynn
Now, I really want to see the "Schiff" hit the fan!
Charges being dropped against Flynn is a good start. But justice has to be brought to all who perpetrated this elaborate hoax during the last 4 years.
Slowly but surely the communist plot is being undone . Pity it is the US tax payer who will pay Flynn compensation rather than the filth who set him up .
Now that charges have been dropped on Gen. Flynn, how about Flynn for the next F.B.I. director? Wouldn't that create a shitstorm in Washington?
Finally, General Michael Flynn has been vindicated. The last desperate throes of the Deep State failed and he is finally a free man. God willing this is just the beginning of the liars, schemers and frauds being brought to justice. The attempt to frame the Trump campaign via coordinated spying failed. The attempt to overthrow Trump once he got elected failed. And now the attempt to frame Michael Flynn failed. He is a free man and he will be able to speak. None of this should ever have happened. But power hungry people, weak of mind and heart, interfered, schemed and did everything they could to take down a political newcomer who had the balls to call out the entrenched corrupt elements of Washington, and promised change. They have attacked him, attacked everyone around him. Such sad individuals. But no doubt guilty of many crimes too. I pray for justice.
Background on the 'primary sub source' who was used by Christopher Steele to traffic ridiculous claims about Trump in the infamous Steele Dossier. Clue: he didn't know shít and he was just another player in the disinformation campaign played out by Steele and others(and funded by Hillary Clinton) to try and hurt Trump. The bigger scandal of course is that the FBI - who interviewed him and many others - did nothing in the face of the various red flags and indeed used the bogus dossier to obtain FISA spy warrants to spy on members of the Trump campaign. The Mueller Special Counsel was of course the next stage in the hoax. Let's hope Durham wraps up his investigation soon and people are held accountable for what they did:

Dan Bongino sums up perfectly the dirty tricks operation carried out at the behest of the Clinton campaign and laundered through a corrupted FBI via foreign spy Christopher Steele. There simply has to be criminal indictments for this. This is the biggest and most far-reaching political scandal in history. And Christopher Steele absolutely must be extradited.

(see video)
Great article by the inimitable Mollie Hemingway, who explains the misinformation operation - funded by Hillary Clinton - and laundered by Christopher Steele with the help of corrupt intelligence agency officials, and journalists who were at best 'useful idiots', or at worst criminally complicit. Make your own mind up:

Here we go. First guilty plea expected shortly from ex FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith who altered communications relating to Carter Page's work for the CIA (Page had helped take down a number of Russians). Clinesmith altered the communications to say Page had NOT worked with the CIA. Page was illegally spied on by the corrupted Comey FBI in order to to sow the seeds of a 'Russia Collusion' narrative in the press(who the FBI repeatedly leaked to) and in politics. There was never any just predicate for a spy warrant. So exculpatory evidence was fraudulently omitted, and the spy warrant relied largely on the since debunked 'Steele Dossier' - which was in fact a series of made up nonsense by ex MI6 British spy Christopher Steele (who was paid by Hillary Clinton to produce this garbage document). Biggest scandal in American political history. Hopefully this is the first of many to come. There was a bunch of them in it.

Clinesmith was also a member of the fraudulent Special Counsel (which was a key component to continuing the hoax - since the Special Counsel effectively hijacked the Department of Justice for a full 2 years).

He famously texted 'Vive la Resistance!' shortly after Trump's victory in 2016.

Looks like soon it may be a case for him of 'Vive la jail term'

Just have to wait and see now if he's cooperating with prosecutors in order to get a reduced sentence

Grab your popcorn, folks.

Embedded image from another site

"Durham Plea deal for former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith opens the door to his cooperation with Durham probe. His decision to alter the CIA email meant the FISA court was never told about Carter Page’s work to support CIA on Russia and it allowed the 2017 surveillance to continue...

Part of Carter Page’s statement to CBS News:
“After several years, Kevin Clinesmith is finally being held accountable and pleading guilty to committing a felony for his involvement in the plot to falsely portray me and by implication the Trump Administration as traitors. Clinesmith, his organization and their associates put my very life at risk, leading to abusive calls and death threats because of my personal opinions and support for President Trump. There is a long way to go on the road to restoring justice..but certainly a good first step has now been taken."

