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It's Time For The World................... To Recognize What Mankind Is Doing....(Or Should I Say What China Is Doing?).............. To The Sharks In Our Oceans..........These Bastards Are Catching The Sharks..................And Then Cutting Off Their Tail Fins....And Then Throwing Them Without Mercy............... Back Into The Ocean.........Leaving These Sharks With No Way Of Defending Themselves.........And?... For Them To Die A Very Slow Bleeding Out Death"................And For What?
So These Nut Job Damned Chinese Can Have Their Shark Fin Soup?
Seems That The Chinese Are Behind Just About Every Animal Extinction

These Nut Jobs Believe That Rhino Horn Has Medicinal Purposes....(Which It Does Not!)...And One Rhino After Another Is Killed And Must Die Each Time...So The Chinese Can Grind Up The Horn Into A Powder

"And What About The Tusks Of An Elephant?....The Tusks Are Used To Create Trinkets"
"And Figure Carvings For The Chinese To Gloat Over"
(As The Elephant Species... Is Getting Closer To Extinction)

The Last Time That China's President Visited Africa?..He Brought Back Elephant Tusk In His Bags Along With His Wife's Bags. (And Them?.... Being Who They Are?..Their Bags Cannot...And Were Not To Be Searched)
This News Was Given By A Chinese Insider Who Wished to Remain Not Known.... (For Obvious Reasons)

"Whats Next On The List For These Nut Jobs?...Maybe The Tusks Of The... "Elephant Seal?"
"Or Maybe Those Big Teeth Of The Hippos?"

"And Let's Not Forget That The Chinese Held Back... Literally...... For Many Weeks... Their Reporting Of The "Chinese Virus"... And Finally?......The Chinese Authorities Finally Let Us All Know About The Virus After The World Was Infected
If You Just Look At The Facts.......?It All Sounds Like A Plan To Me

Since The Virus Broke Out (And Before)?...China Has Been Flexing Its Muscles Around The Island Of Taiwan... And Has Been Building Islands (On Other Countries Land) With "Landing Strips" On Them.

And Recently?... Russian Aircraft Had To Be "Escorted" Out Of Alaskan Air Space.
(Seems To Me That These Two Countries Are Prodding... To See If The USA Has Any Weaknesses

It's Way Passed Time For The World To Confront The Country Of China And Hold The Bastards Accountable

Frig The Country Of China...And If It Takes Force To Get Them To Stop All Of Their Illegal Crap?

"Then?.......... So Be It!!

detective detective detective detective detective

Comments (402)

Damned Right, detective

Bereal beat me to posting that documentary.
Watch It Y'all -- It's EXCELLENT ... devil


shock Y'all -- We Might Be At War!!

The Epoch Times is the mouthpiece of the Falun Gong. Ever looked at it? Available on the streets of Sydney, in Hurstville, dedicated to spread of Falun Dafa and anti CCP propaganda. Epoch Times is the source of this video.
Now that Source has been attacked in the typical Leftard mode of engagement ...
Got anything to refute the CONTENT??

It's amazing these over-educated fools think bluff & misdirection are effective.
It causes one to question HOW educated the Fools actually Are.

'Unsubstantiated so called plausible assertion' by self-interested parties does not need refutation, but needs substantiation. There is none. Just repeated assertion, on the basis that the more often you say it the more unthinking idiots will support you as speaking the truth. Do you believe Watchtower, Christian Scientists, Latter day Saints, Dienetics? Do I need to refute it? I can debunk all of them as nonsense. Idiots say 'where is your proof?' Proving the negative is often impossible, just like the implausibility of a god.

We just need to be much distraction out cab ride to home from work basically was a nightmare...a conspiracy theorist...never again...will walk home next time...sigh
We've had "attack the source" and now touched upon "making it personal".
Shall we ever see an esteemed commenter address ...... T H E - S U B J E C T??

BTW -- snobbery & arrogant dismissal of everything/one doesn't count.

