The Last President to have EXECUTIVE-POWER was JFK

Obama A 32nd degree mason,Hes controled by The by biderberg.who is controled by the navatican and people dont want to know whos at the top of the pyramid...? the health care bill is A sucker move.just like guatanamo bay torture prisners on foriegn land this time all the way to death.Hes not black either,He used the african-american support to get popularity. hes Arab-white.His dad is from indonisia his dad lives in kenya but not born there..obama Has lied from day one.His job is to do what hes told..! The last commander and chief to have power EXECUTIVE POWER was JFK and when he Made the famous speach exposing Illumainati.Rothchild,Rockefella,and the secret government,taking the banks back...Well the rest is history..! Bellow is the speach that got jfk brains blew out and under that is the truth of your government Thanks for reading....check it out...!If I Wsa Rich I would pay you to watch this....! Please..!

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he signed an order creating 5.5 billion out of the treasury ..

creating the power to print money from the TREASURY OF THE USA

this would allow jfk to pay off the national debt.... well you say ..the rest is history ...

and all the taxes ...federal income taxes....go to the interest on the debt.... first done in england... where the bank has charge over the kings right to collect taxes...

keeping the people in the dark ...IS the name of the gamewave handshake cheers

good work ... but most of the C S members are too h*rny to comprehend banana doh frustrated beer
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