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It's Time For The World................... To Recognize What Mankind Is Doing....(Or Should I Say What China Is Doing?).............. To The Sharks In Our Oceans..........These Bastards Are Catching The Sharks..................And Then Cutting Off Their Tail Fins....And Then Throwing Them Without Mercy............... Back Into The Ocean.........Leaving These Sharks With No Way Of Defending Themselves.........And?... For Them To Die A Very Slow Bleeding Out Death"................And For What?
So These Nut Job Damned Chinese Can Have Their Shark Fin Soup?
Seems That The Chinese Are Behind Just About Every Animal Extinction

These Nut Jobs Believe That Rhino Horn Has Medicinal Purposes....(Which It Does Not!)...And One Rhino After Another Is Killed And Must Die Each Time...So The Chinese Can Grind Up The Horn Into A Powder

"And What About The Tusks Of An Elephant?....The Tusks Are Used To Create Trinkets"
"And Figure Carvings For The Chinese To Gloat Over"
(As The Elephant Species... Is Getting Closer To Extinction)

The Last Time That China's President Visited Africa?..He Brought Back Elephant Tusk In His Bags Along With His Wife's Bags. (And Them?.... Being Who They Are?..Their Bags Cannot...And Were Not To Be Searched)
This News Was Given By A Chinese Insider Who Wished to Remain Not Known.... (For Obvious Reasons)

"Whats Next On The List For These Nut Jobs?...Maybe The Tusks Of The... "Elephant Seal?"
"Or Maybe Those Big Teeth Of The Hippos?"

"And Let's Not Forget That The Chinese Held Back... Literally...... For Many Weeks... Their Reporting Of The "Chinese Virus"... And Finally?......The Chinese Authorities Finally Let Us All Know About The Virus After The World Was Infected
If You Just Look At The Facts.......?It All Sounds Like A Plan To Me

Since The Virus Broke Out (And Before)?...China Has Been Flexing Its Muscles Around The Island Of Taiwan... And Has Been Building Islands (On Other Countries Land) With "Landing Strips" On Them.

And Recently?... Russian Aircraft Had To Be "Escorted" Out Of Alaskan Air Space.
(Seems To Me That These Two Countries Are Prodding... To See If The USA Has Any Weaknesses

It's Way Passed Time For The World To Confront The Country Of China And Hold The Bastards Accountable

Frig The Country Of China...And If It Takes Force To Get Them To Stop All Of Their Illegal Crap?

"Then?.......... So Be It!!

detective detective detective detective detective

Comments (399)

The CCP system of Government, would seem wholly incompatible, with the Democratic Precepts, of a Free World.
Who runs Australian Universities?......Australia?...or.....f*ckin China?
"Well Mr Love"

"Australia Is Beginning To Get The Idea"

"Of What We Here In The USA Have Been Going Through"

"Did You Guys Realize That You Are Being Surrounded?"

"China Has Been Buying Up Some islands Within Your Range"

"On One Island? (I Believe In The Fiji Area)"

"The Chinese Were Doing Whatever They Wanted"
"Destroying The Island's Corral Reefs And Everything Else"

"They Were Finally Thrown Out"

"Your Chinese In Australia?

"Are Our Immigrants Here".................................detective
"People May Laugh At What I'm About To Say"
"But They Wont Be Laughing"
"If..And When.... It Becomes A Reality....Will They?"
"And That Is This"

"China Is On A Mission To Change The World"
"To Their Way Of Living".....(And Russia Will Certainly Be Backing China)

"Trump Is The Only President That Has Finally Stood Up To China"
"And Made The Very Bold Move Of Shutting Down Their Consulate In Houston Texas"
(The Others Were Too Afraid to Stand Their Ground)

"Because?...... They Figured That China Would Eventually Come Around And Be Good Boys"
"That Did Not Happen"

"The Unleashing Of Their "Germ Warfare Virus?"...... Was Their First Step For Their Plan Of World Domination"
"And If It's True That Nobody In Their Military Has The Virus?"
"Then China Already Has The Preventive Vaccine".............................detective
"So...What Is Next On China's Agenda?"

"Might It Be In The Form Of A Seed?"
"And?...Might It Be China's Second Phase?"