This guy might be able to help you regain "the lost art" ...

Maybe please

Don't pay too much attention to Lou.
She's cheerleader cheering goading y'all Lefties on.

Ask the one drawn badly how THAT worked out!

Oh. Yeah. The One's educational services are ... Unavailable blues ... violin

Lou developed her cheerleading skills during her military career cheering ...

... without ever Quite understanding the game confused
(She's the blonde on the right at the end.)


@miclee Attack the source - Falun Gong newspaper - bet your life! Epoch Times, Shen Yun, Falun Gong well funded anti-China anti CCP claque
Personal? What pray tell is leftard supposed to be?
What was personal in my remarks? A reference to collective idiots? It the hat fits wear it.
@miclee and as to addressing the subject, since it is specifically 'anti-China' I did precisely that by drawing attention to the vested anti-China newspaper source.
STILL waiting for the SUBJECT to be addressed yawn

Could it be hoped said subject Might be addressed? Maybe on the level of a high school debate/forensics level? please

Doesn't have to be 1st String. Junior Varsity would be OK & middle school level would be at least a start.

Pleaze...sort your shit
"...drawing attention to the vested anti-China newspaper source."

That does NOT address what's IN the Documentary!!
Let alone even address what's in the blog OP.

You've claimed the source is "anti-China".
Presumably you're Pro-China.
Got anything to refute the assertions in the documentary or support your implied assertion that China has positive qualities and does NOT deserve to Go To Hell -- as claimed by our esteemed OP?

Take you're time.


Get a life..kiss
Namaron ~ Don't forget the tigers who are kept in cages, and absolutely starving, given the wrong food. for 'Tiger wine' made from the bones of these emaciated tigers. PETA and other organisations have done little to help these creatures.
There are responsible Chinese medical practioners but also unscrupulous ones too. We have a so called medical centre near me. Selling slimming cures and Cancer cures and infact it was covered on a radio programme about offering cures for terminal illness.
We in Ireland are now sending our older Greyhounds out to China to be used in races, they are emaciated, and run in the heat and their lives are short and hopeless, many signatures to Dept. of Health has done nothing and I have met with one of our ministers well before the Pandemic started to no avail but promises.

Now we are [were before the pandemic] bringing them here and going out to china to teach them about training Racehorses.

I think there is a need to educate, to get rid of old wives tales. Tiger Wine does not make a man a better lover. There is no scientific proof and placebo effect is very strong.
I just can't believe how people can sit at a table eating dog and knowing that it was boiled alive. They have of the torture involved in this and yet they want them boiled alive because the adrenaline is so high and other hormones that they believe the Meat tastes better. Where doe you start ?sigh
@miclee so what according to you is the subject?

That "Frig The Country Of China...And If It Takes Force To Get Them To Stop All Of Their Illegal Crap? Then?..Nuke them So Be It"

Or: "The USA should force China to do whatever USA demands is right according to them, or destroy them and unleash war?"

Is that your subject?
Using the same premise as the OP then the USA should be the first country "to go to hell". Warmongering, and H1N1 being just two cases among many, that warrant some responsibility to that demise
Should the USA be "nuked"? Of course not, in which case neither should China or any other country.

We (mankind) say we are civilised, maybe this is wrong as the message coming from the USA is far from civilised and is far far worse than a very few Chinese people eating dogs.

Seems to me some people are lashing out at China because the Chinese have managed the COVID-19 better than their own countries.

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stonesdoh
USA [parts ] are rather OK with Trophy hunting and I know in Dallas they have Auctions where people pay a few hundred dollars or more. Mostly wealthy businessmen and women. The prize is a trip to Africa to go lion hunting, pictures of Trumps sons have been widely put up on utube and the whole thing is disgusting, Elephants, Giraffes, nothing is safe, and the hunt is not really a hunt, they have guides, top of the range rifles and drive in 4 x 4 jeeps with accompanying protectors.
Fargo & Riz --

It's Not about Get China or the Chinese people. It's about the Communist rulers of China. In like manner one might be opposed to Nazism or Imperial Japanese Government -- and what was being done -- without being anti-German/Japanese.