Brilliant twitter thread from Brian Cates showing how members of the Mueller team could be in DEEP trouble:

Former and Fired FBI Director Comey Is In Big Trouble – He Knew Carter Page Worked for the CIA But Signed Bogus FISA Warrants Anyway
Right: so Clinesmith has officially pled guilty today. The charge ascribed was a lesser one than it could have been (though it still could mean 5 years in jail) - which would indicate that Clinesmith has been cooperating (perhaps for some time) with Barr and Durham. More to come I'd imagine.
Well well well

Newly released records show over a dozen phones belonging to investigators in Robert Mueller's 'Special Counsel' were wiped prior to being handed over to the Inspector General as part of his report. Textbook destruction of evidence. Haha they thought they'd get away with this.

I know who did it.

Embedded image from another site
Strzok and Page carried on an extramarital affair even as they worked at the core of some of the FBI's biggest cases.

They exchanged thousands of messages via their FBI-provided mobile phones, some of which "expressed political opinions about candidates and issues involved in the 2016 presidential election, including statements of hostility" toward Donald Trump "and statements of support for" for Hillary Clinton, as the Justice Department's inspector general wrote. indictments

Investigators recovered 9,311 messages from Strzok's phone and 10,760 from Page's.
Stay tuned for a boom week
U.S. intelligence developed evidence in the summer of 2016 that Hillary Clinton had personally approved of a plan to concoct the Russian collusion allegation as a means to distract from her e-mail scandal that was front and center in the news at the time. Such was the concern that the matter was referred to James Comey's FBI. Comey it would seem did nothing about it. Which makes sense, since he and his cohorts McCabe, Strzok ultimately worked to defraud the FISA court and illegally obtain spy warrants (using disinformation from the paid-by-Hillary dossier) on Trump campaign members.

Breaking news: President Trump has officially pardoned General Michael Flynn. It's sad it had to come to this, but partisan hack judge Emmet Flynn refused to drop the case as ordered and tried to drag it out indefinitely. Flynn was targeted by a corrupt compromised partisan FBI leadership in concert with Obama and Biden who were fully read in on it. Banana republic level shít. Flynn is a political prisoner no more.
Flynn family statement to the United States of America:

The Flynn family is an American family and like all American families, we love our country. We believe in the Constitution of the United States and that justice in this remarkable republic must prevail for all citizens - equally and always. We believe that our right to freedom and liberty are God-given and that we will fight for these rights until the bitter end if they are unjustly denied by any government, institution or individual.

For four long years, our family and millions of American patriots stood arm-in-arm together with our brother, General Michael T. Flynn, fighting the vicious deep-rooted corruption of government institutions and vengeful individuals intent on destroying General Flynn and our country in shameful defiance of justice and the Rule of Law. Those individuals have disgraced the United States of America. The perpetuation of this political persecution of General Flynn was further fermented by Judge Emmet Sullivan's refusal to dismiss the fraudulent prosecution. Judge Sullivan's inactions are a reprehensible assault against the Constitution and will live in infamy the world over and is his legacy.

Today, the Flynn family is grateful to President Donald J. Trump for answering our prayers and the prayers of a nation by removing the heavy burden of injustice off the shoulders of our brother Michael, with a full pardon of innocence. We thank President Trump for recognizing our brother's sacrifice in this battle for truth, our Constitution, our Republic and all that America stands for around the world - a true beacon of liberty. We are forever appreciative to President Trump for giving back to Michael his freedom in undoing a hideous wrong. Michael's determination and resilience in the face of this battle exemplifies his decades of dedication to this nation as a Soldier and leader of men and women in service protecting the very rights he was denied. Let our nation never allow this violation of an American's civil rights under the law happen again.

Our nation is at a crucible moment in history. Let it be heard across this great country and around the world that tyranny will not topple us. Masks will not silence us. Threats will not stop us. Evil will not triumph. We are Americans. We stand on the shoulders of the greatest forces and heroes of bravery and courage the world has ever known. That is our legacy and our obligation to defend now, and for generations to come. The Flynn family joins all american families and patriots in this fight for our rights, our values, our way of life, and our Republic.

May God bless President Trump, his family and all families during this very important American tradition, Thanksgiving Day. It is truly a time to give thanks.

The Flynn family wishes everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless America.
It is a beautiful share, thank you.thumbs up
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