First?..It Was Germ Warfare"
"And Now?"..."it Could Possibly Be "Seed Warfare"

"Because A Lot of American's Mail Boxes?"

"Are Receiving Packets Of Seeds..Direct From China!"

"What Possibly Could Come Up?'......."If One Were To Plant The Seeds?'

("Maybe......Another China Man?").........................detective
Trump stands up to China, and so does Australian PM Scott Morrison. There are certain other Western Countries, where the relevant politicians, should "Man Up" on this issue.
Receiving seeds? You can bet they are not a pleasant plant species. They are probably a genetically altered super invasive weed species. Report to your nearest Agricultural Authority, for safe destruction, I would advise..........scold
I mean we are talking about a race here, which has added Melamine (a toxic plastics additive) to babies milk.
Mr Love

"And A Lot Of Companies All Over The World Buy Chinese Products"

"As Long As It's Not For Consumption?"

"I'd Guess It's Okay"

"But?...At This Point In Time...And After Their Unleashing Of The Chinese Virus?'

"I Would Not Trust Buying Anything From China"

(Again...For Those Who Will Take This The Wrong Way)

"I'm Talking About The......... "Chinese Government"

"Not The Chinese People".....................................detective
"So Far?"

"I Have Not Received Any Seeds From China"...............detective
Wait till the next stimulus package. All the seeds are freelaugh plant them then. I got three packs and fed them to my goldfish.
f*ck CHINA mumbling

Double f*ck it very mad very mad mumbling
"China Should Take Heed With What They Are Trying To Do"

"There's The United States That They Should Worry About"

"But What's Worse For China To Be Worrying About?"

"Are The Pissed Off Irish Females"

"They Are The One's China Should Take Heed With!"......................detective
One can search : covid *any location* and see a graph line of the progress of the virus.
'Most all countries fall into one of two basic categories -

A high number of cases early on and a lowering of the number of cases.
A low number of cases and then an increasingly high number.

Now search : covid China

Remember how the ChiComs announced they had a breakout of the disease?
And then a couple Weeks later they said it'd run its course & they reopened their economy & got back to "normal"? - While the rest of the World has been paralyzed to a greater or lesser degree for FIVE MONTHS??

That Chinese covid graph line is neither Normal nor Natural, y'all - not a paper devil's chance in Hell.
They had a Treatment/Preventative for the disease BEFORE it jumped from bats to pangolins to people....
Or Escaped wink from the Wuhan Bio-Weapons Lab.

Pissed off Irish Females uncertain

laugh laugh Thanks Nam, I needed that thumbs up

Your comment ...

"And If It's True That Nobody In Their Military Has The Virus?"
"Then China Already Has The Preventive Vaccine"..

Seriously" could there really be any truth in that?
confused uh oh
Mr cowboy

"China Can Afford To Cull Their Population By 200 Million............. Easily!"
"So Firstly?...(To Make It Look Good?)...... They Set The Virus On Their Own Populace"
"Then?...Secondly?.....And?............. At The Same Time?"
"They Let The Virus Loose ...Out There.... All Over The World!"

"Remember Now...The Chinese Authorities Said That Their Military"
"Does Not Have Even One Case Of The Virus"

"And?...As I've Said Before?"
"If They're Telling Us The Truth?"
"Then They Intentionally Let The Fabricated Virus Loose"
"And If They're Lying To The World?"
"Then There's Nothing That They Say That Can Be Believed"

"And Now They Are Sending Seeds To America"
"Have Other Countries"
"Received These Free Generous Gifts?"...............................detective
Miss Witch

"Yes It's More Than A Possibility"
(If What They've Said Is True About Their Military)

"And?.....Because Previous Administrations Have Let China Have Its Way?"
"The Entire World Is Now In Danger"

("I Would Suspect...Or Should I Say... "Expect?" ...That The Island Of Taiwan")
"Will Become China's Next Target"

"The Reason Being Is?....... That They've Already Disregarded Their Contract With The UK"
"That States That China... CANNOT... Take Full Control Of Hong Kong"

"Until The Year 2047"...................detective
You know Nam, sometimes I think its a blessing in disguise not knowing everything, because if we did we'd live in fear of our next move rather than enjoy it as we should.