The distinction is made repeatedly in the documentary & the title includes the words "CCP Virus". (CCP = Chinese Communist Party)

Our esteemed OP & the documentary give reasons Why the CCP should Go To Hell.
Referring to current events --
There is mounting evidence that Covid is bio-engineered and has aspects -- notably Gain Of Function -- which would be desirable in an offensive bioweapon.
Exploring potential bioweapons isn't Bad in itself -- the purpose could be to keep abreast of state of the art should a bioweapon be used on one's own country.

Thus presuming covid to BE an offensive bioweapon, did it "escape" from the lab? Or was it unleashed.

If it escaped, the CCP was less than forthcoming with information regarding the escape & measures taken to deal with THEIR virus from THEIR bio-lab.
A number of whistleblowers involved have (been?) disappeared.
That's one level of culpability.

IF the CCP Virus was intentionally released that would be an Act Of War & justify (necessitate?) measures be taken against the CCP.
Nuking would NOT be a good 1st option -- IMO.

IF we're actually IN a techno/economic/bio war, measures along those lines should be explored/implemented First.

It's Not limited (by ANY means) to a U.S. -- CCP issue.
India may've been first to retaliate -- on an economic front.
They've recently significantly limited foreign investment from any country with which it shares a border. (Read CHINA!)

The U.K. & Italy are looking into measures to hold the CCP responsible.
The virus 1st gained a foothold in Italy in the North -- home to the high fashion industry which has been largely bought into & controlled by the CCP over several years.
Chinese travel to from Italy & China -- it's plausible that's how it was brought to the country.
If it was done accidentally and the CCP was not forthcoming with information regarding the virus -- blood is on CCP hands.
If the virus was intentionally used as a bio-weapon, the CCP committed an Act Of War against Italy -- indeed, against most countries of Earth

French scientists/technology were used to develop the Wuhan Bio-Lab, so the French may regard French deaths especially poignantly.

The documentary was released about three weeks ago.
It suggested Covid may have been used as an offensive bioweapon.

Events of the past few days suggest covid may be a bio-weapon & intentionally deployed by the CCP.
IF this is the case, the CCP may be guilty of the greatest Crime Against Humanity since WW II.
And our esteemed OP's suggestion they Go To Hell is justifiable.

IF it's determined the CCP used covid as a weapon, they'll be spared the trip.
HELL will be visited on Them devil

Honestly, fellas -- We're all locked down with time to kill.
Isn't this more interesting than "the newspaper is anti-China" and figures that ends the subject? smile


It's eerily still & weirdly pleasant, Lou.

No one has anywhere to go so no one's going anywhere -- Especially at night.
It's like only you & the world.

Course, that's just me ...

Others may find it Less exhilarating ... happy place


Russia's doing a HELLUVA LOT than "prodding", Mr. detective ...

And again -- it's Not just the U.S. Hell! Until recently, the U.S. wasn't even IN that game.

Canada, Denmark, Iceland and Especially Norway were confronting Russia -- and even China was making a grab in the Last Richest Resource Race in history.

What I find Most unsettling in the Caspian Report Presentation -- @ 'bout 7:15 ...
Canada, Denmark & Norway attempt to make it a NATO issue.
Sounds like they're trying to drag the U.S. (and its military might) into it to back up Their claims.

If any or all of 'em have a bone to pick with the Russian Bear -- do it Without Murkun muscle ... IMO.

The U.S. Got dragged into Europe's Wars twice last century.
To expand our esteemed OP's geographical area -- To Hell with them also.
Let 'em figure it out themselves.

History doesn't reveal its alternatives, BUT ...
The 20th Century may've run more smoothly had the U.S. allowed Europe to settle its own affairs back in 1917.


