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Do you believe in such an entity? One word answers please....A simple 'yes' or 'no' will more than suffice.

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Yes I do.
No, I don't.

Hi, candy. cheers
.................................................................................... No
yes I do.
I believe in Lucretia McEvil! Lucifer's Girlfriend.!devil
Drawing two all, so far. It looks like you have the deciding vote, candy. I'm not feeling optimistic. smile
seems you spoke too soon Harb roll eyes

anyways, think could it be a Yorkshire thing conversing
If the other fella turned up saying the same as us both, then I'd know so....
If only he could pull himself away from the mirror that is... roll eyes
I thought people would have jumped at the chance to vote against the Devil, Celtic. We can't let him win.
Candy, if you live in Ashesburn you probably know him personally.
laugh laugh you are awful Harb but I like you batting hug
Sorry I was busy ....
I believe its Latin ,it's the name for the planet Venus

As for an entity that is a mirror image of an imaginary supreme being conversing

Then my vote is no

Embedded image from another site
You can't beat Yorkshire common sense.
Better late then never tip hat

well that's one puzzled solved, tis a Yorkshire thing it is applause cheering applause
That's right, Celtic. We don't put up with the Devil in Yorkshire.
Fascinating. One simple request to respond with just one single word and no one, save it be for Itchy complied.
The series "Lucifer" on Netflix is great to watch.

He is handsome, devilish, and have a conscience.

He said he is the yes......

I couldn't write one word. I had too much to say. laugh
String and Gentle are tied.
Harbal comes next....Hello ol' friend.cheers
Raphael....You push your luck. I believe this is the fourth inquiry as to exactly where you reside in the District. I despise liars.
candykid sure did have an excessive spouting.
Nicetomeet couldn't even produce one single word. Pictures rejected.
" I despise liars"

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

And you claim to be 49

sad flower
Are you privy to my age?
Your silence speaks louder than your loss of words.
Your agression shows your narcissistic personality

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Aggression? Kindly direct me to said aggression. Being called out by the accused makes an aggressor?
Raphael, waiting........again.sleep
Embedded image from another site

Yes .
I believe in black and white; good and evil.
I don't personify dualism.
Oh goodie gum drops applause

Do I get a gold star for best behaving innocent
Yes. I married his sister.
Celtic ~ Come up here and kill my Ants.
Snowlynx ~ I presume you didn't have a happy marriage ? laugh

OP's pic reminded me of Sheldon too laugh
hpylady ~ I don't know anyone who likes Sheldon except me. I really like the show.
The Light-bearer!
Brought Light down to Mankind,and Mankind crucified him for it.
Prometheus didn't bring light to humanity.
He gave them the gift of fire which had been only for the use of the gods before that.
Fire allowed them to become organised and industrialised, thus reducing their dependency on the gods.
Zeus was pissed off of with Prometheus for that as he had expressly forbidden it. That's when he tied him to the rock and had the eagle eat his liver every day. Heracles eventually released him. He made it up with Zeus and they all lived happily ever after. The end.

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