Who knows when our last one shall be, so why waste it on one that will never come ..JMO
"If One Would Think Of What"
"Their Grandchildren's Future Might Be Like For Them?"

"Then One Might Want To Stop"
"A Future Of Despair For Them"................................detective
I get what you are saying Nam thumbs up
but nah" that's no excuse for becoming angry or bitter or very argumentative.
not speaking of you personally but us folk in general wine

I'm a little tipsy here so I'm gonna say G'night wine
Since you are all so open and fair and like to see other points of view, I thought you might like to listen to some reporting on Falun Gong/Falaun Dafa and Epoch times. These three programs were produced by ABC Australia, Radio National.

1. The Power of Falun Gong, Part 1
2. The Power of Falun Gong, Part 2
3. Falun gong a rising force in US conservative media landscape


You are happy to bash Falun Gong; however, never an unkind word, about the CCP...dunno
Can't wait to see, your latest Tik Tok, dance routine. Will you post it here?....rolling on the floor laughing
Back to replying to your comment again Nam roll eyes

"Then One Might Want To Stop"
"A Future Of Despair For Them"...

Over the years my views and attitude has changed, not that I have but my belief has instead....
I won't go into details with the whys and whats but when you have no one in leadership, or trying to be, to look up to, to hold out for, that encourages hope .... it kind of takes a lot out of a person, as in, would you waste your breath speaking to anyone knowing your words fall on deaf ears.

But I am Irish, you are an American ...
and you guys have Trump, unfortunately we don't sad
If we had I'm pretty sure I too would care as much as you do.

I've done my bit shaping my children's future, now its their turn to try shape theirs.....
that being said, argumentative me is hibernating only, not dead ....
that being said, it has being said.... I raise the dead roll eyes lol

Anyways, ta hell with CHINA thumbs down

G'luck to Trump thumbs up cheering

A great man/leader wine
Good on ya witch!
@lcbr did you listen? you promote falun dafa ideas, but did you listen to the other side? What's the answer?
@lcbr perhaps it exceeds your attention span, but I am going to suggest you heard less than 30 seconds? Probably zero. Am I wrong? You guys rarely if ever look at things from the other perspective. I'd love to hear that I am wrong! I know about what the Falun dafa has written - how about you? And the refutation of their propaganda? Do you know? Doesn't suit you, does it?

I do not promote them; however, compared with the CCP, they would certainly appear to be, the lesser of two evils.......
For instance, when has Falun Dafa, gone around running people over, with tanks, etc?
LCBR tip hat
@lcbr as I said, you listened to zero seconds - you just post the same old same old. Falun Dafa is just crazy, if you listen to the ideas. But you think they are credible. A discussion involves two people with two ideas, listening to each other. You don't. Nor does Namaron.
@Celtic it's a curious intellect that would take a hat off to lcbr ... I cannot imagine your logic. OK tar you with the same brush.
Ok, Falun Dafa has a few "off the wall" ideas. I doubt they are remotely as bad, as the CCP, however...
@lcbr did you listen to the abc rn documentary? If not, just admit you cannot be bothered, you'd prefer to avoid thinking or actually answering ...
The Problem Here Is That We Will Have"
"At Least Two People"
"Who Both Believe They Are On The Right Side Of Right"

"Problem Is?"...."Only One Of Them Is Actually Right"

"And The One That Is Wrong?"......."Knows That He/She ...Is Wrong"
(Even Though He/She? Thinks They Are Right)
"Do The People Want These Kind Of People Running This Country?"

"Does Anybody Understand What I've Just Said?"
"Because The Fascists/Commie/Socialist?"
"End Up Getting Me Confused".................................detective
You're free to do what you want with your brush Fargo conversing

But don't you dare come near me with it.....
I'm awfully ticklish giggle laugh
Yes, and it seems you too look only at one side of the coin, as do most of the others here. It is the thing they have in common.
I don't think you have anything to worry about Witchy... a brush is no match for a broom!
Sometimes Fargo, but more less times than often....
sometimes we must.

Chancer" tip hat

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