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Trump in 1980, like you have never seen him.

What ever happened to the nice young man in this interview? dunno

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6 bankruptcies and 2 divorces later, he can't even put together coherent sentences anymore
and his ideas are crazy & dangerous to the country. He should retire to a place that has a golf course and let his kids run his business. He's done. First he will have to settle up with the Southern District of NY and also the many inappropriate s*xual conduct cases. The Russian money laundering is the only thing that has truly worked out for far. Maybe Putin will welcome him to a retirement place there as a payback for all the favors.
Trump's son Baron sure looks like him in that picture............ Soon
Rona Barrett comes off looking more presidential than he does. doh
Poor JimN disseminating his Fakenews again,then he has the Gall to preach about Hatespeech in his Blog!
Good one since all we got from him in the last 4 years was slander and hate against Trump!
Jimmy,that's hypocrisy of epic Proportions!
Rona is Elsa Light!laugh
Baron does sort of favor the young Donald..... Jenny, only I think he is already taller..
Hi complexion was white back then. He uses an orange tinted chlorhexadine on his face now since the brow lift he had done. boogie
^^^^^^^Raphy's Sister?uh oh
"Rider Of The Fence"

(For Sure).......................detective
That's a low blow Conrad. laugh
Is LC the fence rider Nam? I thought she fell off on the left side. dunno

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