I HAD a life, Lou -- until 'bout a month ago.
Since then, it's been significantly reduced to here.

As long as we're stuck here, we might as well make the effort to get some Genuine discourse going rather than the shit which normally passes for such around here.


So what happens if the actual source is found to be bioengineered in the USA? Do all the above posts still stay the same but with "USA" replacing "China"? I think that would be a far more interesting discussion to while away the lockdown boredom.dunno
Very hard to dispute the hard science in this (Epoch Times) documentary....
I agree, the Chinese seem to be extremely short sighted to go through the danger and trouble of catching a 2-3 hundred pound shark only to cut off the fin for a pot of soup and throw the rest of all that meat back into the ocean to bleed to death. What a waste. Think how many people that shark could have fed. I understand shark meat is delicious too. A lot of White Rhino's have been caught and shipped to Australia where they are safe from human predators looking for a quick pay day. Also many Rhinos have been captured and their horns have been removed and they were released back into the wild as a way to stop them being killed for their horn cause, they ain't got no horn no more. Same thing with elephants. Remove the tusk and remove incentive.
The best way to get back at China is to stop buying their manufactured goods which are mostly made by what amounts to slave labor. That's why everything made in China is so cheap. Think Harbor Freight.
My son and I used to go to a Chinese restaurant about once a week a few years back. I haven't ate Chinese in over 2 years and don't miss it.
They're a a bunch of cheap bastards too. They act like they should be able to buy everything cheaper than anyone else. professor
fargofan (3rd comment down)...

It may come, as something of a surprise to you, but some of those yella fellas, don't seem to like us very much....
@lcbr no idea what 3rd comment down is. It is perfectly understandable many might react negatively to the bias bigotry abuse prejudice and racism they now experience in Australia and America.

"Very hard to dispute the hard science in this (Epoch Times) documentary...."

Concocted invented unsubstantiated unverified claims and pseudo-science. The newspaper is a heavily Pro-Trump anti-CCP pro-Falun Gong rumour creator and mongerer. They've been doing it for 20 years, publishing the same absurdities. You can believe what you want to. I give zero credence to their propaganda.
The CCP is following up its Bio-Warfare attack on the West with Economic Attacks...

@ 3:30 : very mad The mask's been ripped off, revealing the hideous grotesquery of the Chinese Communist Party and it's only going to get worse. devil

NOTE: This is Not a purely U.S. - ChiCom confrontation! (You can tell by the accent.)

That's a practice they have been doing for years along with other things.

China is considered the richest country now (since virus).
"Just Stopped Quick"...To Add A Few Cents To This"
"As I Have Another 1 1/2 Hours Left Of Driving To Do Yet"

"So Far...All Of Our Detractors Here Cannot Back Up Their Claims"
"They Want To Make This A Political Blog (Which It Is Not) (As Usual).."But It Wont Work This Time..And They Know It"
(That's Why They Remain Silent) It's So Damned Obvious...That Its Laughable"

"Maybe... These Detractors Can Tell Us Why The Chinese Government"
"Has Got Over 1 Million Muslim Uyghur Men And Women Locked Up In What The CCP Calls"
"Re Education Camps"....."They Are Really "Brainwashing Camps" ...The CCP Wants Them To Learn And Speak Only The Chinese Language"...Last Time This Happened Was When The German Government... Under Adolph Hitler..Started The Exact Same Thing. From There? It Went To The Burning Of Books.
And From There? It Elevated To The Burning Of People"
Cmon Now Dear Libs....Tell Me That This is All Made Up Too...And Give us Your Argument To Prove Us Wrong

(This Is Not Against the People Of China...Its Against The People Running The Country)

Here Is A List Of Deaths Because Of The CCPs Unleashing Their "Germ Warfare" On The World"
Or Should I Say ...Mostly On The Country Of The USA..... And Secondly?...In Most Part? On Its Allies"

1) USA.......55,215 7) Germany....5,976
2)Italy.........26,644 9)China...4,633.......(That's Complete Bull S--t)
3)Spain.....23,190 10)Netherlands.....4,475
4)France...22,856 11) Brazil.....4,286
5) UK...20,732 12) Turkey...2,805
6) Belgium...7,207 13) Canada...2,565
"Strangely Enough"..Russia's Death Toll Is 686...That's It"
"And The Rest Of The Countries On This Ball That Is Floating In Space?
"All Have Well Under 1 Thousand Deaths"..........(i Wonder Why?)

