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Criminals earning back the right to vote

At federal elections (read, the November Trump reelection), in Florida. Some 30 US States allow such voting, but only after the felon demonstrates serving the prison sentence, and complying with other blatantly racist/sexist/homophobic requirements. They also must serve out, without incident, their parole or probation terms, which can be up to 5 years. Protection of the innocent public. Add on court fees, fines, etc. And where their crimes caused losses for law abiding citizen victims, various reparations must first be made. We at the Vierk Phake News division have examined the details of this situation. We note that a liberal Florida judge is blocking the State legislature's decision to join other states in these requirements. And that numerous other states are writing to support the Florida lawmakers' judgment in this. Now, many of these crimes are hardly "victimless". Severe beatings can requite expensive medical treatment and counseling Stolen goods often become fenced, for drugs, braided hair, homie threads, gold capped teeth, NASCAR interests, honky tonk nights and body "art", tobacco, booze, and other vital necessities of post prison life. Yep, so sorry, but it's not just a minority thang, friends. Honky White felons as well.The totals owed by the protovoting criminals can easily equal the above named expenses of daily life. And these criminals benefit from expensive state taxpayer funded programs. The various liberal bleeding heart groups are claiming inability to pay, in their support of these deadbeat criminals. Puleeze. Gold capping of teeth, and frequent NASCAR stadium seats, can pay for a lot of trauma counseling. Gee, if these groups prevail, against the wishes of the State lawmakers, and any sense of fairness and common sense, looks like. SCOTUS might decide, if the case gets there. Gee, wonder how that will go? Court appointments, national and regional, are vitally important. Thanks, Mr. Trump.

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