(Besides Iran..And Of Course China...Most Of The Other Countries Here Would Be Backing The USA If Push Came To Shove"
"The Numbers Lead One To Think That The Virus Was Sent To Its Intended Targets Purposely"

But Im Positive The "Other Side Of Freedom?"
"Will Have An Argument For That Too".................detective

thumbs up That Cannot Be Too Strongly Emphasized, Mr. detective

I say again Fargo;

Refute, if you will, the science in the link, that I posted. (Just for the record that is the first comment here). Refute, if you will, the assertions, by the experts (plural), that the RNA genome; has been artificially altered (from it's natural state), in a laboratory. Just calling this link propaganda does not address the question.....professor
What science? Specifically. I heard a sequence of claims and opinions and saw pages of something purporting to be authoritative academic articles, I suggest many are no such thing, just false claims. What science? Epoch times is know to falsify and I see no verified evidence of anything; I will not waste my time listening to the claptrap. You want to believe it, it suits you to do so? More fool you.
Refute - refute what? Where are the references, where are the citations? Where are the links to documents cited? Where are proven facts? Come off the grass. It is just a professionally made and funded piece of propaganda, preached to the converted. How does one refute MY CLAIM? Merely asserting something is true in a convincing tone of voice - that's your idea of science. Experts? Dime a dozen, cherry pick the one who says what you want to hear. Check the profiles and qualifications and bias of the so-called experts. When you've done so and can present some real evidence, someone, preferably a qualified epidemiologist/investigative journalist may be persuaded to look at it.
I see a lot of hate for the CCP and a lot of excuses for the Chinese people. Well in some ways you get the government you deserve. The video I'm linking here shows how apathetic the Chinese society in "Mainland"
China has become. Nobody stops to help a stranger. They look the other way because they don't want to get involved. People sometimes die lying in the streets in China because no one will come to their aid. I'm pretty sure if you watch this video you will come away with different opinion about Chinese society.

Winston, the narrator lived in China for 14.5 years and is married to a Chinese wife. He exposes the lies of the CCP and has his detractors who are loyal to the communist government. People are paid to attack his videos.

If you read the comments after the video you will see many Chinese who have left China confirm what he is saying. So if you want to make intelligent comments about China. Educate yourself.
Interesting experiments, soon.

It'd be interesting to see what the result would be if the experiments were conducted in a more rural area.
I'm of the opinion that folks are, for lack of a better word, nicer if they're not densely packed & stacked in large cities.
I'll admit to being biased. I'm decidedly a "country mouse". readprofile

Also -- The people's reactions May be conditioned response attributable to the CCP.
They may perceive the abductees as being rounded up for CCP organ harvesting, séx trafficking ... Or being disappeared like the whistleblowers mentioned in the CCP Virus Documentary.
The subjects of the experiments may empathize with the "victims" but are reluctant to share their fate hole

But that's speculation.

I agree with you about rural folks being nicer. But which do you think is more learned behavior, and which do you think comes more natural to people: A. Helping a stranger in need. B. Minding your own business and pretending you didn't see anything? dunno

Are you sure there has been no tampering with the RNA genome of this virus? No gene editing or gene splicing. I don't claim to be an expert, here, (although I will demur to those who are). China now getting very tetchy over "The origins of the Virus" (and now threatening Australia, with all sorts of economic repercussions). WHY would that be - do you think?

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